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The Republic of Slovakia is located in the center of Europe and is rich in nature, with picturesque medieval features. To the west is the Danube, and to the north is the Tatra Mountains , part of the Carpathians from Poland. Slovakia is full of magnificent nature and is also a resort for visitors from neighboring countries.

In summer you can enjoy hiking, cycling, climbing mountains and caving, and in winter you can enjoy winter sports such as skiing. In addition to the Tatra Mountains, the natural beauty of Slovakia, including five national parks, more than 100 glacier lakes, caves, ice cave and gorge listed as a World Heritage Site You will be fascinated by.

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Travelling Košice -Slovakia

Located in the eastern part of Slovakia, Košice (Hungarian: Kassa, German: Kaschau, Polish: Koszyce) is the second largest city in the country after Bratislava.

Serving as the residence of both the Catholic and the Lutheran bishops, Košice, with its monuments and museums, offers a full day’s program for visitors. The main tourist attractions of the city are the Košice Cathedral (St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral) and the St. Michal’s Chapel.

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Travelling Bardejov – Slovakia

The City is in the north-eastern side of Slovakia and from Presov around 35 kilometers north is famous for its heritage monuments.
St Egidius Church situated in the northern part of the city. It was constructed in the 15th century, a Gothic structure with three naves. The church is famous for tis artistic works.

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Travelling Bratislava – Slovakia

Bratislava, Capital of Slovakia is near to borders of Hungary and Austria. Apart from it secnic beauty Bratislaa is famous for fine beers and its historic attractions. Most of the beautifl Castles are around the city and can be visited by walking.


Explore The Hidden  Treasures of Slovakia

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Best Restaurants in Bratislava

Slovakia is famous for its traditional foods along with dishes from around the world. Here is a list of places where you can enjoy food while enjoying your tour.

Bar at Bratislava

Night out in Slovakia

Slovak people love to party. When you are in Slovakia you should try to check out the bars in the cities and take few sips of your favourite drink.

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