Top Enticing places to travel in Slovakia

Travelling Košice – Slovakia

A number of palatial homes, belonging formerly to the nobility, can be seen along the main street. Most of these are located along its roughly 800m long, spindle-shaped, main street – or in its immediate vicinity; they can be easily covered on foot. The city was enlisted as UNESCO World Heritage in 2002.

Things to see in Košice:

The Urban’s tower : The Urban’s tower, to the north of the cathedral, was built in the middle of the 16th century on the site of the Red Tower, which was also destroyed in the Great Fire of 1556.
St. Michael’s Chapel : St. Michael’s Chapel, dating from 1330-40, can be found to the south of the cathedral. The Gothic style burial chapel contains 17 tombstones. Parts of its interior feature original frescoes.
St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral : The city’s pre-eminent monument, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture, is its St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral. A church already existed on the site of the cathedral in the 13th century – however, it burnt down in 1378. It was in consequence of this that work on the cathedral was begun – eventually to be finished in 1521. It comprised a centre nave with two equally high side-aisles. In 1556 this new cathedral also burnt down – with only four altars surviving the fire. The present building is the result of renovations in the 19th century, plans for which were prepared by Imre Steindl, the designer of the Parliament House in Budapest.
The Levoča House : The Levoča House is Košice’s oldest, still standing bourgeois building. The house, which dates from the 15th century, was bought by the city of Levoča for the use of its merchants – hence its name.
The Franciscan Church : The Franciscan church was built at the end of the 14th century. Little remains of this originally Gothic church; its present baroque-Zopf style is the result of the 18th century alterations.

Few More Places to Explore in Košice

The National Theatre : The National Theatre, built at the end of the 19th century in the Eclectic style, replaced the former Town Hall.
Premonstratensian Church : The one-time Jesuit, now Premonstratensian church, was built during the last-third of the 17th century. The baroque building was acquired by the Premonstratensian Order in 1811.
Forgách House : The two-storey, Classicist style Forgách House was built at the end of the 18th century; it now serves as a library.
Dominican Church : The oldest ecclesiastical building in the city is the 13th century, early-Gothic, Dominican church. It was also damaged during the Great Fire and rebuilt in the baroque style in the 18th century.
Csáky-Dessewffy House : The baroque style Csáky-Dessewffy House was erected in the 19th century. The Barkóczy House, which was also baroque in style, was built in the 18th century.
Andrássy Palace : The ground-floor of the Andrássy Palace, built in 1899, which used to house the city’s most popular coffee-shop, now operates as a confectioner’s shop.

Travelling Bardejov – Slovakia

Main attraction of the town square is the 16th century Town Hall. Having a gothic foundation and elements of Italian Renaissance on the first floor. The oriel steps are marvellous. The historical centre of the town, with its 131 national cultural monuments, is enclosed by exceptionally well preserved city fortifications. The Town Hall has been included in UNESCO World Heritage in 2000.

Bardejov is also known for it’s spas. It’s only 4km from the city to Bardejov Spa. These Spas are famous for their healing prower of diseases related to metabolism and respiratory issues.

St Egidius Church situated in the northern part of the city. It was constructed in the 15th century, a Gothic structure with three naves. The church is famous for tis artistic works.

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    Travelling Bratislava – Slovakia

    “Michalská Veža” tower built in Gothic style is identity of the City. Main squire of the city is dominated by Gothic style arcitectures. “Devin Castle” is only 10km from the city and standing on a 80m high cliff. You can enjoy a panaromic view, the castle is a tourist hotspot. Don’t forget to enjoy the view of Moravia and Duna rivers near the castle. 

    The SNP or UFO Bridge is near Danube River and it’s the longes single pylon suspension bridge. You can see the Austrian border from top of the bridge. As the top of the pylon looks like a flying saucer it got named UFO bridge by the locals.

    St. Martin’s Cathedral is historically significant building and its near the UFO bridge. It has narrowly escaped the making way for the bridge.

    Bratislava Castle is on top of a hill and the hill is populated since Stone Age. You can take staircases to get on top of the Castle and you will get splendid view of the surroundings. The view of the castle, hill and sky in the background certainly going to make you amazed.

    Michael’s Gate is the only surviving gate out of four to the old city. Built in the 13th century the Gate attracts tourists for its beautiful structure.

    The church of St. Elizabeth of Hungary is the most known church in the city and second name is the Blue Church. The church is most sought after place among couples to get married. It can even take years to get a booking date.

    You shouldn’t miss the Slovak Radio building. The building is infamously known as one of the ugliest building in the world.

    Top Restaurants in Bratislava

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    Modrá Hviezda

    Near the Bratislava Castle the restaurant serves home-made beer. They are also famous for strudel with farm cheese and beetroot, try rabbit with red wine sauce.

    Flag Ship Restaurant

    If you are looking typical Sovak cuisine then this is the restaurant for you! It’s at the Golden Lane. The restaurant serves local dishes and they are tasty.

    Traja Mušketieri

    The Three Musketeers is best restaurant for traditional foods. You can enjoy grilled fish and seafood along with local dishes.

    Slovak Pub

    One of the biggest place to have food in Bratislava as this restaurant has 11 sections representing different time period of Slovakia.

    Reštaurácia Hrad

    Impressive food like roasted lamb, cheese dumplings and local dessert. The restaurant is just below Bratislava Castle giving a magnificent view of the old town.

    Top Nightclubs in Zurich

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    Malecón could also be a place worth visiting for a drink at Sq. Námestie Ľ. Štúra. Its right opposite of Danube. It has become a melting pot of people and cultures over the years.

    Greenwitch Cocktail Bar

    First and one of the foremost well-liked and trendy cocktail bar is on Zelena street. Throughout weekends the bar remains crowded by the locals to enjoy dringking and catching up with friends.


    One of the jam-pawncked bar during the weekends evenings. This cocktail bar is vastly popular amoung party goers.


    This building on Laurinska street is and devided into 2 components wherever inside the doorway half they serves cocktails to a cosmopolitan crowd.


    Trendy prime bar with reasonably cool cocktails (120 kinds) and additionally the good atmosphere, it is near the Michalska gate. Fashionable pieces of furniture from glass and animal skin is utterly lighted by ultraviolet that dominates interior. Discos from Thursday to Saturday remains open till early morning.