Best way to Experience Kaziranga National Park Safari

Best way to Experience Kaziranga National Park Safari

Kaziranga A World Heritage Site

Kaziranga national park is home to one horned rhinoceros, a breeding ground for elephants, wild water buffalos, swamp deer, Indian Tigers, Bird species etc. The park has been declared as world heritage site by UNESCO in the year 1985.
Kaziranga National Park safari is one of the major tourist attraction. It offers Elephant Safari, Jeep Safari, and even trekking activities.

Best time for Kaziranga National Park Safari

Park remains closed from 01 May till 31 Oct every year for the tourists because of the weather conditions. Therefore November to April is the best time to visit Kaziranga National Park. (To spot Rhinoceros, chances remains high in winters).

Kaziranga National Park Safari
Kaziranga National Park Safari

Accessibility to Kaziranga National Park

By Air – Guwahati International Airport and Jorhat Airport, with distance, 217 km and 97 km respectively are the nearest to the park. However, The Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, located in Guwahati, is another best option to arrive from any corner of world.

By Train – The nearest railway station to Kaziranga National Park is Furkating (75 km from the park). However, the other nearest railway stations are the Guwahati railway station (240 Kms) and Jorhat railway station (90 Kms)

By Road – The main gate of the Kaziranga National Park lies in a small Kohora town situated on the National Highway NH 37 due to which it is well connected to all the major cities of Assam such as Guwahati, Tezpur, Jorhat, Nagaon, Golaghat, Dimapur etc.

Major attractions of Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park Tigress
Kaziranga National Park Tigress
  • Enjoy Elephant Safari: While giving an opportunity to view wild animals from close proximity, elephant safari gives a thrilling, exciting and adventurous experience.
  • Enjoy Jeep Safari: Another way of exploring amazing flora and fauna of Kaziranga National Park is by Jeep Safari. This open jeep safari will give you a ride deep inside the jungle.
  • Take a bird watching tour: The eastern range of Kaziranga National Park is the perfect range for enjoying watching different species of birds and the flowing of Brahmaputra River is the icing on the cake.
  • Tribal Village Tour: presence of various tribal villages near Kaziranga national Park can be the best experience for the tourists who would like to explore local culture, lifestyle and activities of tribal people.
  • Kaziranga National Orchid Park & cultural dance: This park is located near central range (Kohara) of Kaziranga. You can find almost 500 species of orchids inside the park. In the evening, enjoy culture program inside the park which is generally organised for the tourists.

Major Zones for Kaziranga National Park Safari

Spreading over a huge area of 430 sq km, the Kaziranga national park is divided into 04 safari zones

  • Central Safari Range at Kohora
  • Western Safari Range at Bagori
  • Eastern Safari Range at Agaratoli
  • Ghorakati Safari Range in Burapahar

Kaziranga National Park Safaris and their timings

We have 02 options: Kaziranga National Park Jeep Safari and Kaziranga National Park Elephant safari tour.

Jeep Safari timings

  • Morning Jeep Safari: Between 7:30 AM to 10:00 AM
  • Afternoon Jeep Safari: Between 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM

Elephant Safari timings

  • Morning Safari : Between 05:30 to 07:30 AM
  • Afternoon Safari: 15:00 to 16:00 PM

Kaziranga National Park Jeep Safari Routes

Central Range, KohoraMihimukh-Kathpora-Daflang-Diffalu river bank-Monabeel-Kerasing and back with designated stop at Kathpora Tower, Daflang Tower and Kerasing Tower.
Eastern Range, AgoratoliAgoratoli-Soholabeel-Rangamatia-Maklung-Turturani-Dhuba & back to Agaratoli to stop at Sohola Tower.
Western Range, BagoriBagori-Dongabeel-Rowmari-Rajapukhuri-Mona Beeland back to Donga Tower.
Burapahar RangeGhorakati-Potahibeel-Diffalu-Tunikatiand back with designated stop at Tunikati Tower.

Kaziranga National Park Safari Charges (Approx)

Jeep SafariBagoriKohoraAgoratoliBurapahar
Indians (Per Jeep)3650 INR3550 INR4250 INR4750 INR
Foreigners (Per Jeep)7000 INR7000 INR7600 INR8100 INR

Note:01 Jeep accommodates 06 Pax (excluding driver and guide)

Kaziranga national park safari Elephants
Kaziranga national park safari Elephants

Kaziranga National Park Safari – Do’s & Don’ts

  • Always book your safaris well in advance to avoid last minute rush.
  • After booking is done, a permission from the forest officials is required to be taken.
  • It is strictly prohibited to get down from the jeep other than the landing points.
  • A naturalist/guide will accompany you for a jeep safari.
  • Camera and video device charges are additional.
  • Pick and drop charges from hotel to the park and vice versa are additional.
  • Eatables are strictly prohibited to be carried inside the park.
  • Use of plastic is banned inside the park.
  • Safari may be closed in Kaziranga park without prior notice based on weather conditions.
  • Avoid wearing bright coloured clothes inside the park.
Kaziranga national park Jeep Safari
Kaziranga national park Jeep Safari

Best hotels/resorts at Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park Elephant Safari
Kaziranga National Park Elephant Safari

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  • While inside the Jungle do not make sounds and do not disturb the Animals.
  • Do not carry plastic pack or water bottles.
  • Do not leave your litters inside the Jungle.
  • Respect the Rules set by the Authority.
Best Darjeeling Toy Train Ride – Ticket Fare, Toy Train Route

Best Darjeeling Toy Train Ride – Ticket Fare, Toy Train Route

Darjeeling Toy Train Ride – Ticket Fare, Toy Train Route :

Visit Darjeeling “a lifetime of memories”

Come and feel the bliss of Toy Train Journey singing the soulful song “Kasto mazza hai relaima/ Ramailo o kaali oraali. It is often said “Enjoy the Beauty of Hills at Low Speed”; and that is what Darjeeling toy train is famous for.  This wonderful experience lures Tourist from all over the World. This mist-kissed Darjeeling Toy Train journey through the heart of nature is always cherished by nature lovers and thus has become a signature Heritage of West Bengal, India.

Take a Darjeeling Toy Train Ride

“Runs from New Jalpaiguri, in the state of West Bengal, to Darjeeling via Siliguri, Kurseong, and Ghoom, leaving a mesmerizing effect on the passengers when passing through undulating hills and lush green tea plantations of Darjeeling”

Darjeeling Himalayan railway (DHR) was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in the year 1999. It was only the second railway to have accorded this status after Simmering Railway of Austria.

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The Commencement of the Darjeeling Toy Train Joyride

“The famous toy train of Darjeeling Himalayan Railway had made its first trip in the year 1880.”

Darjeeling Himalayan railway was built between 1879 and 1881. It is about eighty six kilometres long. The elevation range is from hundred meters in New Jalpaiguri to about two thousand and two hundred meters at Darjeeling.

Darjeeling Toy Train

The Lifetime Experience of Darjeeling Toy Train

“While taking the joyride, experience more close view of the entire landscape, lush green valleys and sprawling tea estates. Since the journey is slow and steady, the photographer in you will cherish the innumerable moments of photography while riding the toy train.”

Starting from New Jalpaiguri, the real ascent of toy train starts from the station, Sukna. From here changes in demeanor of local people can be noticed. They start showing Mangloid features. From Sukna, blue mountain ranges of the foot hills are visible and train rises from plains passing through tea gardens and forests of teak and sal.

While passing through Rangtangstation, take a view of beautiful mountains covered with dense forest. As it moves further, feel fresh air from lush greenery on both sides, take a view of tea gardens & tea factories. While it reaches Chunabati, It is more among the mountains, and a panoramic view of deep valley and higher range of mountains are visible

Tindharia, in old times, was the spot where travelers used to stop for tea. From here, one can get extensive view of hills. On leaving Tindharia, you can get glimpse of jagged rock faced mountains, Giddapahar, up ahead. Train will later pass through here. From Gayabari, train leaves using “Zig Zag”; reverses. (Due to the steep mountain terrain, the DHR utilizes several loops and Z-Reverses or zig-zags)

Toy Train Darjeeling
Photo : Toy Train Darjeeling – by Nanda Kajanja

Ghum, the Highest Train Station in Asia

“At a height of 74000 feet, Ghum has extraordinary views to offer. Take a walk inside the Railway Museum; no need to pay for the entry fee (already included in the trains fare).”

After passing through the stations of Kurseong, Toong and Sonada, it finally reaches to Ghum, stops for 30 minutes; the highest railway station in Asia and second highest in World. The famous Tiger Hills is the pinnacle of Ghum.  The glimpse of sunrise from Tiger Hills is the principal attraction of Darjeeling Toy Train.

On its way back from Ghum, it goes via Batasia Loop (the famous point). From here, experience a stunning view of the town of Darjeeling situated in the lap of hills and majestic Mount Kanchenjunga in the backdrop.

It takes around two hours to complete round trip journey from Darjeeling to Ghum. The route is 14 Km one way. At Batasia Loop, the trains stops for 10 minutes. Use this 10 minutes wisely enjoying every moment of it in the lap of nature, the well maintained garden at Batasia Loop and the War Memorial inside being the value add.

Interesting Facts – Darjeeling Toy Train

  • Darjeeling Toy train made its first journey in 1880.
  • The rail tracks are only 2 feet wide
  • Tiny compartments, they are in size of a small bus.
  • Steam engines running on coal are more than a century old.
  • New additions of diesel engines are there and they run faster than the steam engines.
  • In 1999 Darjeeling Himalayan Railway was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
  • Darjeeling toy train crosses 500 small bridges and 5 significant bridges on its way.

Why we call it as legendary experience?

Batasia Loop Darjeeling
Batasia Loop – Photo by Nanda Photography

Darjeeling Toy Train carries memories from the British Era. The train runs from NJP to Darjeeling and covers Siliguri, Kurseong and Ghoom through lush green-valleys. The century old steam engines have lost many of their charm but still the sheer beauty of the route is matchless.

The diesel engines are quite fast but the snail paced steam engines will give you opportunity to soak in to the exceptional beauty of sights on both sides of the route. If you love photography, Darjeeling Toy Train is the best way to enjoy both the journey and taking some amazing clicks. People from all walks of life around the world enjoyed ride on the Darjeeling Toy Train and still the craze is increasing day by day!

Darjeeling Toy Train Time and Fare

“Book your ticket well in advance so you don’t miss the opportunity to cherish this lifetime memory”

Being extremely popular among tourists, chances are there you will not get a ticket if not booked well in advance. You can easily book the ticket online from Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Website.

Back and forth, 18 rides are available to choose from. The first train is at 07:40 am and the last at 16:20.You can also select the ride between diesel and steam engine.

Steam engine ride is more popular and spending a little more on it is absolutely a worth.”


Steam Engine is INR 1400 (First-Class only) Diesel Engine fare is INR 805 (First Class only)

Himalayan railway Darjeeling toy train booking

Darjeeling Toy Train Routes Offered

Daily rides from NJP to Darjeeling

In peak season you can avail this ride every day. The train starts from NJP at 08:30 and reaches to Darjeeling at 15:35. However, sometimes it gets delayed.

Njp to Darjeeling340.00195.00120.0070.00

Darjeeling -Ghoom Darjeeling Round Trip Fare for Joy Ride

52546 DIESEL JOY RIDEFIRST800.0008:5009:20
52548 STEAM JOY RIDEFIRST1300.0011:3012:00
52574 DIESEL JOY RIDEFIRST80011:5012:20
52549 STEAM JOY RIDEFIRST130014:1014:40
52575 DIESEL JOY RIDEFIRST80014:2014:50
52547 STEAM JOY RIDEFIRST130016:5517:25

Ø Darjeeling To Kurseong To Darjeeling Steam Special – Red Panda

In this ride you will be covering total 31 Km distance. From Darjeeling the trains starts at 10:15 and reaches Kurseong at 13:10. From Kurseong the train starts at 15:00 and reaches at 17:50.


Note: On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday there is a special steam engine toy train between Darjeeling to Kurseong and back. At 09:15 it leaves Darjeeling and reaches Kurseong at 12:30. On the return journey it leaves Kurseong at 14:00 and reaches Darjeeling at 17:45.

Ø Himalayan Wheels : Mahanadi – Kurseing Round Trip Special

72 HIMALAYAN ON WHEEL (SAT)14:0016:20605:00FIRST
73 HIMALAYAN ON WHEEL (SUN)10:1512:35605:00FIRST

Jungle Safari: Siliguri -Rangtong Round Trip Steam Special

It is a round trip ride from Siliguri to Rangtong and back, 16 Km each side. The ride starts at 10:30 from Siliguri and reaches at Rangtong at 11:50 passing by Sukna on the way. At Rangtong you will get 20 minutes halt for refreshment and comeback by 13:35.

 “Specialty of this ride is Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary. The stunning view of wildlife and fantastic photography opportunity makes it more special.”

52559 JUNGLE SAFARI10:3013:35FIRST605:00

** Round trip fare is Rs. 1200 for Steam Engine ride. For Diesel Engine ride it is Rs. 540.

Things to remember for Darjeeling Toy Train

  • Train Fare and timings are Changeable. Please verify with the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Website for latest fare structure.
  • Darjeeling Toy Train has very little luggage space, do not carry your baggages while travelling on toy train.
  • Train is often gets delayed, plan your connecting journey accordingly.

The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is one of the oldest, iconic systems in the country and it is worth a visit on your next trip to the Queen of Hills!

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13 Best Beaches of Goa You Should Not Miss

13 Best Beaches of Goa You Should Not Miss

Best beaches of Goa : From the very beginning Goa has remained best destination for Sea Beach in India. Among 70 beaches in Goa we have picked up 13 most favored beaches by tourists.

Goa is an ideal tourist destination and is vindicated by a myriad of hotels to satisfy all the visitors. People coming from various globes are convinced with the choices to stay. This small Indian state is the splendour of India. Goa is waiting to offer the best to holidaymakers. Goa provides the vivacity and life of Europe packed with Indian spirituality.

1. Anjuna Beach – One of the best beaches of Goa

One of the best beaches of Goa Anjuna is situated to the west of Mapusa and its palm trees highlight this beach in Goa. Anjuna has an influx of tourists every year, even tourists preferring to have limited itinerary cannot avoid getting charmed by this beach.

Anjuna Beach was discovered by the travellers in 1950s and 60s and was regularly used to hold trance parties. Its quaint scene lures visitors and the hotels also arrange tours, so their guests relax in this beautiful tranquil.

When to Visit

The tourist season is in early November, while the Christmas and New Year is the rush period. However, this beach is well enveloped by bars, restaurants, hotels and shops. Christmas is the period that attracts a mixed crowd of tourists to big beach parties, and the hotels are full.

The off-seasons are not slack seasons as Anjuna Beach receives unhurried visitors staying for more extended periods. This is the time that the hotels receive guests coming on package tours. Accommodations are easy to find owing to the plenty of hotels and lodges. All these places ensure beautiful stay as per your budget.

What to do and where to stay

Anjuna Beach is safe for bathing, and there are exclusive resorts offering pools as well. Taking long walks is commonly loved by all the visitors and is the favourite pastime while watching the moon rising on the silver sands.

Accommodation is easy to find, yet full moon days may create an awkward situation owing to full moon parties on the beach. Similarly, November to February is the clement climate inviting visitors, and the plethora of hotels offer a decent stay with best amenities.

The nightspots are also great hangouts, and the eating places at Anjuna specialize in western food and fish. Visitors can buy coconuts and fresh fruits from the beach vendors.

Best Beaches of Goa

2. Baga Beach – Sun, Sea, Sand And Tranquility

Baga Beach acquired its name after the Baga River and is a 30km stretch coastline. Baga Beach is an extension of Calangute beach starting at Sinquerim beach, then Candolim Beach and gets into Calangute beach and finally to Baga beach, Anjuna Beach, Vagator Beach and eventually ending at Chapora Beach.

Baga Beach is snuggled between beaches and its quaint atmosphere and tranquil location, besides its picturesque beauty makes it the most desired beach. Baga beach is popular among tourists loving to enjoy fishing and water sports.

Restaurants at Baga Beach

Moreover, the number of resorts near the beach has elevated its importance to heights. These resorts have well-trained staff and have modern facilities such as luxurious baths, air conditioning and TV.

Baga has the best restaurants ranging from regular beach shacks to swish pizzerias, and the pleasure is doubled by having real espresso coffee at the terrace cafes. Tourists can enjoy candlelit dinners or a traditional Goan meal at any of the restaurants and also enjoy mouth-watering seafood.

Nightlife at Baga Beach

Nightlife at Baga beach is the liveliest at most restaurant outlets! Some of the best resorts include Sun Village Resort, Ronil Beach Resort and La Calypso Beach Resort and Baia Do So Resort. These resorts offer yummy food and also facilities like ayurvedic massage.

Baga Beach is an unspoiled gem having lapping ocean waves and white sand. This beach is ideally located amidst the rustling palm trees making it an apt destination for family and friends to spend their vacation. Moreover, the hotels also offer desired stay and best services, besides providing packages to visit beaches.

Why one of the best beaches of Goa?

People looking for hectic nightlife can visit the other cousins of Baga as they are also well-facilitated with beach resorts and guest houses. Baga beach is a quiet beach between two busiest beaches, and this is the reason that even serious nightlife lovers also spend a few quiet hours on the Baga shores, recuperating and unwinding.

3. The Beautiful Benaulim Beach

Benaulim Beach is pleasant, quiet and is unexplored by domestic tourists. This beach remains crowded during weekends with Indian visitors. Benaulim beach is renowned for fishing, and the sea is very safe for swimming. All this has made it more popular among visitors, and there are few serviceable restaurant and bars to entertain the visitors to this beach. Benaulim Beach enjoys a laid back atmosphere and hence is a peaceful beach sited next to Colva beach.

Food & Accommodation

The number of places for accommodation such as hotels, resorts and guest houses are limited at Benaulim. But the Cova beach has plenty in all types offering accommodations from high to low budget hotels.

The hotels at Colva beach also facilitate by offering packages to visit other beaches. As they escort you to Benaulim Beach, visitors can relax for a long time and eat or drink with the small shops.

The eat-outs at the beach serve competitively priced seafood, and there are café bars, laundry, pharmacy, bank and auto-rickshaw or taxis to transport. Bikes are also available on rent.

Benaulim hotels and guesthouses are very few, but accommodating any of the hotels near Colva beach is simple as it facilitates conveniently reaching Benaulim beach. The distance is only 2 Km, and the accommodations at Colva beach are also inexpensive.

Church in Goa India

Access & Activities

Enjoying the tranquillity and peace and relaxing under the sun takes you to a new world. Moreover, though the number of hotels at or near the Benaulim Beach is very few, the visitors enjoy a great time at the beach as there are small buildings at this beach serving drinks and food at any time.

There are plenty of opportunities providing easy access to the Benaulim beach while being within easy reach of Colva beach. However, visitors planning for a more extended stay can look for a local house on rent and groups can enjoy staying at any of the hotels or guest houses. Due to good accessibility and being tourist friendly, Benaulim beach is one of the best beaches of Goa to tourists.

4. Bogmalo Beach – The Bather’s Paradise

Why one of the best beaches of Goa!

Bogmalo Beach is clean and less crowded than other Goa beaches. The water is ideal for swimming. Bogmalo is a fishing village now blends serenity and commercialism with pure beauty. This is apparent in the number of hotels and resorts sited facing the beach. These hotels make an excellent place to stay. Bogmalo is considered to be one of the best beaches of Goa.

How to Reach

Bogmalo Beach is also adjacent to the airport and is well-connected by taxis, buses and motorcycle taxis. It is approximately 18km from Dabolim Airport. This beach is beautiful naturally, but the hotels such as the Oberoi’s have taken it to the peak. The view is lovely such that beyond the buildings are these little islands and pleasant eateries ready to treat your taste buds.

Where to Stay and have Food?

Luxurious lodging options are overlooking the beach, besides the Bogmalo Beach Resort. A good number of guesthouses in mid ranges are also available. These places also offer package tours and take you to other beaches and places of attraction saving their guests from tedious travelling in local transports.

Majorda beach is near Bogmalo beach, and there are accommodations such as guest houses available at low prices. However, the luxurious hotels are available featuring the best amenities. Bogmalo is ideal for bathers as the water is not hazardous with rip tides and undercurrents. There are many modern eateries and restaurants, besides boutiques and craft shops.

Best Activities to Enjoy

The beach is quiet all through the year and facilitates relaxing in the sun or paddling through water and having dinner in local restaurants. Going for a swim is recommended, and these azure waters are also ideal for parasailing.

You can spot sea turtles and dolphins on a regular basis as well. The Oberoi hotel faces the seafront, but the other hotels also are great to stay and make perfect accommodation. These hotels also accept an online booking and give their visitors related inputs regarding travel.

5. Calangute Beach – The Hippy Retreat

Best beaches of Goa with Astonishing view. Calangute Beach is the queen beach and was initially called ‘Koli-gutti’, the fishermen’s land. Calangute, this name was conferred by the Portuguese, and the landscape presents greenery semi-circle with crystal blue waters as borders.

This beach looks scenic and is blessed with coconut trees making it more serene. International tourists frequent Calangute and owing to this the number of hotels, resort and guest houses have increased, and this beach has become a traveller’s cliché.

Amazing Beach Activities

Calangute beach facilitates soaking in the sun, sea and sand that it is considered as a tourist heaven. Moreover, besides the pampering of the hotels, the beach stalls and shacks also sell fried prawns and beer.

The hippies in 1960s were the founders of Calangute Beach, and even today it is a popular retreat for Indian travellers and western tourists. The beach is filled with people in the hot days for sunbathing and going to the sea down. Tourists spend maximum time on the beach and retreat to their hotels that are home far away from home.

Calangute beach features Kerkar Art Complex that presents regular shows and art exhibitions throughout the season. The hotel’s accommodation is available to suit the ranges of all the visitors and majority hotels arrange tours in groups and individual tours to facilitate traveller’s to visit beaches and other attraction.

Party at night

Nighttime’s are not lonely, as traveller’s party here till well past the middle of the night. The quaint huts and local shacks serve cold beer and local delicacies. You can get some hand-made objects on the beach. The tourism industry also welcomes visitors to many numbers every year and ensures enough accommodation facilities.

Calangute beach is an ideal place to make new friends, laze at day time and eat local foods and seafood. This beach also offers water skiing, parasailing and windsurfing. Spending a vacation is rightly done in Goa beaches.  Calangute is not second to anything. According to tourist Calangute is the best beaches of Goa to enjoy.

Calangute Beach Goa India

6. Cavelossim Beach – Best beaches of Goa

Most beaches in Goa feature spectacular views, incredible weather (in the right season, of course) and the delights of local cuisine, local people and ice-cold beer. Cavelossim beach is a relatively quiet beach that offers all of this in abundance. This beach gives an incredible moment for newly wedded couples and considered to be one of the best honeymoon beaches of Goa.

Food you should not miss

The shacks that are present up and down the Goan beach serve incredible local cuisine, mostly based on the seafood that is caught locally. Fried prawns and other seafood delicacies are particularly popular. The same shacks also serve ice-cold beer to help wash down the food and keep you fresh in the lovely, clement weather.

Beaches in Goa are also famed for their fishing because of the plentiful supply of fish that are relatively unharmed, because of the non-existence of large fishing boats. You may meet some local fishermen as well as other tourists trying their luck, but that will usually be it.

Why Cavelossim is considered among best beaches of Goa

Cavelossim beach in Goa has a very different aquatic appeal. Regular boat trips set sail from Cavelossim taking tourists to see the dolphins just off the coast of Goa. This Goan beach is perfect for the nature lover in every way. The crisp, clean, white sand of Cavelossim beach in Goa is met only by the beautiful blue waves of the ocean and the lazy summer sun.

Where to Stay

Cavelossim and the surrounding area feature a veritable wealth of accommodation that will meet your needs regardless of your budget.

Some of the beach resorts around Cavellosim and neighbouring Varca can prove to be relatively expensive. Still, there are other, more affordable places to stay if your budget won’t allow the luxuries of a resort. Some of the best accommodation can be found in the shape of the inns that overlook the seafront. These are inexpensive and offer an excellent, friendly service to boot.

Cavelossim Beach

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7. Chapora Beach, Goa

Goa is a prominent place as it has a European style mixed culture and people from all over the world come to visit its beaches, churches and wildlife sanctuary. Goa has plenty of beaches as it touches the Arabic sea and Chapora beach is 2.8km long sited in north Goa.

Best Attraction

The major tourist attraction is the Aguada Fort in the Candolim Beach, the lighthouse, the church and the Jail. There are plenty of villas, guest houses and resorts around the forts as they are the most visited attractions. This beach is 14 kms to the north of Panaji, and this beach has white sand drawing tourists in lots. Some of the prominent activities include water skiing, windsurfing, meditation and yoga.

Hotels & Restaurants

The beach here has plenty of inns offering excellent facilities and Candolim Beach also has resorts and hotels providing exceptional stay but is expensive. However, staying in guesthouses is ideal as they are affordable. Hotels in Chapora beach are not merely for attraction; they are to offer comfort levels to their guests. There are incredible accommodation options to meet the budget and taste of each individual.

Conversely, cheap hotels are in plenty and so people planning for inexpensive holidays can have a great stay. Walking down the main street of Chapora beach also takes you to traditional buildings and modern restaurants, stores and bars.

Moreover, easy access to other beaches is also one of the reasons to make this beach popular and the presence of makeshift restaurants and bars on the beach-side has made it a renowned place for tourists to keep frequenting.

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8. Colva – Best Beaches of Goa

Colva beach is the finest, largest, oldest and most spectacular beaches in Goa. Colva beach is famous as the most romantic beach and the best time is from November to February to visit. Colva beach sand is white and soft that one can walk barefoot.

Colva beach offers the real charm of nature, and its scenic beauty during sunrise and sunset create a balance of beauty. The most impressive factor is that shells of this beach are in attractive shapes and dot the entire area.

Hotels to Stay

Accommodation in the hotels and resorts include 2-star and 4-star resorts. Though Colva beach has not grown as Anjuna and Baga beaches, there are resorts, restaurants and hotels in plenty. Colva beach, in particular, has gained popularity owing to the shacks and huts dotting the shoreline and serving with drinks and local and seafood. Colva beach is popular as there are hotels in plenty offering reasonable accommodation and gets filled up quickly. However, booking in advance is best if one is planning to spend a week or more.

What you should not miss here

Attractions such as the Damodar Temple, Shantadurga Temple, Shree Navdurga Temple, Chandranath Temple, the Buddhist caves and the Jama Masjid are easy to reach from the Colva Beach, and this has stirred the popularity.

The Beach Bonanza fair is held in mid-April and includes a lot of fanfare. Moreover, the Colva beach hosts activities such as speed boating, kayaking, water-scootering and Sailing.

Partying at Colva – Best Beaches of Goa

However, the Colva beach is not a hilarious destination for conducting parties, but the nightlife is livelier. People loving solitude will find Colva beach appropriate as the beach resorts come in affordable prices and the hotels are surrounded by lush green gardens. Goa tourism is well developed, and its hotels ensure an enjoyable and memorable stay making your trip the best.

Colva Beach Goa India

9. Dona Paula Beach

Dona Paula beach is the hottest tourist destination offering a great sunbath. This beach is referred to as a Lover’s Paradise as a tragic story of a viceroy’s daughter committing suicide for not getting married to her lover; a local fisherman is associated.

Best time to visit

The beautiful setting amidst casuarina’s and palm trees makes it the best tourist attractions. The ideal time worth visiting is between Novembers to March.

Nearby attractions

The Vainguinim and the Miramar beaches are the nearest from Dona Paula beach, and the Salim Ali bird sanctuary and the Reis Magos Church are also closely located. All these make the Dona Paula beach a must-visit place, and the convenience of accommodation options makes it a popular spot.

Should not Miss

Visitors to this beach can also have a great time with water sports such as windsurfing, para-sailing, water skiing, yachting, snorkelling, motor boating and water-scootering.

The water sports festival annually is held in November and is the peak season, and it is best to get accommodation booked in advance.

How to reach

Dona Paula beach is easily accessible as there are plenty of buses from the bus depot and the Karnali railway station is at the closest proximity. There are taxis, auto-rickshaws and motorcycles as well, offering easy transportation.

Hotels to stay

There are cheaper accommodations besides the beach-side for backpackers as well. There are tourist attractions such as the National Oceanography Institute and Marine Biology Museum at the closest proximity of the Dona Paula Beach.

The hotels and the resorts here are the special highlight as they not only offer comfortable accommodation, but they also offer the best amenities and services. There are five-star properties offering classic luxury and oasis of comfort. There are modest and budget accommodations also available offering regular facilities. The hotels also offer tour packages and escort their guests in opulent vehicles.

10. Miramar Beach

Visit Famous Miramar beach, The best Beaches of Goa.

Miramar beach is renowned around the world for its beauty, its friendly atmosphere and its vibrant social life. Situated 3 km from Panaji, it is the closest Goa beach to the Goa capital, making it even more popular with visitors to the region.

This 2km stretch of beach with white sands and plentiful palm trees is particularly enjoyed during the early evening when the sun is beginning to set. The plethora of palm trees cast an incredible shadow across the beach. The Aguada Fort, a Portuguese fort, can be seen from the beach and looks captivatingly stunning set into the natural background.

As with many a Goa beach, there are plenty of shacks and huts littered along the beach serving the delectable local cuisine, especially seafood caught fresh in the region and the local liquor delicacies too.

Be careful not to get too carried away on the Port and fall asleep in the sun. The relaxed atmosphere and soothing sounds of the ocean mean you may not wake up for some time.

Why Miramar is one of the best beaches of Goa

This Goan beach is particularly renowned for its wildlife. Precisely, three-quarters of all migratory bird species are thought to gather by this Goan beach to take refuge from harsh winter. They, like the tourists, particularly enjoy feeding on the local seafood and lazing on the beach listening to the sound of the water lapping against the white sand.

Bearing in mind that almost every Goa beach enjoys particularly pleasant weather in the months between October and May it is perfect for the avid bird watcher who also enjoys the luxuries of glorious beaches, delectable local cuisine, friendly local residents and intoxicatingly strong beverages and scenery.

This Goa beach is definitely enjoyed by many people every single year who return regularly. It is one of the best beaches of Goa and favourite to tourists.

Food Stall in Goa

11. Palolem Beach – Famous among best Beaches of Goa

How to reach

Palolem Beach is a picturesque beach enclosed by thick coconut palm forests in south Goa. Palolem is undoubtedly the most beautiful beach with shade, and this is the reasons that it has become active with a diverse crowd. Palolem is 76 km from the state capital, Panaji and 43 km from Margao.

The Konkan Railway takes you to the closest railway stations, Margao and Canacona. Canacona to Palolem is ten minutes drive costing around in an auto-rickshaw 50 rupees or $1. The Dabolim airport of Goa is 90 minutes away from Palolem and will cost about 1000 rupees or a little more. Convenient access by train brings tourists frequently.

Best time to visit

aThe tourist season is from October to March. Usually, all the travellers, long term to package tourists, find an apposite place on this beach. However, Palolem beach quieter atmosphere attracts families, and the congregation of backpackers is seen in the south.

Hotels to stay

Above all, the coco huts line the beach and offer more than an essential roof. There are rooms in hotels and guest houses also available. The camps provided on the beach are decent huts, and there are also luxury huts near the beach. It allows visitors always to see the beauty of the beach and waters.

Nevertheless, accommodation is not a significant problem, and everyone can fit into any of the beach huts or other rooms in guest houses or hotels conveniently.

Naughty night-life

The nightlife is vibrant in Palolem, and it is ideal to book accommodations early at Palolem so that they do not end up staying in a small beach hut. This is essential as good places fill up in peak seasons quickly and if you are flexible about staying, you can conveniently settle in any of the beach huts for cheaper.

However, remember to carry mosquito repellent and flashlight, a sweater in case of colder months. Palolem is one of the best beaches of Goa and it has visitors who visits frequently.

Goa India

12. Vagator Beach

How to reach

Vagator Beach is located 24 km from Panaji, the state capital. This beach offers soft white sands stretch, scenic Arabian Sea views and coconut palms. Vagator beach is famous as other popular beaches are also located nearby such as the Anjuna, Chapora, Calangute and Baga. All these beaches in north Goa form a chain of beaches and are the best tourist attractions. Vagator is also considered one of the best beaches of Goa

Karmali is the railway station that is 11 km from Panaji, the state capital and the Dabolim airport is nearly 40-50kms from Vagator. Coming by road from Mapusa is merely 9 km, and there are frequent buses to Vagator. Reaching by hiring taxis, auto-rickshaws, or motorbikes is also possible.

Why so Special

The Vagator beach is quieter than Baga, Anjuna or Calangute. This is also an ideal beach for swimming as it is safe here. There are local shacks ready to offer the swimming gear and water sports gears. There are local markets selling souvenirs and garments as well.

The back lanes reaching the Ozran beach has restaurants and cafes in many numbers.


Vagator beach does not have many options to accommodate, but Baga and Calangute have excellent accommodation options. Few cottages and guest houses also are available on rents in the nearby areas, but there may be problems of availability during peak seasons.

Things to Enjoy

Chapora Fort is a must-visit place of attraction and the Vagator springs at the foot of a hill is a must-see attraction for the tourists. Chapora village is also an exciting location to know the local life.

However, tourists staying in hotels have a convenient stay, and the hotels plan tours to visit, and their guide explains everything in detail. Fishing on Vagator beach is the main activity, and the beach offers a clear horizon. You can see traditional fishing village and their daily work.

Goa Varca beach

13. Varca Beach

Varca Beach is a must-visit place if you are somewhere near south Goa. This beach is a beautiful quiet beach than all other best beaches of Goa.

The longhouses and palms are dotted adjacent to the beach and make an ideal spot for a relaxing vacation. This is a favoured beach offering incredible scenic beauty and best accommodations.

Varca beach is filled with white sands and dotted with lava rock in jet-black colour. This is equally popular but is quieter than Anjuna beach. Varca Beach is a stretch of 10 km, providing a perfect base for soaking and relaxing in the sun.

Sip of a beer while watching dolphins

The beach shacks provide delicious seafood dishes and tasty fish at reasonable prices. Moreover, Varca houses four and five-star hotels offering the best service and amenities. Varca is one of the best beaches of Goa when we talk about beach-side activities and enjoyment.

Varca beach facilitates spending maximum time on the beach and sailing off watching dolphins. Watching the sun going down and listening to the waves sound lapping against beach sands is one of the best pastimes. This beach has luxurious beach resorts and is a bit pricey, but offers the right combination of amenities and convenience.

Situated in South of Goa, this beach is a charming place and has the best of the beach resorts offering plenty of modern amenities and a relaxed atmosphere. The food joints are many, and the restaurants offer pleasant service and tasty drinks at reasonable rates.

Transportation & Activities

The transportation facilities to move locally are available on hire and are a great way of experiencing a morning cruise. Varca beach is near to Benaulim that has excellent resorts developing offering luxury hotels and beachfront restaurants. The other adjacent beaches are Colva, Mobor and Cavelossim.

Varca also offers exciting and recreational activities. For rejuvenation, hotels and resorts also offer yoga and meditation areas. Eating out is fun, and the accommodations include luxury hotels, budget houses and resorts. The local people even let their homes out to enjoy the way of life. If you love sea beaches, our list of best beaches of Goa will definitely make you Goa tour memorable!

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6 Best Things to Do in Kerala

6 Best Things to Do in Kerala

Things to do in Kerala while on vacation has a long list. Here we have listed 6 best things to do in Kerala to make your tour more meaningful and enjoyable.

The rapidly growing travel and tourism industry in Kerala, South India is a very natural phenomenon considering the fact that Kerala is a medley of rich cultural heritage, temples, resorts, tour attractions and natural vistas.

In fact, the very thought of Kerala brings to mind images of bunches of coconuts hanging from tall and lush palms, local men in traditional Mundus rowing their boats as the fishermen spread their nets and the waterfowl cackle away to glory.

The clichéd term ‘God’s Own Country’ very aptly describes Kerala and the moment you come to this lovely coastal state you’ll be overwhelmed by the rolling hills covered with silky smooth greens, azure tranquil backwaters that seem to entwine Kerala with their long arms, the pure soft beaches and the dense Kerala forests with their wealth of flora and fauna.

More and more people are visiting Kerala as the tourism sector in Kerala, South India is growing at a very fast pace. Feel the Kerala warmth as you travel to this picture pretty emerald country.

With growing awareness about the exotic Kerala locales, more and more people are patronizing Kerala travel. The most popular form of tourism in Kerala, South India are Ayurveda tourism, beach tourism, aqua tourism, hill tourism, culture tourism, adventure tourism, wildlife tourism, Eco-tourism, health tourism and religious tours.

Stay at the numerous hotels and resorts located in different parts of Kerala, South India. These hotels are an integral part of Kerala tourism and offer unmatched facilities that contribute towards making your Kerala stay a happy and memorable one.

Here is the most amazing 6 things to do in Kerala –

1. Kerala Backwaters Tour, South India

A unique gift sandwiched between the Western Ghats and Arabian Sea, backwaters in Kerala is an emerald on its Crown! The lustrous and glistening Kerala backwaters follow a winding course and seem to entwine the entire Kerala with their serene and tranquil arms.

Kerala backwaters form a unique water world complete with a wide variety of exotic water birds like pelicans, cranes to egrets, cormorants and waterfowl. Hire a rice barge and float past the remote Kerala villages and feel the hypnotic Kerala magic working on you as you admire the dense leafy vegetation on the banks of the Kerala backwaters.

There is no other heaven like Kerala, the sheer exuberance of sailing in luxurious languor on the placid and glistening Kerala backwaters as you sail past acres of half-submerged paddy fields with gently swaying coconut palms adding to the exotic appeal of the glittering Kerala backwaters in Kerala, South India.

Popular Destinations :

Beluga Travels is happy to introduce most amazing things to do in Kerala and aid you experience Kerala-“God’s own country.”

Some of the popular destinations that you visit during your travel to the mesmerizing Kerala backwaters with Kerala Travel Tourism include Alleppey, Kumarakom, Kottayam, Kasargod, Kovalam, Kasargod, Marari and Kollam.

Things to do in Kerala Backwater

2. Festivals of Kerala

Cultural heritage in Kerala is rich and glorious. It reflects on the vibrant customs, festivals, traditions and faiths of people in Kerala.

Festivals in Kerala, South India are mainly annually celebrated to commemorate religious occasions. Vishu, Asthami Rohini, Thiruvathira, Thrissur Pooram, Pooram Festival and Onam are some popular festivals in Kerala. To participate in festivals is a life time experience things to do in Kerala.

Onam :

Onam of course is amongst the most popular festivals of Kerala, South India and is celebrated with great fervor by all Keralites. Onam is basically a harvest festival that is celebrated during the month of August or September and commemorates the homecoming of the mighty king Mahabali. Onam has been given the status of the national festival of Kerala, South India. Onam is considered to be a great occasion in Kerala for family and social get-together and one of the best things to do in Kerala as a tourist.

Thiruvathira is one of the most important festivals and is especially significant for the women of Kerala, South India, who celebrate this festival to maintain marital bliss and happiness.

Traveling Kerala takes you to emerald of South India so that you can enjoy and live the cultural traditions of these warm people with deep traditional roots. Most of the Kerala festivals are occasions when the men, women, children alike but new clothes, eat, perform rituals and make merry. These festivals are treated as occasions to come together and make social bonds by forgetting any unpleasantness that may have occurred in the past.

3. Kerala Adventure Travel

The perfect travel destination for the intrepid traveler-Kerala with its picture pretty hills, dense forests, beaches and a wide network of backwaters is just right for fun and adventure travel. Kerala adventure travel gives you ample opportunity to indulge in all the adventure desires lying dormant within you.

Adventure Water Sports to Participate in Kerala

Kerala adventure travel can take many forms. You can enjoy several adventure activities such as backwater biking, rafting, mountaineering, parasailing, catamaran sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, trekking, canoeing, wildlife tours, biking, hiking, other water sports, camping and a lot more.

Kerala Traditional Sports

The varied topographical landscape in Kerala that ranges from soft sandy beaches to high hills and dense forests makes it possible for you to enjoy a wide range of adventure activities during your Kerala adventure travel with Kerala Travel Tourism.

Kerala is famous for its annual boat races that take place at designated venues on the Kerala backwaters every year. These boat races entice tourists from far and wide. The large chunduvalloms or racing boats are peculiarly designed and a big enough to accommodate more than 100 oarsmen at a time.

4. Houseboats in Kerala

Houseboats in Kerala offer the most captivating and interesting way of discovering real Kerala in all its natural glory. Taking a ride on houseboat is one of the most loved things to do in Kerala.

What you should not miss

Hire a rice barge or a houseboat and cruise along the twists and turns of the lustrous backwaters and see the best of rural Kerala, South India with Kerala Travel Tourism. Be enthralled as you sail at the same level with half-submerged paddy fields that lie quietly under the swaying coconut palms.

The houseboats in Kerala are special as they are built with coir, wood and natural products. Kerala houseboats are constructed without the use of nails and strangely enough these houseboats if constructed properly last for more then 10 to 12 years at a stretch.

How the houseboats are made :

Kerala houseboats or Kettuvalloms as they are locally called, were used for commercial purposes in the olden days. These houseboats were used to carry large cargos of coconut, coir and other village products. Today these houseboats form an integral part of Kerala tourism and play an important role in showing the best of mist green Kerala to the discerning traveler.

Things to do in Kerala while on a house boat :

Eat a freshly cooked meal onboard your Kerala houseboat, see cormorants and other birds flitting flying overhead, be enchanted at the patterns reflected on the limpid Kerala backwaters as sun-rays play around with tiny ripples created by your houseboat.

All Kerala houseboats are equipped with well-furnished bedrooms, sitting rooms, dining areas, washrooms, open lounge and deck areas. These houseboats are staffed with oarsmen, a cook and a tour guide.

Kerala Houseboat

5. Kerala Beaches Travel

Feel raw freedom and pure gaiety untainted with tensions and let nature teach you how to live and be happy on your travel to the stunning Kerala beaches.

The beautiful Kerala coastline boasts of more than 40 beaches that are quite akin to a pretty necklace strung with brilliant diamonds. Kerala beaches in Kerala, South India offer holiday freaks with plenty of opportunities for water sports, sunbathing, romantic walks, beach camping and more.

Amazing things to do in Kerala Beaches

Take a walk on the Kerala beaches, feel the shells crunching under your feet with the soft caress of the sea breeze against your face, and watch the water birds noisily bustling near the Kerala beaches.

Kerala, South India with its 900-kilometre coastline is the perfect holiday destination for enthusiastic beachcombers. Enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, beach games, canoeing, catamaran rides, water scooter rides, fishing, and beach lazing on your tours to the stunning Kerala beaches with Beluga Travels.

Intermingle with the soft sands, turquoise blue waters, gracefully dancing coconut trees, and the simple fishermen who live in the coastal villages of Kerala, South India.

6. Kerala Hill Stations

Kerala has some most appealing hill stations in South India and travelling through the hill stations are one of the most memorable things to do in Kerala. The Kerala hill stations seem to be carpeted in different hues of velvety greens generously sprinkled with gurgling waterfalls with the clear blue skies acting as the perfect backdrop with a thin mist that hangs over the Kerala hills and add to their enigmatic beauty.

Be enchanted as you spot wild orchids that seem to explode in the midst of deep greens, feast your eyes on a variety of flowers that sparkle colorfully as they complement the lovely locales.

Popular Hill Stations in Kerala

Among the popular hill stations located in Kerala, South India the ones that are known for their unparalleled beauty are Munnar, Wagamon, Ponmudi, Vythri, Ezhimala, Ranipuram, Lakkidi and Pythal Mala.

Munnar is especially famous for the stunning Neelkurinji flower that blossoms once in twelve years and when it does the Munnar hills seem to be carpeted with different hues of blue and light purple.

Munnar Tea Garden

Take in breathtaking vistas of neatly clipped tea bushes, fruit orchards, acres of plantations growing spices such as cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, pepper, cashew, curry leaves, ginger, nutmeg, tamarind, vanilla and turmeric keep the cool hill air in the Kerala hill stations perpetually scented.

During your tours to the Kerala hill stations with Kerala Travel Tourism you’ll get the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself with herbal oil and Ayurveda massages that in combination with the beautiful surroundings infuse a new life into your mind, body, and soul.

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Seville Museums – 6 Best Museums in Seville

Seville Museums – 6 Best Museums in Seville

Seville Museums

While visiting Seville it will be worth visiting Seville Museums or art gallery that is located within your chosen destination, you will be impressed with the cultural and historical gems which await you. Certainly you will be able to spend the day browsing through some of the most interesting and captivating displays when you enter some of the museums throughout the city of Seville.

There are many choices to consider while touring Seville Spain. You may want to check out the Archeological Museum of Seville, which offers three floors for you to wander about. Maybe you’d rather visit the Museo de Artes Populares where you will encounter art that was created for the 1929 Latin-American Expo. Seville has many museums that deserve a visit. Here we have a list of Best Seville Museums for you.

Best Museums in Seville Spain to Visit

Museo Arqueológico
Plaza de America
Seville, Spain
Entry Fee €2, Students, Retired, Disabled and Seville residents free.
Phone: +34 955 12 06 32 or visit website.
This museum allows visitors to explore the city’s roots to the mid-19th century. There are also many private collections that can be enjoyed at this location. When you reach this museum, you will be able to enjoy a stroll through three different floors. If you are into archaeology then this Museum set in a park will amaze you with its collection. Museo Arqueológico is one of the best Seville Museums that is popular among visitors.

Museo Militar Regional
Plaza de España
Seville, Spain
Entry Fee €6
Phone: +34 954 93 82 83 or visit website.
You will find this museum in the Plaza de España. There are many different rooms to explore at this site, which features antique steel weapons and firearms from Spain. If you are fond of firearms and mercenaries then this museum will surprise you with huge antique collection. If we are talking about Seville Museums then Museo Militar Regional is famous because of its antique collection of mercenaries.

Museo de Artes Populares
Plaza de America
Seville, Spain
Entry Fee €2, Free for EU Residents.
Phone: +34 955 54 29 51 or visit website.
This museum’s full name is Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares, which means Museum of Popular Art and Customs. Some of the items you will encounter here include tapestries, a potter‘s wheel, painted ceramics, as well as a tanner‘s workshop. Do not miss the basement part of the museum. Here you will find many lost parts of daily life preserved carefully that depicts old times. One of the most important Spain Museums for Art and Culture!

Museo Taurino
Paseo Cristóbal Colón, 12
Seville, Spain
Entry Fee €7, Students & Retired Entry Fee €3
Phone: +34 954 22 45 77 or visit website.
You will find this museum inside the Real Maestranza Bullring. Visitors can spend the day browsing about paintings, sculptures, as well as entertaining and interesting bullfighting costumes and apparel. It has section for Paintings, Printing from 18th and 19th centuries, Games Section and miscellaneous section. If you want to learn about Spanish Cultures then it is the right place in Seville. Museo Taurino is one of the most visited Seville Museums in Spain.

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo
Pabellón de los Descubrimientos
Seville, Spain
+34 955 03 70 70 or visit website.
When you reach this museum, you will be able to catch temporary expositions throughout an array of rooms of the Arenal. At Museo de Arte Contemporáneo you can see an abundance Spanish and international art from the late 70s to the present. If you love Contemporary Art definitely this is a must visit Museum in Seville.

Galería La Caja China (Seville Museums)
General Castaños, 30
Seville, Spain
Phone: +34 954 21 93 58 Visit website
Many exhibitions have passed through this Museums and you will like a visit to this place. If you have fallen in love with a piece of art that is on display within the gallery, you may purchase it for your own. If you wish you can book a guided tour or you can take a walk around and see things taking your own time.

Different Museums has different opening and closing times and also special show timings, hence, our suggestion will be please visit website or give a call to be confirmed.

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