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Famous Things to Buy In Varanasi : Top 12 things to buy in Varanasi

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Varanasi, in India, is among one of the best tourist destination for shopping as well. When it comes to buying famous things in Varanasi, you are available with both local as well as international products and that too at reasonable pricing.

Varanasi, also called Banaras, is one of the most old and sacred place of Hindus. Being famous for various religious temples and having big temples of Lord Shiva, it attracts lot of tourists everywhere from all part of the world to enjoy serene atmosphere.

Due to increased tourist flow, you can find many local markets for shopping. And there is a list of famous things to buy in Varanasi.

Famous things to buy in Varanasi – Video Credit Shilpi @Youtube

List of famous things to buy in Varanasi

  1. Banarasi silk saree
  2. Crystal and stone Shivalinga
  3. Gulabi minakari
  4. Glass beads
  5. Rudraksh Mala
  6. Wooden toys and decorative items
  7. Flute
  8. Famous Banarasi sweets
  9. Stone Carved Curios
  10. Indian literature books
  11. Hand knotted carpets
  12. Bangles and other accessories

The very famous Banarasi Silk Sarees:

Varanasi city is world famous for its purest silk sarees creating style statement for ladies. Tourists from all parts of the world come to Varanasi especially to shop for these beautiful iconic silk saris. The Pure Banarasi Silk Sarees are perfect to showcase your classic taste and style. You can find many varieties of banarasi sarees in different ranges in the market. These saris are unique for their gold and silver brocade or zari work and beautiful embroidery. You will love to see tremendous shades and prints in saris that will surely confuse you which one to go for.

From where to buy: Thateri Bazar

Banarasi Silk Saree - Famous things to buy in Varanasi
Banarasi Silk Saree – Famous things to buy in Varanasi

Crystal and stone Shivalinga : Famous things to buy in Varanasi

As mentioned above, the holy city of Varanasi is known for the various temples of Lord Shiva. You will get opportunity to find many things associated with Lord Shiva in the market that will surely capture your attention. One such famous thing to buy in Varanasi is the crystal and Stone Shiva linga.

Shivalinga stands asan idol of Lord Shiva that is made from different types of materials that you can choose from. The crystal and Stone Shivalinga looks so auspicious and pretty. And this is the main attraction for Hindu devotees to buy this from the city of Varanasi to perform their rituals. Their belief is that the idol bought from this place is very pure and pious.

Where you can buy Shivalinga: Viswanath Gali

Gulabi Minakari : Banaras gulabi meenakari craft

When talking about famous things to buy in Varanasi, Gulabi Minakari is one of the most popular and known art forms. Especially, if we talk about the minakari on silver and gold metals which are very popular in the states like Gujarat and Rajasthan. But the interesting fact is that gulabi minakari is not found anywhere else except for Varanasi. You can also take a glimpse of the workers that performs this art in this city. Enjoy buying some great pieces of souvenirs that are being decorated with this art form.

From where to buy: Gai ghat, Varanasi markets

Banaras gulabi meenakari craft - Shopping in Banaras
Banaras gulabi meenakari craft – Shopping in Banaras

Glass Beads : shopping in Banaras

Come to the city of Varanasi and explore world’s largest manufacturing unit of glass beads. You will easily be able to shop your most favourite glass beads from any local market of Varanasi as there are huge varieties of glass beads in the city.

The best part is these glass beads are handmade and looks very attractive and pretty. You will be able to get good deal for these glass beads in the city of Varanasi, very good priced. For ladies, some of the finest and good number of attractive jewellery made of glass beads are available in the market to shop for.

From where to buy: Golghar

Glass Bead - Things to buy in Varanasi
Glass Bead – Things to buy in Varanasi

Rudraksha Mala : Varanasi markets

Coming to the most sacred thing of this holy city, a Mala of Rudraksha which is made from the polished seed of a tree of Rudraksha. This Mala of Rudraksha is one of the most important and sacred pieces of jewellery for the Hindu devotees. Hindus have their religious sentiments attached with this Rudraksha Mala for this being an organic form of jewellery.

However, for others, this is also worn as a fashion trend. It is being said, that ancient saints used to wear this Rudraksha Mala in olden times and used to feel connected with Lord Shiva. This factor also adds to the Rudraksha Mala for being one of the famous things to buy in Varanasi.

From where to buy: Lahurabir bazar

Rudraksh Mala - Shopping in Banaras
Rudraksh Mala – Shopping in Banaras

Wooden toys for kids and decoration

Time to buy some beautiful wooden toys for your home and kids. The city of Varanasi is also known to make attractive wooden toys. There are different types, shapes and colours of wooden toys that you can find in the local market. In Varanasi, you will find many word crafters who are well versed in making these wooden items and toys. You will be amazed seeing their expertise.

Buy wooden toys for kids and decorative items in the local markets of Varanasi. These specialty crafted toys look very beautiful when placed at homes. Buy these wooden decorative pieces and gift items like carved elephants and more such items for your friends and family.

From where to buy: Khojwa area of Varanasi

Flute - Things to buy in Varanasi
Flute – Things to buy in Varanasi

Flute : Famous things to buy in Varanasi

Those who are fascinated by the bansuri of Lord Krishna, can try these beautifully made flutes, another interesting and attractive famous thing that you can buy from Varanasi.

You will find legendary singers and musicians from Varanasi. Music lovers from all over India loves work of Ravi Shanker and Girja Devi from Varanasi. It is said that Varanasi has another identity which is its reach history of music. Thus, all music lovers in search of musical instruments can find plenty of shops in the local markets that sell wonderful musical instruments. You will see street vendors selling flutes decorated with various design and artwork on it. Flute is one of most common musical instruments among music loving people.

From where to buy: Thatheri bazar

Famous Banarasi sweets : Things to buy in Varanasi

For all sweet lovers and those who love to taste authentic taste of Indian sweets, this beautiful city of Varanasi has so much to offer you especially its famous Banarasi sweets. You will find hundreds of different types of sweets in Varanasi. If you got a sweet tooth then Varanasi is for you.

In Varanasi if you are new to any variety of sweet ask the shopkeeper – how does it taste. You will get samples to eat and decide to buy or not. Varanasi is famous for its sweets.

From where to buy: Vishwanath Gali

Varanasi Sweets - Famous things to buy in Varanasi
Varanasi Sweets – Famous things to buy in Varanasi

Stone Carved Curios

Visit Varanasi to witness amazing craft collection of the city. The ritual of stone carving that is famous in this region of India has been flourishing with time. This city had been involved in the art of stone carving since time immemorial. Also, there are large numbers of stone carvings of animals and birds that are available in various sizes. The stones that are embedded in the famous pillars of Ashoka are the product of the Chunar region of Varanasi.

From where to buy: Gyanvapi

Indian literature books

People who are interested to read about ideology of Hinduism and the mythologies associated with it. The city of Varanasi will never disappoint you. It is the storehouse of a variety of books of Indic literature which has been written and published by the Indian writers and publishers.

The collection is so vast that you can get books on any specific topic that you may be searching for. You will be able to find very unique, interesting and rare books at reasonable prices in the city of Varanasi.

From where to buy: Lahurabir

Shivalinga - Things to buy in Varanasi
Shivalinga – Things to buy in Varanasi

Hand knotted carpets : Famous things to buy in Varanasi

Handwoven or knotted carpet is yet another item that perfectly showcases the fame of the art and culture of the city of Varanasi. You can easily find a large variety of these amazing beautiful carpets in the local markets of Varanasi.

Since the city of Varanasi is known for its art and crafts, thus, you will not only get to see a good range of hand-knotted beautiful carpets for your home but these are available at affordable prices. You won’t regret on the number of variations that are available in the market that you can choose as per your needs and choice.

From where to buy: Mirzapur

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Bangles and other accessories

Ladies, time to buy some very beautiful and attractive accessories from the city of Varanasi to add glamour to your style statement. Varanasi is home to a huge variety of accessories and different styles of bangles.

So, if you are looking for authentic accessories of any kind like earrings, bracelets, bangles etc. then this city can be your best choice to visit. Yow will be amazed to see a wide range of bangles here in this city that will force you to purchase as many accessories and bangles for you from Varanasi. The list doesn’t end here; you can also find a variety of beautiful necklaces of different styles to buy from the markets of Varanasi.

From where to buy: Golghar