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aBout us

Our Story

A Global Community of individual travelers

We here at Beluga Travels, are a group of individuals from around the World! – We crossed our paths while travelling. We found ourselves with similar thoughts and helping friendly nature.

We started sharing information about exciting tourist destinations and day by day, and the bonding became more reliable than ever.

Slowly the group started growing more significant with new members. We enriched our pieces of information sharing network from more reliable sources among ourselves.

A Global Community for Travelers came into existence! Today we are a happy Beluga Travels Community. We invite you with an open heart to be a Beluga Travels community member.

The primary mission of Beluga Travels is to serve all travel enthusiasts with proper information. It can be related to planning a vacation, best hotels within budget and so on. We want to make your next holiday memorable with every possible way of sharing information!

The Community is always ready to help everyone with a smiling face! We together will build the Community more informative with our contributions by sharing new tourist destinations with all the members.

We wish to build the community more far-reaching with your participation. Beluga Travels is open to all society. A community dedicated to Your Travel Stories.

At Beluga Travels, we publish Stories as Articles, and it can be Your memorable vacations too! If you have any travel-related experience you want to share with the community and that can help others, you are welcome!

Our passion

How we work

Beluga Travels is solely an information-sharing platform helping each other! Anybody who loves to travel around new places is welcome to the group!

We publish articles from the community members own travel experiences. It helps others to get it at once place without waiting for anyone to share on request. If you are also happy to share and publish your stories, send us a mail!

We serve information you need

Planning your next vacation! Go through our Blog section to choose an amazing destination!

You share your stories

Beluga Travels is all about your Travel Stories! Share your memories with the community! Send us Your stories by email!

We build a beluga community

Together we make a more substanstial community and a hub of Travel related information!


About Us

Helping travelers Since 2014

In the beginning, it was not quite organized. We helped people making tour plans and serving with information about popular destinations—places, their right side, wrong side, precautions to be taken etc.

This exchange of information was mainly through various social media. Over phone or email. We realized that all the related information should be kept in one place. That can serve more relevant travel-loving people like us! And also, it serves a much bigger audience!

That thought evaluated by all the community members, and we decided to make a familiar place through which we can forward information. And here comes Your own ‘Beluga Travels’ Community!