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Travelling Stockholm – Sweden

Stockholm Known for its splendidly designed architecture and modern art combined perfectly with the cobblestone streets of the old town. Stockholm offers something to everyone. This city has 14 Islands connected by more than 50 bridges which makes it one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Stockholm is a perfect blend of ancient history and tradition, gorgeous scenery, progressiveness and modern amenities. Even in the food, you can see the mixture of different centuries in the restaurants of Stockholm as they serve the traditional Swedish meal and also the modern Nordic food.
Djurgården, Skansen and Vasa Museum are the main attractions in Stockholm.

Travelling Gotland – Sweden

Surrounded totally by the Baltic Sea, Gotland is Sweden’s largest island. Gotland is a popular summer destination for Swedes. Visitors can get medieval experience in Visby, as this city is known for its historic architecture like medieval city ringwall, Cathedral and multiple medieval church ruins. If you visit in the month of August, you can participate in the medieval week, which is organised here. It includes numerous costume-wearing attendees along with lots of jousting and live music.

Travelling Gothenburg – Sweden

Gothenburg is the country’s second-largest city. Situated along the Göta Älv River, this city is known for its glamorous lifestyle. The awe-inspiring Archipelago is the most popular attraction for visitors all around the world. The city is very similar to Amsterdam considering the number of canals that dot the city. Liseberg Amusement Park, Gothenburg Museum of Art, Archipelago are the popular attractions in Gothenburg.

Travelling The Icehotel – Sweden

The Icehotel is an ultimate Arctic holiday. Located in the village of Jukkasjärvi, it features an ice bar and an ice church and completely fashioned out of ice and snow. Every single year, the hotel has to be rebuilt, it means even if you’ve stayed in the hotel before, the experience will be always new the next time. Every single room of the Icehotel is custom-designed, with no two the same. The tourists can also experience dog sledge safaris, snowshoe on Arctic trails.

Travelling Uppsala -Sweden

Since the 12th century, Uppsala is the religious center of Sweden. The largest Cathedral in Scandinavia is Uppsala Cathedral. The Uppsala University, which was founded in 1477, making it one of the oldest colleges in Scandinavia.
When you visit Uppsala, make sure to visit local cafes and have a conversation with locals. This is possibly the best ways to know about a place, its people, food culture and lifestyle.

Gothenburg at night

Sweden Gallery

    Travelling Ystad -Sweden

    Ystad is a coastal town in the southern part of Sweden. This town is the main attraction among sleuthes and murder mystery fans. Even the Famous Author Henning Mankell sets his many detective novels in Ystad and it’s nearby area.
    Ystad also has its own rich history consists of top class museums and art galleries, along with roughly 25 miles of sandy beaches and lovely rolling countryside at its doorstep.

    Travelling Malmo -Sweden

    Malmo is the third-largest city in Sweden and also the most diverse place in the country, famous for its arts and culture, plenty of beautiful parks, shops and museums. You will experience culture from all over the world in Malmo.
    Also, this multicultural city has almost 150 ethnicities and it is linked via Øresund Bridge to Denmark. The Turning Torso is a must-see “new” attraction. It is an architectural masterpiece that twists more than 600 feet into the sky, making it Sweden’s most talked-about building.

    Travelling Marstrand -Sweden

    Marstrand is a beautiful island city in Sweden, hosts the Annual Match Cup Sweden on the largest harbour. It is also often referred to as the “Sailing Metropolis of the West Coast” by majority of the population. This island will provide an excellent experience of Swedish glam nightlife, shopping experience and entertainment. The main attractions in Marstrand are Carlstens fortress ( Karlstens fästning), Lasse Maja, Archipelago.

    Travelling Marstrand -Sweden

    Kosterhavet National Park: Kosterhavet national park is Sweden’s first and only Marine National Park. The park consists of more than 6,000 species of marine life, it is home to several species that can’t be found only in Sweden.
    The coral reefs of Kosterhavet is very popular among snorkelers and divers, they get the first-hand experience of coral reefs here.

    Amazing Restaurants and Bars to check out in Sweden


    We are in Gothenburg Sweden second-largest city and we’re here to you guess that eat and drink at the best places in town. we’re going to KUKA a michelin-starred restaurant. Bar La Lune for natural wine then we’re gonna have some coffee best in town.

    Victor's Kappa

    In Sweden you have to go for a Fika which is why we’re here at Victor’s café the best coffee shop in Guttenberg and we’re going to try some Nordic coffee the best in the world as well as some some food. Victor’s Kappa it’s a pretty small coffee shop. They brew their cofee manually. Try cinnamon bun here, probably the biggest bun you have ever seen.


    At Gothenburg right on the Main Avenue – lots of bars and restaurants nearby. Perfect to walk everywhere in the city this is of course an Italian hotel my favourite Barabicu.

    Bar La Lune

    Check out Oscar Alvin’s new restaurant Bar La Lune it’s one of the hottest spots in Guttenberg right now and a haven for natural wine lovers.


    Grano means grain and Italian and it’s also the name of the restaurant right here. You can enjoy some crispy style of pizzas..

    Broderi Brogskog

    Try out Broderi Brogskog for best pastries, croissants in the city. Also try Sourdough toast, Ricotta and Cloudberry Jam and Caramelized Croissant. Don’t forget to have some Fennel & Rasberry Tart they are just amazing to taste.


    In the night waiting at Koka (kuka) the name means boiling or to boil. This is one of the very first sort of Nordic fine-dining restaurants. Koka is modern sweet restaurant they only use ingredients from the west of Sweden.

    Top 5 Restaurants in Stockholm

    Foods are almost same in all parts of Sweden, however, dont forget to have fish here. Most of the food items made of fish are awesome and is a must have item. Here are some good restaurants of Stockholm –

    Lilla Ego – Västmannagatan 69, 113 26 Stockholm, Sweden
    Famous for exceptional food, well behaved staff and obiviously wine!

    Adam/Albin – Rådmansgatan 16, 114 25 Stockholm, Sweden
    It is one of the best restaurant in the city.

    Oaxen Krog – Beckholmsvägen 26, 115 21 Stockholm, Sweden
    Wonderful food and wine available here.

    Frantzén – Klara Norra kyrkogata 26, 111 22 Stockholm, Sweden
    If you have time in hand check out the ingredients they use to cook, take a tour of kitchen and celler. Famous for its food and well behaved staffs.

    Mom’s Kitchen Nybrogatan – Nybrogatan 40, 114 40 Stockholm, Sweden
    As the name goes!! Expect some mouthwatering food here!