Top 10 Cities to Travel in Spain

Travelling Madrid – Spain

Madrid is a city of enthusiasm and energy. A modern metropolis full of people with warmth and passion. Wide avenues are congested with traffic but beautiful parks break up the urban sprawl. Madrid doesn’t offer traditional values like Andalusia or view like Barcelona. Instead it offers exciting atmosphere the city is constantly buzzing with activity and abundance of art museums and monuments will keep tourists too busy to take siestas.

Travelling Barcelona – Spain

Barcelona is moust sought after tourist destination of the country. Attracting millions upon millions of visitors each year. It has almost everything easy access favourable weather conditions attractive beaches mountains all around, happening nightlife and awesome food and its own rich culture. Barcelona has some unique architectural marvels of Spain’s famous architect Antoni Gaudí. Some of his famous works includes Casa Battló, Park Güell, Casa Milà, Sagrada Familia and Colegio Teresiano de Barcelona.

Travelling Mallorca – Spain

Mallorca is known as the largest island in the archipelago off eastern Spain. It’s a tourist hubsopt. This place will leave you speechless with its beautiful beaches. Its centuries long history and it’s a major destination for European tourists looking to enjoy the Sun and sand. Mallorca has remain a hot tourist hubspot for a long time.

Travelling Seville – Spain

Seville often mentioned as cultural nerve center of Spain. This exotic Andalusian capital is situated in southern part of Spain.This city has its own pride of notable history and exciting stories. Seville has marvellous architectural structures and it remains cynosure of tourists. Besides taking a walk amidst the glorious buildings, do consider some serious gourmet indulgence as well, since the food served in some of the restaurants are famous across the globe.

Besides, all its history and architecture, Seville presents you with the opportunity to travel frugally as well. Though, Alcazar, an old Islamic palace charges you a high entrance fee, there are a number of other free sights that can be enjoyed, as well. Plus, most of the attractions are situated within walking distance to each other. Here’s a lowdown on some of the city attractions that would help you plan your trip properly.

Seville Cathedral : This remains one of the places where you can give perfect vent to your spirituality. Seville Cathedral is 3rd largest in the world. It is believed that one of the primary reasons behind building this cathedral was to display the wealth of Spain. It took almost 100 years to complete this cathedral and its prime attractions are:
Antecabildo: It is a special room in the Seville Cathedral, designed primarily by Juan de Minjares, Herman Ruiz Jimenez and Asensio de Maeda. It contains some special wall relics and sculptures.
 The Patio del Mariscal: This is a room where the capital lords used to reside The Giralda Towers containing the Christian cross and the bell The entrance fee is generally waived on Sundays.
Alcazar : The Alcazar of Seville is alternately known as the “Royal Alcazars of Seville”. It’s a World Heritage Site, as registered by UNESCO and remains the oldest royal palace of Europe that’s still functioning. One, virtually, gets to traverse an entire range of historic influences within this palace— starting right from the Arabic Age to that of Middle Ages through to Renaissance and Baroque. The special sections of this palace are:
Dormitorio de los Reyes Moros,Patio de las Muñecas, Puerta del León, Los Baños de Doña María de Padilla, Patio de las Doncellas, La Casa de Contratación. The Town Hall and the Royal Alcazar Board of Patronage generally conduct a range of educational and cultural activities that you can participate in.
The Barrio Santa Cruz : The Barrio Santa Cruz offers you a range of historic walking areas. Surrounded by popular tourist spots like Jardines de Murillo, Santa Maria La Blanca, Calle Mateas Gago, and Alcazar. The narrow streets merge to form a labyrinth where one might easily get lost. But wait! Getting lost in the jasmine perfumed air has its own advantages—- you can end up discovering – much to your delight – a convent or a palace or a hotel. Check out the artisan shops, the palaces with beautiful patios and art galleries as well.

Travelling Ibiza – Spain

The Ibiza in the Mediterranean water is a favourite place for tourists. You can enjoy sandy beach activity and clear water also funfilled nightlife. Attractions includes El dedo de Dios or God’s finger. A fantastic rock formation is also major attraction and it’s home to historic interest like remains of an old Phoenician settlement and a cemetery of seventh century.

Travelling Gran Canaria – Spain

The third largest island in the Canaries archipelago Gran Canaria has something to offer nearly every type of traveler.
From beach hoppers and hikers to water sports enthusiasts. Gran Canaria is known for its landscapes and terrain. It has been declared a UNESCO WORLD BIOSPHERE Reserve. The island is famous for it black lava and white sandy beaches. In the south side of the beach you can travel to Playa del Inglés and Puerto Rico and Puerto de Mogán and San Agustín. In the northern side Las Palmas, here you can find most of the cruise ships. 

Travelling Valencia – Spain

Valencia has full of attractions that arises tourists longing to experince. All in one place the city has a vibrant old center and plenty of medieval buildings. Valencia is ringt on the sea shore and you can lay on broad sandy beaches and tuck into delectable cuisine that draws on the sea. Valencia is famously know as the city of Arts and Scienes and it’s marvels attracts tourists from all over the world and makes Valencia a tourists dream destination.

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    Travelling Santiago – Spain

    Santiago is Capital city of Galicia region in Northwestern Spain. For traditional pilgrimage it is the final destination -Santiago de Compostela. Known as Camino de Santiago this pilgrimage is important to many Christians because of this belief that Santiago de Compostela is where James an apostle of Jesus Christ is buried. Today the city attracts thousands of visitors every year. The arriving point for most pilgrims is the main square Playa de Amadores.

    Travelling Toledo – Spain

    Toledo is in central Spain and served as Spain’s Capital till 16th Century. Often referred as city of three culture becasue for many century Jews, Christans and Muslims lived here. Toledo is populer among tourists because of its rich history of Art and Architetecture back from the Roman Empire. Best place to travel for people seeking both art and culture.

    Things to see : 1. Catedral de Toledo, 2. Casco Historico and Judaria, 3. Monasterio de San Juan de los Reyes, 4. Sinagoga del Tránsito, 5. Museo de Santa Cruz, 6. La Muralla (Town Wall), 7. Museo El Greco, 8. Santa María la Blanca, 9. Cristo de la Luz, 10. Alcázar, 11. Iglesia de San Ildefonso, 12. Puente de Alcántara: 13th-Century Moorish Bridge, 13. Masterpieces of Art at the Hospital de Tavera, 14. Castillo de San Servando, 15. Iglesia de Santiago del Arrabal.

    Travelling San Sebastian – Spain

    Capital of Gipuzkoa, San Sebastian remains a popular tourist destination. It is in North Spain off the coast of Bay of Biscay. The city is admired for its ravising beaches and culinary tradition. The whole town features many historic buildings reconstructed in the 19th century after the city was nearly destroyed during the Napoleonic Wars. San sebastian has best beaches of Europe. You can enjoy sunbathing and other water sports like swiming, kayaking and waterskiing. De la Concha is the most popular beach here.

    Top 10 Restaurants in Madrid

    Restaurant Madrid

    El Riojano

    Breakfast – For breakfast try this place called El Riojano, which was founded in 1855. It was founded by the pastry chef to the queen at the time. Esperanza is the owner. And this is truly the most delicious chocolate available in Madrid. In Spain you will find most of the chocolates are of powder based. But here, they melts down actual chocolate. You put it inside your mouth and it will melt like an ice cream. But not too sweet and it’s perfect to start the day.

    Carlos's Tortilla

    Spanish omelet. You will get this dish everywhere in Spain but few are good enough. And I’m gonna show you my favorite place in Madrid to eat this classic Spanish tapas. Carlos’s tortilla is best in Madrid and the key reason is he gets the consistency perfect. They are firm from outside but soft inside. It’s literally a dish that is so simple. It has so few ingredients. Onion, although some people don’t use onion. But mostly it is made from ingredients like salt, potato, olive oil, egg and onion.


    It is in the The San Miguel Market and its a tapas heaven. There has always been some good things and some bad things.
    If you know where to go, there’s some fantastic places here to eat and drink. Particularly the wine. The Mercado San Miguel is very much popular among locals and tourists. In Madrid people drink before lunch and before dinner. Vermouth has all these flavors of herbs and botanicals, served on ice with a slice of orange.

    El Anciano Rey De Los Vinos

    Very unique and classic Mardid taste is the dish is Bulls Tail Stew. This dish is famous all over Spain. It was invented in Cordoba in the south, but it is famous here in Madrid. Here at El Anciano Rey De Los Vinos they make it into a filo pastry.

    La Campana

    La Campna is famous for Calamari Sandwich though you will get it nearly every place in Spain. All the bars around the main square, serve them, but here in La Campana, it’s the best. You always get really fresh and crispy calamari sandwich at La Campana, it is perfectly soft.

    Casa Revuelta

    This is a bar where you will get good wine and lots of sea food like fried fish. They also serve other delicious food items. They place remains crowded most of the time so you can expect ot stand in a queue. If you love tapas and if that’s what you’re after as well, you can’t do better than Revuelta. Belly up to the bar and order the bacalao and order a glass of vermut and you’re gonna have a great time.

    Casa Toni

    Casa Toni: You will find this tapas bar at 14 Calle de la Cruz, Madrid, Spain. This is a really traditional tapas bar. Casa Toni serves Mediterranean, Spanish cuisines. You will get both Lunch, Dinner here.

    San Gines Chocolateria

    San Gines Chocolateria. They’re open 24 hours a day so you can always stop in and they have delicious churros. Bacalao is a tasty Cod dish, it’s hot, it’s juicy it’s very traditional and it’s awesome.

    Mercado de San Miguel

    If you’re looking for some place to go when you can try a variety of things we highly recommend Mercado de San Miguel. It’s perfect for the variety as well as the atmosphere and just the overall experience. You can go there for lunch or dinner or snacks, you could probably even get a breakfast there, it’s a great place for any meal. Check out Bahiana club. You will love the Argentinian chorizo. It feels really local and really authentic and it super fun.


    So if you’re visiting Palacio Real and you’re strolling around and just enjoying the day we highly recommend stopping by Zuccaru for a delicious Gelato. Pistacio flavour is a must try and our recommendation for you.

    Salmon Guru

    Give a visit to the quirky and cool Salmon Guru, which is rated as one of the world’s top bars. Their drinks are unique, they’re over the top, they’re totally delicious. From the moment you walk in the door the staffs are friendly, the environment is welcoming and vibrant.

    La Musa Latina

    Lastly for a mix of classic tapas, and tapas with a twist, don’t miss La Musa Latina. This place has a great bustling atmosphere and delicious dishes. were there were the Bombas. They are deep fried and filled this meat and so so tasty.

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