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15 Important Things To Know Before Travelling Seville

by | Europe, Spain

Seville city is conventionally Andalusian, having best nightlife in southern Spain and lots of winding lanes. Travelling Seville is always a fun, however wherever we travel there are things we should about. Here is a list of facts worth knowing before travelling Seville.

  • Seville is the great holiday city of the south of Spain – the home of Don Juan, Carmen and Figaro, of orange blossom and jasmine and a blazing sun beating down on whitewashed houses and lush green patios.
  • Many Seville holidays are combined with trips to the other great Andalucian sights in the cities of Granada and Córdoba. All have a wealth of history and give a wonderful insight into the Spanish south.
  • A Seville holiday is infused with the intensity of Spanish life, with street festivals and an operatic tradition second to none. Seville is also home to world-famous traditions such as bullfighting and flamenco.
  • Most important three buildings in the city are the Cathedral, the Giralda Tower and the Alcázar. The city is completely enchanting and entertaining. Seville Cathedral is said to be the largest in the world – depending on how you measure cathedrals! Altarpiece of the Cathedral is surely most impressive in the world.
  • Built by the Moors once The Giralda Tower was the world’s tallest building in the Moorish period. Alcázar and its gardens that shaped the city are a brilliant blend of two cultures – Christian and Moor.
  • Seville, the fourth largest city in Spain, is now easier to reach than ever before, with many holidays to Spain to choose from and an excellent train service from Madrid.
  • A Seville holiday combines ancient and modern in great style. The Festival of the Americas in 1929 and the Expo of 1992 introduced new buildings, bridges and transport facilities. The modern new tram and metro system is also impressive, albeit only partly complete. For car hire in Seville, try Rhino Car Hire.
  • Like all popular tourist destinations, Seville is not without problems. Be aware of bag snatching and drug crime is common incident, though you may find them worse in both Madrid and Barcelona. Violent crime is not that concerning as it is not that common like many north European cities. It’s just too hot to be aggressive!

Travelling Seville, Spain

  • Whilst it has its modern side, Seville is still essentially a romantic old city. Be it enjoying tapas on a starry night open-air restaurant or on a flower-filled patio sipping chilled fino sherry, a horse carriage ride or strolling the Guadalquivir, travelling Seville is always unique.
  • A Seville holiday is well worth considering for a winter break, or in spring and autumn when temperatures are ideal. It is, however, Europe’s hottest city and Seville holidays in mid-summer may best be avoided for travelling Seville.
  • Seville Spain Weather What sort of weather will you be enjoying when you visit the destination of your choice? When is the best time to make your way to the city of Seville? Many tourists flock to the area during the spring season, as well as during the fall season. This is when the weather is warm, but not unpleasantly hot. During the month of May, you will be able to enjoy the most hours of daylight.
  • If you have planned a Trip to Seville during the summer season, you should expect to encounter a high temperature of 97 degrees, but the area has been known to deliver a few 37°C- days. You should also know that air conditioning is not that widespread throughout the area. Winter temperatures range between 7°C to 10°C . Winters are mild with some rain.
  • Seville Spain Transportation When you have arrived at the city of your choice, you should know that there are many different ways to travel throughout the area. All you have to do is inquire and in no time, you could be riding a city bus or scooting down a river on a gondola. In Seville, a tourist can travel by way of taxi, carriage, bicycle or bus. It is quite easy to walk to where you have to go, when visiting Seville, but there are plenty of buses that are willing to accommodate you for when you want to travel a bit farther than your feet would like to take you.
  • Most of the lines pass through the Plaza de la Encarnación, Plaza Nueva, as well as in front of the cathedral on Avenida de la Constitución. Bus service is available every day from 6am to 11:15pm. The price of riding the bus is 1€ ($1.20) for travel between any two points in Seville. For more information on bus travel, you should call 90-245-99-54.
  • A visitor can rent a bike while Touring Seville. Rentals can be found at Cyclotour (95-427-45-66). Two locations exist in Paseo de Colón s/n next to Torre del Oro, as well as at Avenida Hernán Cortez, Parque de María Luisa s/n. The cost of rentals are 10€ ($12) for 4 hours, 18€ ($22) for 8 hours, 20€ ($24) for 24 hours, and 50€ ($60) for one week. You should know that there is a deposit of 100€ ($120) that you must make before renting a bike. Taxi numbers to keep in mind include Tele Taxi (95-462-22-22) or Radio Taxi (95-458-00-00).

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