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9 Best Museums In Stockholm

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Stockholm is home to numerous museums of all sizes and types. The cities museums range from your traditional Art and History Museum, to an Architect Museum (Arkitekturmuseet) and a Butterfly House (Fjarilshuset). Most museums will have different hours Tuesday and Wednesday than they do Thursday through Sunday, and many are closed on Mondays so be sure to check the museums operating times before you set out for a visit.

With the purchase of the Stockholm Museum Card, admission into the majority of the cities museums is free of charge. Without a Stockholm card you will be often charged a small free for admittance, if you plan on visiting several museums a Stockholm card may be a good purchase because it also allows you free transport on the cities public transport which is often located directly next to the museums entrance. In most cases a museum tour can be preformed in English as well Swedish. If you do not know Swedish you may want to inquire with the museum prior to your arrival to ensure you will be able to understand, although several museums can be quite enjoyable without taking the proper tour. Listed below are 9 best museums in Stockholm to visit:

National Museum of Fine Art

The Museum building standing on the waterfront in front of the Royal Palace was built 150 years ago. Here attractive art works has been displayed in such a way that you need to start from the top floor. Following a timeline from 16th century to present day towards the lower floors. Anyone visiting this museum will find it amazing by the elegant collection of Royal essence. Entry fee is $13.00. Address – 103 24 Sodva Blasieholmshamen, Stockholm. Contact +46 8 519 543 00 or visit website.

Swedish Museum of Natural History

Collections of the Museum was first started exhibiting in 1786 by Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and the museum founded in 1819. Anders Sparrman a student of Linnaeus University and a participant of many voyages with Captain James Cook was one of the keeper of the Collections. Apart from most valuable collections of Sweden there is an IMAX cinema inside the premises named Cosmonova which is the largest planetarium in Sweden. If you are visiting Stockholm Museum of Natural History is a must visit place. Address – Frescativagan 40, Stockholm, contact number +46 08 519 540 00, website.

Arkitekturmuseet (Architect Museum)

The Architect museum a vast collection of valuable plans, photographs and models that serves as a rich source of immense knowledge on architecture. It also includes civil engineering and design also. People who are interested in architectural design this is a marvelous place for them. Address – Exercisplan and Slupskjulspln, Skeppsholmen, Stcokholm, contact number +46 8 587 270 0-00, visit website here.

Moderna Museet (Modern Art)

9 Best Museums in Stockholm

Moderna Museet is a heaven for art lovers. This modern day art museum boasts a huge collection of famous artists like Judd, Penn, Salvador Dali, Picasso and Oppenheim. Moderna Museet is not only popular for its art collection, it has some good family activity center. The museum has restaurant, cafe and coffee bar inside the premises on 4th floor. Address – Exercisplan 4, 111 49 Stockholm, contact number +46 (0) 8 5195 5200, visit website here.

Fjarilshuset (The Butterfly House)

A beautiful place to explore both life above and under water. As the name suggests you can see here amazing things all about butterflies. Butterflies mating dance is very attractive, if you are lucky you can even experience butterfly hatches and spreading wings first time. Other animals like arrow frogs, land and water turtles, quail and many more.

The most amazing part is the largest aquarium in the Nordic region containing 1.2 million liters of water. This is the shark aquarium. Various species of fish and other sea creatures are among favourites. Tickets for children aged 4-15 years is SEK 98 for adults is 190 SEK, below 4 years it free. Address – Hagaparken 169 70 Solna, contact number +46 8730 39 81. You can also visit website here.

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The Dance Museum

Founded in 1953 by Rolf de Maré – a wealthy art collector. He collected art items travelling around the world for this museum. A museum solely dedicated to dance was first opened in 1933 by Rolf de Maré, exhibiting art movements, films on dance.

Though the place does not pull a large number of people but the collections of items related to dance is a must see thing in Stockholm. There are temporary dance shows from many countries held, interesting part is the stories describing the origin of the particular dance form. You can see short films on dance on the second floor of the building. Address – Gustav Adolfs Torq 22 111 52, Stockholm, contact number +46 8 441 76 50, visit website here.

Stockholm Globe Arena

With a huge diameter of 110 meters and 85 meter high it was designed as world’s largest hemispherical building. Designed by Berg Architects and opened in 1989, it can be seen from miles away due to its enormous size and shape. The globe Arena is something Stockholm is proud of. It is so famous here that a micro city has been formed around the Arena. Do not miss the popular sky view here which is a ride around the Globen. Address – Globentorget 2 121 27, Stcokholm, contact number – +46 8 725 10 00, visit website for opening and closing timings.

International Puppet Theatre Museum

Founded by Michael Meschke in 1958 the puppet museum saw fame very soon. Apart from shows for children’s plays by Brecht, Hoffman and Büchner was performed for adults. In 70s Michael Meschke started working intensively with Asian puppet tradition. Soon it took over to change the Swedish vision of Puppet show as it became altogether a distinct art. In present days make puppets, designing stages and acting are taught here. Certainly this is a place worth visiting. Address – Serquels Torg 103 27, Stockholm, contact number +46 8 506 20 100.

Museum of Music

We all love music! Here in Stockholm Museum of Music is a heaven of everything related to music. The museum has an enormous collection of instruments from all over the world. You can even try playing them. Concerts from performers around the world is a regular thing. Be it Indian tribal music or performers from Africa, you will remain awestruck once you are inside the building. You can buy souvenir like post cards, instruments etc. Music Museum is suitable for both children and adults. Address – Sibyllegalan 2 103 26, Stockholm, Contact number – +46 8 519 554 90

Hope you liked our list of 9 best museums of Stockholm

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