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From mountains and beaches to energetic cities, wildlife-rich national parks and cute towns, every traveller has own unique interest of vacation. These different tastes and interests have made every tourist destination popular in their own significant way. When someone plans a tour it is obvious to decide whether to travel by own planning or to hire a tour operator.

Sometimes a tour with an experienced tour operator leaves a life long impression on our mind, sometimes it is the opposite of that. In contrast if we plan our tour taking little time and patience to research the places, it becomes the best memorable tour. Things like where to stay, what to see, where to eat, and how to travel around are the main things we are worried about.

Beluga Travels is a Travel Group formed by some passionate travelers from various parts of the World to help make a worthy tour plan for you.

Planning your next tour?

If You are planning your next tour we would recommend to watch out our Blog page. It will help you immensely with all required information for most attractive travel destinations!

Your Travel Stories

Every journy is a story. Send us your travel Stories and be a part of the community where we help each-other sharing our experiences.

Find Hidden Gems

Beside the crowd of “famous”, there are always hidden gems that can only be revealed through local knowledge and travelers’ experiences. 

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