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10 Most Beautiful Villages to Visit in Switzerland

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The heaven on Earth does not have only beautiful Cities and snow covered Mountains. Switzerland has some of the most beautiful villages in the world. The villages are special in their own unique way. Here are Ten most beautiful villages to visit in Switzerland.

1. Grindelwald


Taking a gondola from Grindelwald reach Schwarzhorn, lots of adventure is waiting for you! Take a Cliff Walk here, the breathtaking beauty is just impossible to ignore. There is a metallic walkway along with the cliff here you will enjoy view of peaks, rocky path, Alpine landscape and a waterfall. If you want to feel the thrill then take The First Flyer ride, it is 800 meters long and going to give you sheer pleasure with 84 km/h speed.

Eiger Trail

People who love hiking and climbing are well know to Eiger Trail. This 6 km long trail will reach you Eiger’s north point. Here you will see ropes fastened on the sides of the way to support climbers. You will reach Alpiglen Station and see around you from 1600 meters high.


Take a train from Kleine Scheidegg it will take you to Jungfraujoch saddle at 3454 meters high this is world’s highest railway. After some time you will reach on Top of Europe, marvelous glacier and peaks like Mönch and Jungfrau 4000 meter high. Go further for Sphinx Observatory, the awesome 360 degree view from here you can see Vosges in France. Do not miss Ice Palace here.

2. Männlichen

Grindelwald–Männlichen cable car ride is not just famous for being 3rd longest of its kind in the world. You have to feel it yourself the dazzling rocky mountains covered by lush green nature gives it a different level of charm. The cable car starts from Grund station and it is a 30 minutes journey.

How to Reach – From Zurich Airport you can reach by 3 hours train journey or else take a car for a 2.5 hours journey.

Attraction – In late June to July end entire range remains covered with millions of wild flowers or in winter you can enjoy skiing at its best.

3. Wengen

Decorated by mother nature Wengen is a picture like village in the canton of Bern. The countryside is full of greenery and snow-drenched floral fairy-tale. A must visit place for perfect holiday

Villages to Visit in Switzerland

Reach Schilthorn from Murren by gondola. Gorgeous Schilthorn will marvel you with views of 20 glaciers and 40 mountain peaks on a sunny day. Here at Piz Gloria you can watch a show at the Bond world museum a simulated flight showing Bond’s adventures. Here you can have a meal at the revolving restaurant. At Murren village also you will find number of restaurants and shopping outlets.

Take a train from Wenger to Lauterbrunnen and another two short cable car ride and you reach the Paragliding point. A 15 minutes paragliding here hovering over the mountains that you will remember forever.

How to reach – Best way to reach Wengen is either taking a train from Interlaken or a bus. It will take around 20 minutes.

4. Morcote

This beautiful small village is just by the Lake Lugano. It won the title of nicest village of Switzerland in 2016. Not only for beauty but also because of its historical importance Morcote is a popular tourist destination. Some important places to visit like Paleari Palace, Torre del Capitano and Ticino Poster Museum. This lakeside village has many more to offer. Ascend further and you can see Santa Maria del Sasso and on the way to it you can see a beautiful waterfall and few chapels. Do not miss Scherrer Park.

How to reach – Morcotes comes under day trip activities while you are travelling Lake Lugano. You can visit more such interesting places keeping Lugano as base.

5. Interlaken

Between two most beautiful lake of Switzerland Lake Brienz and Lake Thun, Interlaken is most favorite among tourist travelling Switzerland. There are plenty of places to explore inside the town as well as its close vicinity. You can go for a guided tour or you can visit yourself. Population of this small city is nearly 14000 only.

What to do – Hundreds of things to do and see here in Interlaken. For adventure you go for Canyoning, Rope Swing in the Canyon, Hiking, Bungee jumping, Kayaking or River rafting.

Where to Eat – There is no dearth of good restaurants serving foods from all over the world. You can hop into anyone of them.

6. Lauterbrunnen

In the heart of Swiss Alps and just around 800 meters height this alpine village will make you fall in love with it. Surrounded by towering mountains, green fields and nestled by 72 waterfalls this valley village is surely a place to explore. Isn’t it amazing to go to sleep or getting up hearing to the sound of water on the rocks? Stabbauch Falls is the highest free-falling in Europe. Another important waterfalls is Trummelbach Falls in side subterranean caves which is largest in Europe and the falls is sum of a series of ten waterfalls. You can reach subterranean caves by taking a bus or take a stroll of 30 minutes.

Along the streets in Lauterbrunnen you will find shops, cafes, hotels and restaurants. You can have your meal of a cup of coffee or just buy souvenir. There is a supermarket a good place for hangout.

How to reach – From Interlaken it will take 20 minutes to Lauterbrunnen.

7. Gimmelwald

This cliff-side village is in Bernese Oberland and just near to Interlaken. This small village has only 150 residents approximately. Switzerland is full of beautiful places, but Gimmelwald is quite different. No I am not saying it is not that beautiful, it is beautiful. Simple life style of the people here is the most amazing thing and different from other places in Switzerland. Take a walk in the village path after evening, under open sky full of start and mild breeze I hope you will find a new you inside.

Take cable car to reach this village. Hotels and restaurants available for stay and food.

8. Spiez

On the enviable Lake Thun, interpolated by Swisss Alps and hillside vineyards in the backdrop Spiez is a resort village. Romanesque church, Castles, Water sports, Hiking, Lake cruise all of them made the village more attractive to tourists.

You can get the best view of nearby places from the tower of Castle Spiez. There is a flower park near the Church where you can spend some time. The castle is family friendly and fun activities are there for kids.

How to reach – A train or bus from Interlaken will take maximum 20 minutes to reach Spiez.

9. Crans-Montana

Crans-Montana is premier location for skiing away from the urban life. If you wish to enjoy some relaxed time away from city chaos then this is the perfect destination for you. Most of the time this small town remain clam except Golf OMEGA tournament and Caprices festival in August and Spring respectively.

Apart from skiing you can enjoy dog sledding, bowling, ice skating and cable car ride. Many retail shops are there selling boutiques and other gift items.

At the bottom from Sierre you can take a funicular or a bus to reach Crans-Montana. For food you have options of bistro restaurants and cafes. If you wish to party then you have some local bars available where you can have drinks of your choice.

10. St-Saphorin

St-Saphorin is famous for its vineyards! This small historic village is part of UNESCO World Heritage. Cobbled lanes, colourfull small houses, Church all make the village a vibrant place to visit. We would recommend Vinorama wine tour and you can watch the wine making process. Take a tour of Riex and Grandvaux down to Lutry this route parallel with Lake Geneva is most beautiful experience. Do not forget to give a visit to Lac de Bret one of exotic lake near St-Saphorin.

You can take bus Montreux to Saint-Saphorin route that will reach by 40 minutes. From Lausanne both bus and train service available it is a short journey. Number of hotels and restaurants are there where you can stay or have food.

10 Most Beautiful Villages to Visit in Switzerland

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