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Best Ski Resort in Sweden

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Sweden has some Ski Resort in the World. Auray is one of the best Ski Resort in Sweden to enjoy skiing along with other winter sports.

Åre Mountain Ski Resort

Åre (often sounds as Auray). Altitude difference: 539 – 1429 m
Trails: 98 km, of which 10 km for beginners, 38 km simple, 39 km intermediate, 5 km difficult
Ski season: December – May, Stockholm – 656 km
The nearest Airport is Ostersund – 80 km, The nearest train station is Ore – 0 km, Duved – 8 km Trondheim / Norway – 180 km.
Lifts: 1 gondola, 1 funicular, 1 cab, 6 chairlifts, 31 towbars
Trails: green – 10, blue – 38, red – 39, black – 5. In total – 98.
Maximum lifting height: 1274 m

Åre, the largest ski resort in Sweden, can easily compete with well-known European ski centers in terms of a variety of pistes, technical equipment and infrastructure. The first ski station in Auray opened in 1880. And since then, from year to year, not only Swedes, Norwegians, Danes come to this resort, but also Germans, Czechs, and British. In recent seasons, Åre has been discovered by our skiers. They liked the long beautiful slopes, where there is no crowding and plenty of space for bends. They appreciated the European level of service, including the preparation of slopes for snow groomers, track lighting, snow deposition, a bus transfer between hotels and ski lifts, the presence of tow-bars and tracks for children and beginners. In Auray, equally good opportunities for skiing, both mountain and flat skiing.

Facilities Available

Best Ski Resort In Sweden

In 2007, the World Ski Championships (The World Championships of Alpin skiing 2007) was held in Auray. Because of this Grand Event all the resorts have been renovated and many new hotels opened. In the new season, the capacity of the stations increased due to the commissioning of two modern chairlifts in the center of Are (4- and 6-seater). Åre is good because no matter where you settle, you will always be near the ski lifts and ski slopes, and all the entertainment will be at your fingertips. No matter which village you live in, you can ski throughout the entire Auray complex. In the afternoon, you can grab a bite to eat at one of 19 very nice eateries around the slopes.

The Åre ski resort consists of five villages: Åre Bue, Duved, Tegfiel, Åre Björnen and Edsosdalen. All of them are interconnected by bus routes. Buses run on schedule. The total length of the resort of Auray is about 20 km. In the central village of Åre-Bu, you can find a tourist information service (in the building of the railway station), shops, supermarkets, bars, restaurants, banks and ATMs, a Systembolaget store, night clubs, an Internet cafe, equipment rental, a ski school, and companies organizing safari on deer, dogs, snowmobiles.

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Best Time to Visit Åre Ski Resort

From December 20 to April 6, one of the ski lifts is switched on four days a week from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. helping skier to enjoy wonderful night skiing. Children under 7 years old ride for free if they have a helmet. Ticket for lifts for beginners: 300 SEK per day (valid only for certain lifts in the villages of Åre Björnen and Duved). The lift ticket is valid only with the personal signature of the skier. Buying one ticket is sufficient as it is valid for all Auray lifts. A single ski-pass also valid for free ski bus ride between hotels to ski lifts for the entire day.

You can join After Ski party that starts in some hotels and restaurants from 16.30. It is a kind of get-together where you can enjoy music, drinks, dancing and if you wish join the chorus singing.

The prices for drinks during these hours are lower than usual. By the way, the Swedes say that the apres-ski tradition, which now exists in all ski resorts, went from here. In windy weather, the highest descent point is 826 m above sea level.

Ski Equipment’s

Ski equipment rental points (Skidakarna), as well as repair and maintenance workshops, are located next to the hotels and the largest ski lifts; 19 cafes and bars are arranged on the slopes, as well as specially equipped places (Warming huts) where you can eat food brought with you. Ski equipment rental shops are located in sports stores. If you want to buy skis, a snowboard or boots, you can take the corresponding model for trial driving for a day or several hours. By the way, equipment can be borrowed at one rental point, and leased at another.

For Beginners

For beginners, skiing schools are organized and the services of individual instructors are offered. For aces there are great opportunities for skiing in the virgin lands (Ski Safari). From the upper point of the Cabinban cable car to the top of the Oreskutan mountain, skiers are lifted by a “snow cat” – a snowmobile uses a cable to transport several people at the same time up the slope. Shipping cost about $ 10.

Route plans and bus schedules are provided free of charge at the information center located in the lobby of the Cabinbanan cable car or at the hotel.

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