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Travelling Mazury – Poland

Mazury is primarily the Great Lakes, the water route extending from jail after Lake Nidzkie. In the season of life on the lake goes hard. The biggest Mazury lake – Maui – attracts windsurfers. Equally popular is the canoe trail Krutynia – one of the most beautiful country canoe routes in Poland. Rafting Krutynia best start in Sorkwity and finish in Ruciane-Nida, the way you will find a wealth of accommodation in the camping fields, in private homes and holiday resorts. Nature lovers will also attract Piska Forest.

For those who like to explore the will to Hawaii many fascinating places. In Szczytno you must visit the castle of the Teutonic Knights. In Wojnowo – one of the most beautiful villages Mazury – molenne, the temple of Old Believers. In Gierloza can see the remains of Hitler, and Mamerki – giant bunkers, which housed the headquarters of the German army command.

Travelling Krakow – Czestochowa Jura

The picturesque highlands with white rocks, castles Nests Trail and Caves – the Krakow-Czestochowa Jura attractions has no end. Paternal National Park attracts the picturesque Valley of Pradnik Renaissance castle in Pieskowa attracts history buffs and Short Cave is known for the legend of the spider, who saved the life of the Polish king.

Rocks in the Jura attract climbers from all Polish, and interesting terrain makes the area is great for cyclists. Horse lovers will find the Jura many beautiful horse trails.
Taking the Jura from Krakow to Czestochowa Eagles’ Nests Trail is probably the most famous hiking trail in Poland. It includes castles and castle ruins dating back to King Casimir the Great. The most famous castles that – in addition to Pieskowej Rocks – Ogrodzieniec, Mirow, Bobolice and Olsztyn.

Travelling Silesian Mines – Poland

Upper Silesia tourism is not associated, and few expect to find there interesting places. Wrongly. Underground Zabrze and attractions allow Tarnów Mountains read the very interesting history of mining. I provide a lot of emotions.

In Zabrze mine Guido can see how miners worked in the last two centuries. Walking takes place at two depths – 170 and 320 meters. Multimedia exhibition shows the work of men and horses in recent years, and mine are also organized performances and concerts.

In Antique Silver Mine in Tarnów Mountains reconstructed excavation of a few centuries, and part of the underground route traverses the boat. Waterway also explore the Black Trout Adit. 600-meter track is a fragment of nineteenth-century drainage tunnel. Boating flows from shaft to shaft New Year’s Eve, and the only way carbide lamps illuminate.

Travelling Roztocze – Poland

Famous are Roztoczanski noise, the rapids in the gorges of the rivers. The most beautiful noise are Tanew and Sopot. Both the Tanew, as well as reserve Czartowe field on the river Sopot noise are as high as 24 meters over a distance of 400! Attractions of the reserve that was not the end: you’ll find here also the ruins of an old mill and blacksmith shop, and many rare plants, including orchids.

The Roztoczu lie so picturesque towns of Zwierzyniec with a beautiful park and the baroque church of St.. John of Nepomuk, Szczebrzeszyn with several interesting monuments and sacred monument … Beetle Krasnobrod where the shrine, especially Zamosc, the pearl of Polish Renaissance.

Suwalki Landscape Park – Poland

The park having the deepest lake in Poland. On the banks of Hancza the remains of the Manor House can be found and its located in the wild forest. According to legends, Napoleon’s army, retreating before the Russian forces, sank in the lake Hancza with its treasure. In the nearby Smolniki film “Pan Tadeusz” was shot . The peculiarity of Suwalki National Park is Glazowisko Bachanowo, or meadow with thousands of boulders that have been here thousands of years ago transported by the glacier. You can also visit religious monuments: wooden church in Jeleniewo with rococo church equipping and Old Believers in Wodzilkach.

Suwalki Landscape Park can be enjoyed by taking a car ride inside, but the most interesting are cycling, allowing access to many lovely places.

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Travelling Biebrza – Poland

Biebrza River flows through wide valley, creating a wild backwaters.  It is the largest Polish swampy area and refuge for many birds (observed 271 species of birds here, including 180 breeding). Biebrza attracts ornithologists from all over Europe, but not only them. Rafting on the river will delight lovers of peace, wilderness and beautiful landscapes.

You can go for canyoning or rafting at Flisacka. Biebrza trend is lazy, flowing slowly and you can focus on observing nature. Biebrza – it meanders between the reeds, now it has formed a wide pools with views of the flowery meadows. There are both parogodzinne kayaking and multi-day, which usually begin in Sztabin or under a bridge in Dolistowo. Persistent canoeists compete at the road bridge on the route oak Bialystok – Leipzig, and ends at the mouth of the Biebrza River flow into the Narew. Along the way you can visit the fortress Osowiec, built in the late nineteenth century to defend the western borders of the Russian Empire. At the confluence of the specifics useful against mosquitoes.

Travelling Bialowieza Forest

Bialowieza Forest is a Biosphere Reserve, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bialowieza Forest is located in the Polish and Belarus, its total area is 150 thousand hectares. The grounds here are wild, and forests – mostly oak-lime-hornbeam – beautiful and secluded. Bialowieza oaks reminds the times of Wladyslaw Jagiello.  Polish rulers used to hunt here but now its prohibited. Strict protection covered only a small part of the Bialowieza Forest, which can be accessed only with a guide. Bialowieza Forest is natural habitat of around 300 bisons. These animals can be viewed in a demonstration Bison Reserve.
In the forest you will find many hiking trails that can be travelled by foot or bicycle. Lying in the heart of Bialowieza forest, it is the main tourist center, where the headquarters of the national park, numerous hotels and vacation cottages, places to eat and rent a bike are present. It is worth to visit the Museum of Nature and Forest, the chateau park, orthodox church. St. Nicholas with ceramic iconostasis and the open-air museum in the meadows by the river Narewka.

Travelling Tuchola -Poland

Tuchola is the largest forest area in Poland, but not limited to the forest, it makes a great place for a holiday. In the post-glacial hide picturesque lakes with irregular coastline and narrow and deep lakes and a beautiful place for hiking and biking trails. It is combined with excellent infrastructure that makes tourists come here willingly.

The most popular cities in the Tuchola Swieszyno and Swornegacie – nice town on the lakes. In the nearby you can visit the ruins Czluchow Teutonic castle, and in Chojnice old town with its medieval fortifications. For flow Tuchola Brda and Wda, both great for canoeing.

Travelling Spala – Poland

The Spala around were fashionable before World War II, today is a little underrated. It is one of the most attractive holiday destinations in central Poland. Spala is a great place for outdoor activities and holidays with children.

In The Woods Spala, famous from ancient royal hunting ground, there are many cycle routes. On two wheels, you can drive to Rzeczyca, where the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century, the parish priest was known diarist Jedrzej Kitowicz to Inowlodz, and admire the Romanesque church. Giles and Chernivtsi, where the wooden church, and on the way bunkers and reserve the Konewka of the 200-year-old forest. An interesting alternative is the canoe race. Rafting Pilica is not difficult, and older children should afford the deal.
The slept attraction of the region is the center of herds in Smardzowice, from districts to the center conducts an interesting trail tour. There is a reserve Blue Springs near Tomaszowa Mazowiecki. The name comes from the color of the water – the source of limestone leads in the ground and the water contains calcium carbonate, which makes the light reflects in a way that gives the impression of emerald water.

Amazing Night clubs in Warsaw – Poland


Pavilion is basically a little neighborhood of bars. All of these bars have different music and different themes. They’re situated in the city center between a huge fake palm tree and the old town once. You will find the route to this place you will find yourself in the middle of crowds of students and young people who are just enjoying their life chatting making new friends and having some drinks before the party. You can join all of this too.

Plac Zbawiciela

Plac Zbawiciela this is a perfect cozy place where you can enjoy drinking coffee on the terrace. Also it has some nice shops and restaurants and in general is just a nice place for young people to hang out. You will get many bars and night clubs here to party all night.

Plan B

Plan B – is at Plac Zbawiciela, the bar is famous for its beer and vodka. Most of the evenings are crowded by party hoping people. You are definitely going to love this place.

Panorama Sky Bar

On the 40th floor of Marriot this bar gives you a view of the entire city. You can enjoy best drinks of Warsaw here ranging from beers to all type of whisky and vodka. Though its Marriot the price for drinks are not sky high.


Situated on Krakowskie Przedmieście, this bar has both indoor and outdoor sitting arrangement. You not only can enjoy your drinks you can also see how vodka infusions happens.

Polish Foods to Taste

Krokiet is type of pancakes filled with either meat and vegetables or sauerkraut and mushrooms. Generally served warm with beetroor soup. Krokiet not only looks great, It is tasty too.

Pierogi: You will find pierogi of many varieties, like deep fried, backed or boiled in salty water. They are made from dough and filled with quark cheese and potatoes and sometimes winter vegetables. It is half circle in shape and tastes good. In Poland you will also find summer varieties of pierogi. They are made same way as the winter version of it. Ingredients are different though. In summer the use apricots, bilberries, cherries and apples as stuffing.
Kielbasa: Red bell pepper, yello bell pepper, vegetable oil and kielbasa sauce and potatoes these are the ingredients used to make Kielbasa. You can also use cauliflower. It takes around 25-30 minutes to prepare the food and they are tasty too.
Bigos: Bigos considered as national food of Poland by many! Though it doesn’t have a hard and fast recipe and number of varieties available generally sauerkraut is used as a main ingredient. Also cabbage, tomato paste, Kielbasa sausage, bacon sliced, bay leaf, cloves garlic minced, diced pork, diced onion are main ingredient. Salt and pepper as per taste.
Potato Pancakes: You will get potato pancakes all over Poland. Mainly potato pancake is a side dish on the platter and it goes well with almost every food. Potato, onion, garlic powder, black pepper, flour and vegetable oil are used to make potato pancakes.