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Best Bars In Seville

by | Europe, Spain

If you are looking for something to get into when you are touring the nightlife selections of the city of Seville, you will not have to look long or far. There are plenty of opportunities to let loose and have some fun, when night has settled in. Some of the things you could choose to do is enjoy a bit of flamenco or enjoy a concert with a glass of wine in hand.

There are also plenty of dance clubs to explore. You will have to check local listings for clubs because many of them in Seville have short shelf lives. What may have been a vibrant, pumping joint to visit 6 months ago, may be something completely different when you arrive. There are cover charges to get in, which are at least 6€ ($7.20). We will guide you through some best bars in Seville so you can enjoy your nightlife here.

10 Best Bars In Seville

El Arenal
Calle Rodó 7
Seville, Spain
Phone: 95-421-64-92 , Visit Website for advance booking.
When you want to enjoy a night filled with the flamenco, you should come to this venue. There is a cover charge of 32€ ($38), including first drink. They also charge 61€ ($73) for a fixed-price dinner. Visit website for advance booking.

Calle Amor de Dios 31
Seville, Spain . Visit Website for timings and advance booking.
Women may be able to get their foot in the door, but this is really a men’s-only spot. This location keeps late hours until 4am. Cover charge and a drink will cost you $12.

La Bodega
Calle Alfalfa, 4
Seville, Spain
Phone: +34 954 22 73 62 , Visit Website for advance booking.
If you are looking for a nice, local place to stop in and have a cold beer or a glass of Andalusian wine, this is the place to go. There are also treats to eat at this joint, such as prawns, fried anchovies, as well as baked salmon.

Cano Y Cueto 5
Seville, Spain
Phone: +34 95-441-68-11 , Visit Website for advance booking.
You will find this spot located at the northern end of Murillo Gardens. When you enter this joint, you will encounter an air-conditioned bar and a reasonably priced restaurant. A drink with dinner will cost around $50.

Casa Morales
García de Vinuesa 11
Seville, Spain
Call Phone: +34 95-422-12-42 for advance booking.
This spot can be found near the cathedral and Avenida de la Constitución, where the location dates back to 1850. The drinks of choice at this joint is beer and wine. This spot is available from 8pm to midnight. This is one of the best restaurant cum bar in Seville with reasonable price and quality service.

C. Zaragoza 50, El Arenal
Seville, Spain
Phone: +34 95-422-4698
When you are in the mood for a delicious selection of aged wines, then you should make your way to this spot. You will also find a nice dining room in the back, serving delicious cuisine. Casablanca is popular for its quality food well behaved staffs and quick service.

Trinity Irish Pub
In Hotel Inglaterra, Plaza Nueva
Seville, Spain
Phone: +34 95-422-49-70
When you are in the mood for a bit of an Irish atmosphere, this is where you should end up for the night. The beer, cocktails and conversation are sure to make you feel warm and fuzzy.

Casino Bahía de Cádiz
N-IV, Km 649, Puerta de Santa María
Cádiz, Spain
Phone: +34 956-871042 , Visit Website here.
This casino tests your luck on the road between Jerez and Puerto de Santa María. This is where you will find the only casino located within this part of Andalusia. There is also a nice restaurant and disco on the premises.

Casa Moreno
7 Calle Gamazo
Contact +34954228315 or visit Website for advance booking.
Casa Moreno is an old bar, all the walls decorated with photos of famous personalities of Spain. Though it is a small bar you will enjoy the cozy atmosphere and delicious food. You will find lots of locals in this bar cum restaurant due to its quality food. Definitely Casa Moreno is one of the best bars in Seville.

Bar Europa
35 Calle Siete Revueltas
Contact number +34-95-4217908

Bar Europa is well decorated and suggested by locals. Serving tasty food, good collection of wine, prompt service, cool ambiance and reasonable price these are the things Bar Europa is famous for. While in Seville it will be worth to give a visit to this place.

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