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10 Most Beautiful Lakes To Visit In Switzerland

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Switzerland is full of beautiful Mountains. Some beautiful lakes to visit in Switzerland too. Switzerland has some most beautiful lakes in the world. Swiss Lakes are mostly surrounded by breathtaking vies of mountains. We can enjoy the view of Lakes in Switzerland at the same time the mountains also!

1. Lake Lugano – Switzerland Lakes

In the border of Italy and Switzerland lake Lugano is surrounded by lash green landscape and mountains in the backdrop. It is one of the 10 most beautiful lakes to visit in Switzerland. Lake Lugano is popular among tourists because of options like cruising in the lake, hiking and shopping local fancy boutiques.

Due to its mild weather in the Spring you will see parks near the lake are covered by Magnolias and Camellias. While in Switzerland definitely it will be a good choice to visit this lake. Lake Lugano is one of the most beautiful Lakes to visit in Switzerland.

Beautiful Lakes to Visit in Switzerland – Lake Lugano

  • Visit the biggest park near the lake Civico-Ciani which is 63000 square metre of greenery. The long flower covered path with trees in both-side with amuse you. There is a place for children to pay inside the park. The maple and oak tree filled park is a good place to spend some time.
  • Visit Natural History Museum it is also near to the park.
  • Monte San Salvatore – Just above the lake this 900 meter high mountain gives a 360 degree view of Lugano. Take a funicular to reach the top.
  • Centro Storico is the center on old town and here you can see Piazza Riforma, Baroque churches and many other things.
  • Monte Brè – the sunniest mountain in Lugano and very popular place to visit.
  • Chiesa di Santa Maria degli Angeli – it was a church previously. Do not get heart-broken seeing outside of the building. Get inside and see the amazing interior.
  • Cattedrale San Lorenzo – made of Carrara marble and white limestone this church is surely the main attraction in Lugano.
  • Gandria – This unspoiled village is in the eastern side of Monte Bre apart from its green surroundings St Viglio is another attraction here.

How to reach Lake Lugano – You can take a taxi or reach Lugano by train.

Restaurants at Lake Lugano – Swiss Lakes

  • Ristorante La Tinera – is a simple restaurant with great food. The restaurant remains filled with local people because of its reputation. Call +41 91 923 52 19 for opening hours.
  • Grotto San Rocco – This restaurant is crowded by tourists most of the time. May be you will have to wait a bit but food is definitely good. Contact +41 91 923 98 60.
  • Bottegone – Probably you will get best Salmon with asparagus here in Lugano. You can call +41 91 922 76 89 for advance booking.

2. Lake Neuchâtel and Blausee – Switzerland Lakes

Both the lakes are in Bern. Though Blausee is a small lake it is very popular among tourists due to its exquisite looks. On the other hand Neuchâtel is quite big in size, on the lap of Jura Mountains the lake is spanned over 218 square kilometers. Southern side of the lake is bird lovers paradise.

Things To See

Go for a visit to its vineyards and hilly landscapes, take a cycle tour along Mittelland national cycling route -5. Visit Blausee Nature Park and also radiant villages scattered around.

How to Reach – By taking train, bus, taxi or ferry one can easily reach to Lake Neuchâtel and Blausee also.


Hôtel Palafitte +41 32 723 02 02
Eateco Natural food -+41 76 219 15 93
Banneret – +41 32 725 28 61. Please call and confirm operational hours

3. Lake Brienz – Beautiful Lakes to visit in Switzerland

Lake Brienz - Beautiful Lakes To Visit In Switzerland
Lake Brienz – Beautiful Lakes To Visit In Switzerland

Surrounded by mountains at 564 meters height this lake has an astounding view because of Faulhorn and Schwarzhoren towering 2000 meters above the lake. Not only mountains, the lake is considered to be a romantic place to holiday for the waterfalls, cliffs, calm and composed nature around.

What To do At Lake Brienz – Swiss Lakes

  • Do you like village? Brienz is the most beautiful village in Switzerland and probably in the World.
  • Visit Ballenberg Museum, trains journey from Brienz to Interlaken, watching Giessbach Waterfalls or taking a boat ride in the lake. You have plenty of thing to do here!

How To Reach Lake BrienzLakes in Switzerland

Lake Brienz has many entry points, you can get the boat docs just outside of Interlaken Ost or Brienz station. You can also take boats from towns like Bönigen and Iseltwald.

Restaurants at Lake Brienz (Food options available at Swiss Lakes)

  • Engi is a small restaurant serving food Swiss food options, call +41 33 951 15 31 for more details.
  • Hotel Restaurant Brienzerburli – At just one kilometer from Brienz station, this hotel has good rooms for a comfortable stay and in-house restaurant for good quality food. Call +41 33 951 12 41 for booking.
  • Bino’s Pizzeria – You will get many options to choose from, and they make splendid pizzas. Contact -+41 33 951 42 91.

Best Time To Visit Lake Brienz – Beautiful Lakes in Switzerland to Visit

We will recommend a holiday in the sunny summer to enjoy the lush green landscape or Crispy Golden sights in the Falls. In winter it is a bit problematic as most of the hotels and restaurants remain closed.


4. Lake Maggiore – Lakes in Switzerland

Lake Geneva - beautiful Lakes to visit in Switzerland
Lake Geneva – beautiful Lakes to visit in Switzerland

Connecting Italy and Switzerland with a vast area of 212.5 square kilometer area, the lake is in the southern side of the Swiss Alps. A most romantic place due to its mild weather easily available places to stay and lots of restaurants all around. Not only attracts because of its snowy peaks in the backdrop but Brissago Islands are more beautiful place for travelers.

Things to see Near Lake Maggiore

  • Apart for all the beauties, a trip on Lake Maggiore Express up to Lucarno is worthy and most recommended for its beauty and thrilling experience.
  • Take a boat ride along Locarno, Ascona and Brissago.
  • Visit local shops and art galleries near Lake Maggiore.
  • Visit Verzasca valley near to Lake Maggiore.

Stay and Food

You will get a huge option of hotels and eateries around the lake for comfortable stay and food all over the stretch covered by the lake. You can take a car from Zurich or from Milan Malpensa airport.

5. Lake Geveva – Swiss Lakes

Spanning 580 square kilometers and connecting cities and towns of Switzerland and France, Lake Geveva is the biggest lake in Switzerland. At 372m height the lake is one of the most beautiful lake to visit. The lake is not favored only for its own beauty, the snow capped mountains surrounding the lake gives it a different level of attractiveness.

You can take a boat ride, take a bath in the emerald color water, if you wish try water skiing or wind surfing. Cruise services are available if you wish to visit France. Do not forget to have dinner on a cruise, it will be one of your most memorable experience.

Best Time To visit Lake Geneva

Best time to visit Lake Geneva is summer and Christmas. While in Switzerland always try to buy a Travel Pass it will reduce the cost of travelling significantly.

How To Reach Lake Geneva

From any part of the country you can take high speed trains it will only take few hours. Buses are also available.

6. Lake Lucrene – Beautiful Lakes to visit in Switzerland

Lake Lucrene, Lakes in Switzerland
Lake Lucrene, Lakes in Switzerland

In the backdrop mountains like Pilatus and Rigi, at 434m height and spreading over 114 square kilometers, this stunning blue water lake is certainly deserves a visit. In Autumn you will see the lake covered by mist and in Summer the lake appears at its best. Take a ride on historic paddle steamer cruise, probably Lake Lucrene is only among few places in the world where you can see these steamer in present time.

Best Time To Visit Lake Lucrene

Summer and Autumn is best time to visit Lake Lucrene. From the trains station it will take around 30 minutes to reach and you can also take ferry. From Zurich you will reach by 1 hour to Lucrene.

Restaurants Near Lake Lucrene

  • Olivo – Olivo serves pure Mediterranean cuisines and best wines. This restaurant is in Lucrene downtown and inside Grand Casino. Call +41 41 418 56 61.
  • Grottino 1313 – This Italian restaurant is a hidden gem in Lucrene. It has open air sitting arrangement as well as open air kitchen serving best Italian dishes and wines. Most amazing thing is menu gets changed everyday! Contact – +41 41 610 13 13.
  • La Cucina – The restaurant has good options of food, good ambience and friendly staffs. A bit costly but food is awesome. Contact -+41 41 226 88 88.

7. Oeschinensee – Lakes in Switzerland

Though it is not massive by its size it is definitely famous for its beauty. At Berner Oberland region in the Bern the lake is situated at 1579m height. You have to hike for 25 minutes to reach the lake as it is surrounded by mountains. You can visit the lake anytime of the year. In summer you can go for fishing, hiking or a ride on gondolas. In the winter certainly do not miss ice skating or skiing. A cable care ride is available and it will be fun!.

How To Reach Lake Oeschinensee

From Zurich to Kandersteg by train will take 2.5 hours and if you are taking a car it will reach you in 2 hours.

8. Lake Thun – Beautiful lakes to visit in Switzerland

Spanning over 48.3 square kilometer the lake reaches to Bern. At 558m height the blue water of the lake reflects the mountains around. Picturesque towns, mountains and fun activities like bungee jumping, paragliding and winter sports is going to make you love this Alpine lake. Go for canoeing or take a cruise on the Lake. Nearby resorts and restaurants have option to stay and have tasty foods. Lake Thun is another one of 10 Most Beautiful Lakes To Visit In Switzerland.

How To Reach Lake Thun

Best way to reach Lake Thun is taking a train to Thun station, it is easily accessible.

Best Time To Visit Lakes in Switzerland

April to June and September to October is best time to visit Lake Thun. If you love winter activities then Winter will be best for you.

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9. Zurich Lake – Swiss Lakes

Right in the heart of the city is a must visit place in Switzerland. As we mentioned earlier Switzerland has a Lake culture, you will see large number of local people gathering around the lake in summer. You can enjoy a picnic here or engage in various water-sports.

Zurich Lake - Beautiful lakes to visit in Switzerland
Zurich Lake – Beautiful lakes to visit in Switzerland

What to Do and Where to Eat at Zurich Lake

  • Apart from enjoying at the lake you can go around and climb a tower of Grossmünster that offers splendid view of the city.
  • Lots of restaurants and bars available to spend a cozy evening, do not miss Cabaret Voltaire or shopping in the local market.
  • You can also visit Viadukt home of the local shopping place and some good bars and restaurants. For bars we recommend El Lokal, Raygrodski or Plaza.
  • For a 360 degree panoramic view of the city you can visit Jules Verne Panorama Bar (it is costly here).
  • Take a Tram ride on number 4 or 15 along Limmat river, it is much of fun to see the old town riding on a tram.
  • In Zurich and not going for a burger at Heidi & Tell is like missing the most famous part of Zurich tour. At Heidi & Tell you get the most authentic burger made of homemade bread, fresh vegetable, mountain cheese etc. The best part of the burger is they do not use any additional flavor or preservatives.
  • Its August? Join the Street Parade, it the most famous festival for electronic music. You will find millions of people dancing on several venues. Kaufleuten, Mascotte, Hive, Plaza and Kinski are some most visited venues.
  • Go Healthy – take a stroll at Botanischer Garten in the morning. Most of the time it is not crowded, you will find peace and happiness by beauty of this vast ground.

10. Gelmersee- Beautiful lakes to visit in Switzerland

Gelmersee lights up Switzerland with the hydroelectric green energy. Deep in the Bernese Oberland the Lake is 1860m high. Easiest way to reach Gelmersee is to go by Gelmerbahn. Hiking is a way to enjoy the surroundings but the best thing here is to take a ride on the Gelmer funicular. It is the steepest railway journey in entire Europe. It is an intense experience to take this journey. Do not forget to visit Handeck bridge and Handeck waterfalls.

Where to Stay at Swiss Lakes

Hotel and Handeck Nature Resort are good options to stay here. No restaurants on top, either you can bring food with you or you can have meal at the Gelmerbahn. You can reach by hiking or take the funicular. If you have kids bellow 7 years then hiking is not suggested.

How to reach – You can reach by hiking or take the funicular. If you have kids bellow 7 years then hiking is not suggested.

11. Lake Constance – Lakes in Switzerland

Travelling a long 273km the lake touches Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Lake Constance is third largest in central Europe. The lake is fed by Rhine River and you can go for sailing, fishing or cycling around. In the winter skiing is favourite among visitors. You won’t believe an astonishing 70 million travelers visits this lake in a year.

How to Reach Lake Constance

As you know the lake spanning over three countries there are several places you can reach from. Lots of hotels and restaurants are available for staying and having food.

Certainly you are going to love these list of 10 Most Beautiful Lakes To Visit In Switzerland

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