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Best Places For Shopping In Seville

by | Europe, Spain

If you are in the mood for a bit of shopping, then you should head for this main shopping street. This is considered to be one of the more classier options for shopping in Seville. Seville’s shops are engaged in the classic battle between small, locally owned specialist stores and the mighty international and Spanish big brands.

Small craft shops sit alongside major Spanish shopping stores like El Cortes Inglés, Zara and Mango, not only in the narrow streets but also the small squares of the Barri Santa Cruz and El Arenal.

The main Seville shopping area manages to squeeze into attractive streets like Calle Sierpes and Calle Tetuan, both pedestrianized, although scooters still snake through the Seville shopping crowds.This is the best area to find clothing, while a large bookstore, La Casa del Libro on Calle Tetuan, sells what most UK visitors want, including guidebooks, literature and fiction in English. Look for the popular shoe shop Camper on Calle Tetuan.

Most of be big stores are on the Plaza De La Magdelena and Plaza Del Duque De La Victoria and that is in the northern end. Here holiday visitors will also find a rash of McDonald’s and Burger Kings, so any pretence at sophistication goes out of the window. For interesting shop of special kind like musical instruments, guitars, leather goods, kitchenware, fabrics and fine foods are near the Cathedral.

Shopping in Seville Departmental Stores

The major shopping store El Corte Inglés is spread over a number of buildings, each specializing in different departments. The store has just about everything – clothes, furniture, groceries, travel agents, jewellery, tobacco, leather, hardware, perfume, toiletries plus a barber, optician and a cafe.

In Seville City Center there are several other branches. At Plaza del Duque you will find clothing, tourist gifts, books, sports goods, groceries including gourmet foods (but pretty pricey), luggage, watches, jewellery, perfumes and toiletries.

If you are looking for camera, DVD or any computer related equipment then El Corte Inglés is best places, which is across the road. Out of the centre, in Nervión, another Cortes has everything under one roof in a shopping mall location.

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Shopping in Seville Streets

Seville has many open-air markets all around the city. Some of them operates daily in plazas and some has weekly or on Sundays. Beware of the street markets that are illegal selling items like leather, sunglasses, crafts etc. near Tetuan or Sierpes.

If you are looking for collectibles then Plaza del Cabildo is best places where you will get coins, stamps, antique watches and semi-precious stone and many more. This market is open on Sunday morning.

The Flea Market at Charco de la Pava is another Sunday morning Seville shopping attraction. It’s some way out of the center but has a wide range – including a lot of junk.

For art and paintings, try shopping in the Plaza del Museo market, also on Sunday mornings. It’s next to the Museum of Bellas Artes and has paintings and sketches by local artists.

Visit Calle Feria on Thursday morning for antiques. This market is Seville’s one of the oldest markets selling clothing, toys, paintings, coins, books, ceramics and many other antique items.

On the Plaza del Duque on Thursday, Friday and Saturday is the Seville “hippie market“. You can buy belts, shirts, leather goods, jewellery and some small works of art.

For buying crafts Plaza de la Magdalena is a good place. It’s more of an African atmosphere with leather bags, belts, and drums as well as jewellery. The market operates on Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

Shopping in Seville is always fun, the benefit of going for shopping in Seville is you can easily take a quick tour of the nearby places. If you are in Seville in Summer season try to avoid shopping in the afternoon because the temperature is quite high.

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