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10 Things To Know Before You Visit Switzerland

by | Europe, Switzerland

Every places has its own characteristics, Switzerland also has its own. List of 10 Things To Know Before You Visit Switzerland may help you while travelling around in Switzerland.

1. Capital City – Guess! No, Switzerland does not have any official Capital city. Though the Federal Government rungs from Bern but it is not Capital. No, even Geneva is not Capital either. There is not official capital for Switzerland.

2. Swiss people speaks English – No Swiss people mostly don’t speak English ! German, French, Italian, and Romansh are official language in Switzerland. But most of the Swiss people know English that is functional. Do not expect them to speak English like natives.

3. Friendly Talk – People in Switzerland do not like to be frank with strangers. So stop being overfriendly. If the person you are speaking to is not showing that warmth do not take it personally – it’s their culture.

4. Early life – In Switzerland they are early risers and early sleepers. They starts the day from early morning like 6am and after 8pm it’s hard to find a shop open!

5. Life around Lakes – In most of the places you will find beautiful lakes. In summer season most of the local people love to spend time in the lakeside having sunbath and other activities. In winter it’s the other side of the coin. Do not try to take selfie with swans in the lake, they are capable to break your bones and most probably they will do so if you go near to them!

6. Swiss Pass – You are in Switzerland and you will be travelling? Get a Swiss pass. You can use the pass for every type of surface transportation and even for a boat ride. Without a Swiss pass travelling around is going to be much more costlier. Public transportation is very systematic here and they are rarely late.

7. Expensive – It is super costly. One of the costliest countries in the world. Food, water, transport, and wine everything is costly here. So it will be wiser decision to keep track of your expenses before you realize you are out of cash.

8. Switzerland is not Geneva – Though Geneva is a true cosmopolitan city and people are open-minded and you will find diverse culture, it is not same in entire Switzerland. Eighty percent of the foreigners are from other European countries with different thoughts and cultures. These eighty percent is only twenty percent of total population.

9. Small Nation – Switzerland is not a big place. It is a small country and you can travel having your base in one place. Try to stay in a smaller city and travel rest of the places from there. It will reduce your accommodation cost significantly.

10. Currency – Though Switzerland comes under the Shenzhen Visa policy it is not under the EU. Keep Swiss Franc handy if you are travelling to any offbeat place which is not a tourist hotspot.

11. Scenic Beauty – Switzerland is like heaven on earth. On an average in every thirty minutes journey you will find a breathtaking view and you will want to stop and enjoy it. So pack you bag and start for Switzerland!

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