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15 Important Things To Know Before Travelling Seville

15 Important Things To Know Before Travelling Seville

Seville city is conventionally Andalusian, having best nightlife in southern Spain and lots of winding lanes. Travelling Seville is always a fun, however wherever we travel there are things we should about. Here is a list of facts worth knowing before travelling Seville.

  • Seville is the great holiday city of the south of Spain – the home of Don Juan, Carmen and Figaro, of orange blossom and jasmine and a blazing sun beating down on whitewashed houses and lush green patios.
  • Many Seville holidays are combined with trips to the other great Andalucian sights in the cities of Granada and Córdoba. All have a wealth of history and give a wonderful insight into the Spanish south.
  • A Seville holiday is infused with the intensity of Spanish life, with street festivals and an operatic tradition second to none. Seville is also home to world-famous traditions such as bullfighting and flamenco.
  • Most important three buildings in the city are the Cathedral, the Giralda Tower and the Alcázar. The city is completely enchanting and entertaining. Seville Cathedral is said to be the largest in the world – depending on how you measure cathedrals! Altarpiece of the Cathedral is surely most impressive in the world.
  • Built by the Moors once The Giralda Tower was the world’s tallest building in the Moorish period. Alcázar and its gardens that shaped the city are a brilliant blend of two cultures – Christian and Moor.
  • Seville, the fourth largest city in Spain, is now easier to reach than ever before, with many holidays to Spain to choose from and an excellent train service from Madrid.
  • A Seville holiday combines ancient and modern in great style. The Festival of the Americas in 1929 and the Expo of 1992 introduced new buildings, bridges and transport facilities. The modern new tram and metro system is also impressive, albeit only partly complete. For car hire in Seville, try Rhino Car Hire.
  • Like all popular tourist destinations, Seville is not without problems. Be aware of bag snatching and drug crime is common incident, though you may find them worse in both Madrid and Barcelona. Violent crime is not that concerning as it is not that common like many north European cities. It’s just too hot to be aggressive!

Travelling Seville, Spain

  • Whilst it has its modern side, Seville is still essentially a romantic old city. Be it enjoying tapas on a starry night open-air restaurant or on a flower-filled patio sipping chilled fino sherry, a horse carriage ride or strolling the Guadalquivir, travelling Seville is always unique.
  • A Seville holiday is well worth considering for a winter break, or in spring and autumn when temperatures are ideal. It is, however, Europe’s hottest city and Seville holidays in mid-summer may best be avoided for travelling Seville.
  • Seville Spain Weather What sort of weather will you be enjoying when you visit the destination of your choice? When is the best time to make your way to the city of Seville? Many tourists flock to the area during the spring season, as well as during the fall season. This is when the weather is warm, but not unpleasantly hot. During the month of May, you will be able to enjoy the most hours of daylight.
  • If you have planned a Trip to Seville during the summer season, you should expect to encounter a high temperature of 97 degrees, but the area has been known to deliver a few 37°C- days. You should also know that air conditioning is not that widespread throughout the area. Winter temperatures range between 7°C to 10°C . Winters are mild with some rain.
  • Seville Spain Transportation When you have arrived at the city of your choice, you should know that there are many different ways to travel throughout the area. All you have to do is inquire and in no time, you could be riding a city bus or scooting down a river on a gondola. In Seville, a tourist can travel by way of taxi, carriage, bicycle or bus. It is quite easy to walk to where you have to go, when visiting Seville, but there are plenty of buses that are willing to accommodate you for when you want to travel a bit farther than your feet would like to take you.
  • Most of the lines pass through the Plaza de la Encarnación, Plaza Nueva, as well as in front of the cathedral on Avenida de la Constitución. Bus service is available every day from 6am to 11:15pm. The price of riding the bus is 1€ ($1.20) for travel between any two points in Seville. For more information on bus travel, you should call 90-245-99-54.
  • A visitor can rent a bike while Touring Seville. Rentals can be found at Cyclotour (95-427-45-66). Two locations exist in Paseo de Colón s/n next to Torre del Oro, as well as at Avenida Hernán Cortez, Parque de María Luisa s/n. The cost of rentals are 10€ ($12) for 4 hours, 18€ ($22) for 8 hours, 20€ ($24) for 24 hours, and 50€ ($60) for one week. You should know that there is a deposit of 100€ ($120) that you must make before renting a bike. Taxi numbers to keep in mind include Tele Taxi (95-462-22-22) or Radio Taxi (95-458-00-00).

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Seville Museums – 6 Best Museums in Seville

Seville Museums – 6 Best Museums in Seville

Seville Museums

While visiting Seville it will be worth visiting Seville Museums or art gallery that is located within your chosen destination, you will be impressed with the cultural and historical gems which await you. Certainly you will be able to spend the day browsing through some of the most interesting and captivating displays when you enter some of the museums throughout the city of Seville.

There are many choices to consider while touring Seville Spain. You may want to check out the Archeological Museum of Seville, which offers three floors for you to wander about. Maybe you’d rather visit the Museo de Artes Populares where you will encounter art that was created for the 1929 Latin-American Expo. Seville has many museums that deserve a visit. Here we have a list of Best Seville Museums for you.

Best Museums in Seville Spain to Visit

Museo Arqueológico
Plaza de America
Seville, Spain
Entry Fee €2, Students, Retired, Disabled and Seville residents free.
Phone: +34 955 12 06 32 or visit website.
This museum allows visitors to explore the city’s roots to the mid-19th century. There are also many private collections that can be enjoyed at this location. When you reach this museum, you will be able to enjoy a stroll through three different floors. If you are into archaeology then this Museum set in a park will amaze you with its collection. Museo Arqueológico is one of the best Seville Museums that is popular among visitors.

Museo Militar Regional
Plaza de España
Seville, Spain
Entry Fee €6
Phone: +34 954 93 82 83 or visit website.
You will find this museum in the Plaza de España. There are many different rooms to explore at this site, which features antique steel weapons and firearms from Spain. If you are fond of firearms and mercenaries then this museum will surprise you with huge antique collection. If we are talking about Seville Museums then Museo Militar Regional is famous because of its antique collection of mercenaries.

Museo de Artes Populares
Plaza de America
Seville, Spain
Entry Fee €2, Free for EU Residents.
Phone: +34 955 54 29 51 or visit website.
This museum’s full name is Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares, which means Museum of Popular Art and Customs. Some of the items you will encounter here include tapestries, a potter‘s wheel, painted ceramics, as well as a tanner‘s workshop. Do not miss the basement part of the museum. Here you will find many lost parts of daily life preserved carefully that depicts old times. One of the most important Spain Museums for Art and Culture!

Museo Taurino
Paseo Cristóbal Colón, 12
Seville, Spain
Entry Fee €7, Students & Retired Entry Fee €3
Phone: +34 954 22 45 77 or visit website.
You will find this museum inside the Real Maestranza Bullring. Visitors can spend the day browsing about paintings, sculptures, as well as entertaining and interesting bullfighting costumes and apparel. It has section for Paintings, Printing from 18th and 19th centuries, Games Section and miscellaneous section. If you want to learn about Spanish Cultures then it is the right place in Seville. Museo Taurino is one of the most visited Seville Museums in Spain.

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo
Pabellón de los Descubrimientos
Seville, Spain
+34 955 03 70 70 or visit website.
When you reach this museum, you will be able to catch temporary expositions throughout an array of rooms of the Arenal. At Museo de Arte Contemporáneo you can see an abundance Spanish and international art from the late 70s to the present. If you love Contemporary Art definitely this is a must visit Museum in Seville.

Galería La Caja China (Seville Museums)
General Castaños, 30
Seville, Spain
Phone: +34 954 21 93 58 Visit website
Many exhibitions have passed through this Museums and you will like a visit to this place. If you have fallen in love with a piece of art that is on display within the gallery, you may purchase it for your own. If you wish you can book a guided tour or you can take a walk around and see things taking your own time.

Different Museums has different opening and closing times and also special show timings, hence, our suggestion will be please visit website or give a call to be confirmed.

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Seville Hotels Budget And Mid Range

Seville Hotels Budget And Mid Range

When you are interested in finding Seville Hotels for a pleasant stay in Seville, you should know that following signs for hotels can prove to be a rewarding result. Some tourist offices have tried to provide signposts for every hotel in the area. You will find these helpful hints on yellow and black signposts posted throughout the city.

While finding for an inexpensive choice of lodging, you should keep in mind that events that occur throughout Seville will cause hotel prices to rise. This can be found during the celebrations of Holy Week and the Seville Fair. Most of the hotels will often double their rates at this time.

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Best Seville Hotels – Budget hotels in Seville Spain

Silken Al Andalus Palace

Avda de la Palmera
Seville, Spain
Average Rate: $87
Contact no. +34 954 23 06 00 or Visit website.
This hotel can be found at the end of Avenida de la Palmera, offering easy access to Parque de María Luisa, as well as the Plaza de España. Other local attractions include the Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares (Art and Popular Customs Museum), as well as the Museo Arqueológico (Archeological Museum).

Virgen de los Reyes – Seville Budget Hotel

Luis Montoto, 129-131
Seville, Spain
Average Rate: $55
Contact no. +34 954 57 66 10 or visit website.
This establishment can be located within the commercial area of Nervion, which is next to the English Court. There is a snack bar and restaurant that can be found on the premises.

Catalonia Santa Justa – Seville Hotels

Jose Laguillo, 8
Seville, Spain
Average Rate: $100
Contact no. +34 954 41 11 11 or visit website.
This hotel is situated within the shopping center of the city. The Santa Justa railway station can be reached within minutes from the hotel. Rooms feature air-conditioning, satellite TV, as well as a direct-dial telephone.

Vertice Hotel – Budget Hotels Seville Spain

Avda Aeronautica
Seville, Spain
Average Rate: $76
Contact no. +34 954 47 58 47 or visit website.
There are 106 rooms to choose from at this hotel selection. Room amenities include air-conditioning, private bathroom, as well as Internet access and cable television.

Hotel América Sevilla – Seville Hotels

Jesus del Gran Poder, 2
Seville, Spain
Average Rate: $96
Contact no. +34 954 22 09 51 or visit website.
You will be located within the center of the city’s shopping district, when you choose to stay at this hotel. You will be positioned 10 minutes away from Isla Mágica Amusement Park.

Ibis Sevilla – Seville Budget Hotel

Calle Aviacion
Seville, Spain
Average Rate: $72
Contact no. +34 954 36 73 96 or visit website.
This hotel can be found within a suburb of Seville, about 5 kilometres from the center of the city. A bar lounge and restaurant is available for guests to enjoy.

Seville Hotels – Mid Range

When you are looking for a place to stay while touring Seville, you may want to stay at a moderately-priced hotel in order to have access to amenities and comfort that is not available at a cheaper choice of lodging. There are many options for you to choose from when you are ready to book a room.

A hotel that you may want to check out is Hotel Meliá Sevilla, which can be found on the outskirts of town, offering an 11-story choice of lodging. Many families enjoy a stay at this establishment which offers access to a pool, fitness center, as well as a squash court. Another selection is the Seville Hotel Fernando III, which can be found in the old Jewish quarter.

Las Casas de La Juderia – Seville Mid Range Hotel

Callejon dos Hermanas 7, Plaza Santa Maria la Blanca
Seville, Spain
Average Rate: $100
Contact no. +34 954 41 51 50 or visit website.
This hotel can be found in the historical area of the Santa Cruz quarter, which offers a delightful neighborhood to explore. Minutes away, you will encounter the Cathedral and the Giralda.

Hotel Becquer – Seville Budget Hotel

Reyes Catolicos 4
Seville, Spain
Average Rate: $110
Contact no. +34 954 22 89 00 or visit website.
This hotel is located in the historical center of the city, next to the Guadalquivir River. Area attractions include Reales Alcazares, Cathedral, as well as the Santa Cruz Quarter.

Melia Colon – Seville Hotels, Spain

Canalejas, 1
Seville, Spain
Average Rate: $150
Contact no. +34 954 50 55 99 or visit website.
This hotel was built by the same architects that created the Plaza de España. The hotel places you minute away from the Cathedral, the Giralda, as well as Isla Mágica Theme Park.

Hotel Macià Sevilla Kubb – Seville Mid Range Hotel

Plaza Carmen Benitez 3
Seville, Spain
Average Rate: $90
Contact no. +34 954 41 03 61 Visit website
When you choose to stay at this hotel, you will encounter a helpful multi-lingual staff, as well as have access to the onsite health club. Rooms offer air-conditioning, daily maid service and a mini-bar.

Don Paco Hotel – Seville Hotels, Spain

Pza Jeronimo de Cordoba, 4
Seville, Spain
Average Rate: $75
Contact no. +34 954 50 69 99 or visit website.
This hotel can be found in the center of the city, close to the Santa Catalina Church. Other area points of interest include the San Leandro Convent and Casa de Pilatos.

Hotel San Gil – Budget Hotels Seville

Parras 28, Seville
Seville, Spain
Average Rate: $90
Contact no. +34 954 90 68 11 or visit website.
Guests will have access to this hotel’s sundeck, rooftop swimming pool and library. They will enter rooms filled with beautiful furnishings, air-conditioning, satellite TV, as well as direct-dial phones.

While looking for a hotel to stay always remember hotel rates keep changing according to demands. Please go through booking sites for lowest price available.

Best Bars In Seville

Best Bars In Seville

If you are looking for something to get into when you are touring the nightlife selections of the city of Seville, you will not have to look long or far. There are plenty of opportunities to let loose and have some fun, when night has settled in. Some of the things you could choose to do is enjoy a bit of flamenco or enjoy a concert with a glass of wine in hand.

There are also plenty of dance clubs to explore. You will have to check local listings for clubs because many of them in Seville have short shelf lives. What may have been a vibrant, pumping joint to visit 6 months ago, may be something completely different when you arrive. There are cover charges to get in, which are at least 6€ ($7.20). We will guide you through some best bars in Seville so you can enjoy your nightlife here.

10 Best Bars In Seville

El Arenal
Calle Rodó 7
Seville, Spain
Phone: 95-421-64-92 , Visit Website for advance booking.
When you want to enjoy a night filled with the flamenco, you should come to this venue. There is a cover charge of 32€ ($38), including first drink. They also charge 61€ ($73) for a fixed-price dinner. Visit website for advance booking.

Calle Amor de Dios 31
Seville, Spain . Visit Website for timings and advance booking.
Women may be able to get their foot in the door, but this is really a men’s-only spot. This location keeps late hours until 4am. Cover charge and a drink will cost you $12.

La Bodega
Calle Alfalfa, 4
Seville, Spain
Phone: +34 954 22 73 62 , Visit Website for advance booking.
If you are looking for a nice, local place to stop in and have a cold beer or a glass of Andalusian wine, this is the place to go. There are also treats to eat at this joint, such as prawns, fried anchovies, as well as baked salmon.

Cano Y Cueto 5
Seville, Spain
Phone: +34 95-441-68-11 , Visit Website for advance booking.
You will find this spot located at the northern end of Murillo Gardens. When you enter this joint, you will encounter an air-conditioned bar and a reasonably priced restaurant. A drink with dinner will cost around $50.

Casa Morales
García de Vinuesa 11
Seville, Spain
Call Phone: +34 95-422-12-42 for advance booking.
This spot can be found near the cathedral and Avenida de la Constitución, where the location dates back to 1850. The drinks of choice at this joint is beer and wine. This spot is available from 8pm to midnight. This is one of the best restaurant cum bar in Seville with reasonable price and quality service.

C. Zaragoza 50, El Arenal
Seville, Spain
Phone: +34 95-422-4698
When you are in the mood for a delicious selection of aged wines, then you should make your way to this spot. You will also find a nice dining room in the back, serving delicious cuisine. Casablanca is popular for its quality food well behaved staffs and quick service.

Trinity Irish Pub
In Hotel Inglaterra, Plaza Nueva
Seville, Spain
Phone: +34 95-422-49-70
When you are in the mood for a bit of an Irish atmosphere, this is where you should end up for the night. The beer, cocktails and conversation are sure to make you feel warm and fuzzy.

Casino Bahía de Cádiz
N-IV, Km 649, Puerta de Santa María
Cádiz, Spain
Phone: +34 956-871042 , Visit Website here.
This casino tests your luck on the road between Jerez and Puerto de Santa María. This is where you will find the only casino located within this part of Andalusia. There is also a nice restaurant and disco on the premises.

Casa Moreno
7 Calle Gamazo
Contact +34954228315 or visit Website for advance booking.
Casa Moreno is an old bar, all the walls decorated with photos of famous personalities of Spain. Though it is a small bar you will enjoy the cozy atmosphere and delicious food. You will find lots of locals in this bar cum restaurant due to its quality food. Definitely Casa Moreno is one of the best bars in Seville.

Bar Europa
35 Calle Siete Revueltas
Contact number +34-95-4217908

Bar Europa is well decorated and suggested by locals. Serving tasty food, good collection of wine, prompt service, cool ambiance and reasonable price these are the things Bar Europa is famous for. While in Seville it will be worth to give a visit to this place.

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Seville Nightlife

Seville Nightlife

Seville has tons of nightlife to offer the city break visitor with a world-wide reputation both for its opera and for flamenco. Seville is the ultimate late-night holiday city – hardly surprising given the searing summer heat and the near necessity of taking a siesta. Here is a comprehensive guide for fully enjoying Seville Nightlife.

Enjoying Seville Night Life

In the evenings the city comes alive and the Seville bars are packed, often overflowing onto the streets. In Seville bars and cafes the tapas are consumed in quantity. In Seville people love Fino and Manzanilla sherry, beer is also very popular, most of the time they are served directly taking out from barrel. Bar staff certainly know what they’re doing – providing a swift and professional service in most Seville bars.

Similar to Sangria a drink made by mixing lemonade and red wine is very popular in Summer and it is called Tinto De Verano. Most places also serve tapas so you can eat while touring the Seville bars. Bars usually open from 6pm until 2am on weekdays and a couple of hours later at weekends, staying open until 4am. Partying in Seville tends to get under way around midnight. You will find a hot-spot of ope-air bars in both sides of the Guadalquivir river bank.

Seville Flamenco

Seville is the home of flamenco, but you should be careful while choosing a bar to have it. As Flamenco is very famous and popular among both locals and tourists some of them are imitations of original, you can always take advice from locals. Many of the advertised Seville flamenco shows are expensive, tacky and often use recorded music.

Favourite Seville flamenco hot-spots include Casa Anselma in Calle Pagé del Corro. It’s decorated with colourful local tiles and features both professional flamenco dancers and more spontaneous performances by the public, perhaps less accomplished but often great fun. Flamenco goes on well into the night and really gets going around 3am.

La Carbonera at Calle Levies is a converted coal yard and is a popular flamenco spot for both locals and visitors, always a good sign. It has two large bars and live flamenco from around 8pm until 4am.

Casa de la Memoria de l’Andalus, in Calle Ximinez de Encisco 28, has nightly flamenco shows in a patio setting while Los Gallos, at Plaza de Santa Cruz is also well regarded.

Barrio de Santa Cruz Bars and Cafes

The main areas to head for on a Seville holiday are around the Cathedral – several streets, such as Mateus Gagos, are packed with bars and small restaurants.

The P Flaherty Irish pub next to the Cathedral exit is always busy while Antiguedades is a big draw, although the skewered bread rolls hanging from the ceiling are an odd feature.

Try the popular Bar Giralda in Mateos Gago, in a converted Moorish bathhouse while the Casa Morales in García de Vinuesa serves sherry and wine from the barrel. La Sacrista on Calle Mateos Gago is also popular for its tapas.

Carbonería in Calle Leviés is also worth searching out. It’s Seville’s most famous bohemian bar and past visitors include Picasso and Peter Gabriel. There’s sometimes great flamenco and, on Thursday nights, capable young Seville musicians perform.

Seville Clubs

Seville is a very late-night city with partying starting between 2am and 4am. Be careful about dress code – always dress more smartly at weekends when casual wear can prevent you getting into many nightclubs.

Younger music fans will be drawn to La Sala Malandar in Calle Torneo, the most fashionable and sophisticated music nightclub venue in the city. Naima offers live jazz and is well worth a visit. Other popular nightclub venues include Weekend at Calle Del Torneo, with top-class live music and DJs; Aduana – a huge dance venue about a kilometre south of Maria Luisa park. There’s a lively nightclub scene in Triana – try La Otra Orilla with a terrace overlooking the river.

Triana Seville

Casa Cuesta across the river is a favourite destination for good food and wine. In summer, a wide choice of Seville riverside bars are also open. You’ll also find number of well known restaurants serving quality food on this side of the river. Try the intimate Ristorante Cosa Nostra – despite its name it’s a friendly spot serving good quality pizza and pasta. It’s in Calle del Betis 52.

Kiosco de las Flores at Calle del Betis is a long established Seville restaurant – it used to be a shack, but has been modernized and serves great fried fish.

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Best Places For Shopping In Seville

Best Places For Shopping In Seville

If you are in the mood for a bit of shopping, then you should head for this main shopping street. This is considered to be one of the more classier options for shopping in Seville. Seville’s shops are engaged in the classic battle between small, locally owned specialist stores and the mighty international and Spanish big brands.

Small craft shops sit alongside major Spanish shopping stores like El Cortes Inglés, Zara and Mango, not only in the narrow streets but also the small squares of the Barri Santa Cruz and El Arenal.

The main Seville shopping area manages to squeeze into attractive streets like Calle Sierpes and Calle Tetuan, both pedestrianized, although scooters still snake through the Seville shopping crowds.This is the best area to find clothing, while a large bookstore, La Casa del Libro on Calle Tetuan, sells what most UK visitors want, including guidebooks, literature and fiction in English. Look for the popular shoe shop Camper on Calle Tetuan.

Most of be big stores are on the Plaza De La Magdelena and Plaza Del Duque De La Victoria and that is in the northern end. Here holiday visitors will also find a rash of McDonald’s and Burger Kings, so any pretence at sophistication goes out of the window. For interesting shop of special kind like musical instruments, guitars, leather goods, kitchenware, fabrics and fine foods are near the Cathedral.

Shopping in Seville Departmental Stores

The major shopping store El Corte Inglés is spread over a number of buildings, each specializing in different departments. The store has just about everything – clothes, furniture, groceries, travel agents, jewellery, tobacco, leather, hardware, perfume, toiletries plus a barber, optician and a cafe.

In Seville City Center there are several other branches. At Plaza del Duque you will find clothing, tourist gifts, books, sports goods, groceries including gourmet foods (but pretty pricey), luggage, watches, jewellery, perfumes and toiletries.

If you are looking for camera, DVD or any computer related equipment then El Corte Inglés is best places, which is across the road. Out of the centre, in Nervión, another Cortes has everything under one roof in a shopping mall location.

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Shopping in Seville Streets

Seville has many open-air markets all around the city. Some of them operates daily in plazas and some has weekly or on Sundays. Beware of the street markets that are illegal selling items like leather, sunglasses, crafts etc. near Tetuan or Sierpes.

If you are looking for collectibles then Plaza del Cabildo is best places where you will get coins, stamps, antique watches and semi-precious stone and many more. This market is open on Sunday morning.

The Flea Market at Charco de la Pava is another Sunday morning Seville shopping attraction. It’s some way out of the center but has a wide range – including a lot of junk.

For art and paintings, try shopping in the Plaza del Museo market, also on Sunday mornings. It’s next to the Museum of Bellas Artes and has paintings and sketches by local artists.

Visit Calle Feria on Thursday morning for antiques. This market is Seville’s one of the oldest markets selling clothing, toys, paintings, coins, books, ceramics and many other antique items.

On the Plaza del Duque on Thursday, Friday and Saturday is the Seville “hippie market“. You can buy belts, shirts, leather goods, jewellery and some small works of art.

For buying crafts Plaza de la Magdalena is a good place. It’s more of an African atmosphere with leather bags, belts, and drums as well as jewellery. The market operates on Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

Shopping in Seville is always fun, the benefit of going for shopping in Seville is you can easily take a quick tour of the nearby places. If you are in Seville in Summer season try to avoid shopping in the afternoon because the temperature is quite high.

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