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Hub of Global Tourism

Asia being the largest continent occupies 30% of the total area of the earth. Russia, China, India which are among the largest countries in the world are a part of Asia continent. The word “Asia” has been derived as a female name which means sunrise. This large continent is surrounded by Indian Ocean in the South and Arctic Ocean in the North.

An unbelievable fact of Asia is 14 of the tallest mountains are in Asia considering entire world and they all are 8000 meters above the sea. The largest city of Asia is Tokyo. And we can found prominent religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. Talking about the total population of Asia its nearly 4,46 billion. 

Asia has now become world’s largest regional economy. Not only this, it is the only continent that has potential to fuel and shape the next phase of globalization.

Countries to visit in Asia

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Places you should stay in Asia

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Amazing things to do in Asia

Asia is full of diverse Cultures and People. There are beautiful places around and amazing fun things to do. We devulged all of them here!

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