Top 10 Places to Travel in Poland

An attractive holiday destination in Poland is not just the sea and the mountains. You can spend your holidays on the Lakes, Rivers, Forests, Castles and exploring the city. Here are some ideas for interesting holiday in Poland.

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Travelling Mazury – Poland

Lakes, forests, rivers, canals, landmarks. Canoe routes and cruises. Quiet and beautiful places and events in towns – in Hawaii, everyone can find what he likes. It is no wonder that our Polish land of lakes is appreciated not only by the Poles.

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Travelling Roztocze – Poland

Roztocze are not very tall band of green hills between Krasnik and Lviv. Place where the cultures where nature is beautiful and rich history.

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Suwalki Landscape Park

Lying in the north of Polish post-glacial terrain Suwalki National Park reminds … top. The undulating terrain, beautiful, crystal-clear lakes and boulders captivate the curious tourists who happened to get lost in Suwalki. The highest elevation Suwalki National Park – resembling a cone volcano Mount Cisowa, called suwalska Fujiyama – is 256 m above sea level Slightly lower the Castle Hill, where you can see Yotvingians defensive stronghold.

Explore More Beautiful Places of Poland

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Best Polish Dishes to Taste

Potato ! Polish dishes are most of the time prepared of vegetables and meat, but in ninety percent of the dishes you will get potato inside it. Polish people makes food that are generally very time consuming but they are mouth-watering. Lets see five most loved food in Poland by locals and tourists.

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Night out at  Warsaw

Beer and Vodka that is most favourite among people in Poland. See a list of Bars and Night Clubs in Warsaw, Poland.

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