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10 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Sweden

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We all love travelling and enjoying places and their flavour. Every travel destination has its own unique features and we should know about them. Here is a list of things you should know before visiting Sweden. If wish to enjoy snow then late November to March is best time for visiting Sweden. For Mid Night Sun visit Sweden in Jun or July.

Summer in Sweden is comfortable with temperature going upto 30 degrees and rest of the time it is mild to cold, keep your clothes ready according to you time visiting Sweden.

Visiting Sweden

1. Swedish people are very friendly and it is well known fact all over the world. In this coffee loving nation you will be welcomed with a warm heart. Though Swedish people are very helpful remember to stay in queue in front of the ticket counters, they love to stay in line with patience.

2. You need to have valid passport and visa to enter Sweden. Generally it takes 7 to 15 days to get visa application processed. For tourism normally they issue 15 days stay and for business up-to 30 days. So before you visit Sweden check visa requirements as per you country of citizenship.

3. The import of national and foreign currency into Sweden is not limited. It is forbidden to export food products (except tea and coffee), animals and plants without special permits, drugs and doping agents, mobile phones that do not meet the requirements of the Swedish telephone network, weapons, flammable and explosive substances and objects cannot be taken out without special permission.

4. The telephone network is very developed and modern in Sweden. You can call every corner inside the country and outside the country from a regular city payphone.

5. For registration of discounts and exemption from taxes upon departure, a passport is required. Domestic tax is refunded to tourists from non-EU countries for goods purchased at stores participating in the Tax-Free Shopping scheme. So keep that in mind and keep the bills handy for claiming refunds!

6. Sweden is very neat and clean country. People here are very careful about maintaining cleanliness. While visiting Sweden you should take good care about littering. Do not throw any kind of waste item in wrong place, you may be penalized if caught.

7. Sweden has a very cautious attitude towards alcohol consumption. A glass of alcohol, drunk after work, is clearly condemned by others, so alcohol consumption is generally accepted only on holidays, weekends and during the holidays. Keep a tab and consume alcohol according to the local culture! Definitely if you are a tourist and visit local bars or pubs you are easy to go. Enjoy!

8. Sweden has an international five-star hotel classification. The cost of living in hotels of all classes is very high, and annually prices are rising quite noticeably (up to 10%). Lower prices – in private guest houses. Weekend rates are usually 30-45% lower. In all hotels there is a whole range of additional benefits, and almost always the cost of breakfast is included in the payment for the room. Settlements for accommodation are usually made when leaving the hotel. Check relevant online booking options for comparative rates available and it will save some of you money that you can use to travel more.

9. Tipping is officially accepted only for taxi drivers for good service (the cost of services is already included in all accounts), but usually no more than 10%. It is a custom in Sweden to simply leave change amount or round up amount as tips.

10. Mains voltage 220 V., 50 Hz. Sockets and plugs comply with EU standards. So before you pack your chargers make sure it is compatible with EU standards before visiting Sweden.

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