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Seville Nightlife

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Seville has tons of nightlife to offer the city break visitor with a world-wide reputation both for its opera and for flamenco. Seville is the ultimate late-night holiday city – hardly surprising given the searing summer heat and the near necessity of taking a siesta. Here is a comprehensive guide for fully enjoying Seville Nightlife.

Enjoying Seville Night Life

In the evenings the city comes alive and the Seville bars are packed, often overflowing onto the streets. In Seville bars and cafes the tapas are consumed in quantity. In Seville people love Fino and Manzanilla sherry, beer is also very popular, most of the time they are served directly taking out from barrel. Bar staff certainly know what they’re doing – providing a swift and professional service in most Seville bars.

Similar to Sangria a drink made by mixing lemonade and red wine is very popular in Summer and it is called Tinto De Verano. Most places also serve tapas so you can eat while touring the Seville bars. Bars usually open from 6pm until 2am on weekdays and a couple of hours later at weekends, staying open until 4am. Partying in Seville tends to get under way around midnight. You will find a hot-spot of ope-air bars in both sides of the Guadalquivir river bank.

Seville Flamenco

Seville is the home of flamenco, but you should be careful while choosing a bar to have it. As Flamenco is very famous and popular among both locals and tourists some of them are imitations of original, you can always take advice from locals. Many of the advertised Seville flamenco shows are expensive, tacky and often use recorded music.

Favourite Seville flamenco hot-spots include Casa Anselma in Calle Pagé del Corro. It’s decorated with colourful local tiles and features both professional flamenco dancers and more spontaneous performances by the public, perhaps less accomplished but often great fun. Flamenco goes on well into the night and really gets going around 3am.

La Carbonera at Calle Levies is a converted coal yard and is a popular flamenco spot for both locals and visitors, always a good sign. It has two large bars and live flamenco from around 8pm until 4am.

Casa de la Memoria de l’Andalus, in Calle Ximinez de Encisco 28, has nightly flamenco shows in a patio setting while Los Gallos, at Plaza de Santa Cruz is also well regarded.

Barrio de Santa Cruz Bars and Cafes

The main areas to head for on a Seville holiday are around the Cathedral – several streets, such as Mateus Gagos, are packed with bars and small restaurants.

The P Flaherty Irish pub next to the Cathedral exit is always busy while Antiguedades is a big draw, although the skewered bread rolls hanging from the ceiling are an odd feature.

Try the popular Bar Giralda in Mateos Gago, in a converted Moorish bathhouse while the Casa Morales in García de Vinuesa serves sherry and wine from the barrel. La Sacrista on Calle Mateos Gago is also popular for its tapas.

Carbonería in Calle Leviés is also worth searching out. It’s Seville’s most famous bohemian bar and past visitors include Picasso and Peter Gabriel. There’s sometimes great flamenco and, on Thursday nights, capable young Seville musicians perform.

Seville Clubs

Seville is a very late-night city with partying starting between 2am and 4am. Be careful about dress code – always dress more smartly at weekends when casual wear can prevent you getting into many nightclubs.

Younger music fans will be drawn to La Sala Malandar in Calle Torneo, the most fashionable and sophisticated music nightclub venue in the city. Naima offers live jazz and is well worth a visit. Other popular nightclub venues include Weekend at Calle Del Torneo, with top-class live music and DJs; Aduana – a huge dance venue about a kilometre south of Maria Luisa park. There’s a lively nightclub scene in Triana – try La Otra Orilla with a terrace overlooking the river.

Triana Seville

Casa Cuesta across the river is a favourite destination for good food and wine. In summer, a wide choice of Seville riverside bars are also open. You’ll also find number of well known restaurants serving quality food on this side of the river. Try the intimate Ristorante Cosa Nostra – despite its name it’s a friendly spot serving good quality pizza and pasta. It’s in Calle del Betis 52.

Kiosco de las Flores at Calle del Betis is a long established Seville restaurant – it used to be a shack, but has been modernized and serves great fried fish.

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