Travelling Most Beautiful Places in Italy

Travelling Rome – Italy

In the eternal city, where everyday life is dolce vita.

After all Rome has played host to the absolute most significant crossroads in history. Start with one of the city’s most celebrated compositional images – the Colosseum and envision life as a Gladiator. Walk just a couple of seconds to arrive at the Roman Forum the first focal point of everyday life. And a scene for occasions like polls, parades and retail stores. If you’re looking for good luck, keep some changes handy. At Trevi Fountain throw 1 euro in the shining water and make a wish to God. On a sunny day you can step on the shadowy pantheon. It is old Rome’s best landmark. Without a visit to Rome’s jewel The Vatican City tour of Italy remains incomplete. See the famous Papal Basilica of Saint Peter probably the biggest holy places in the whole world. You will love The Basilica’s encapsulates plushness and loftiness. Observe the interior and the massive and beautiful Dome. Take a walk in and around St. Peter’s Square and surely get yourself inside Sistine Chapel and witness Michelangelo’s most famous painted roof, you are going to be awestruck.

Travelling Venice – Italy

You will find lots of canals with colorful gondolas carrying tourists. In peaks season most of the time you will find very less cars on the streets. Discover the city’s own distinct flavor walking along the streets or rekindle your romantic side riding a gondola in the evening with your loved one. To become acquainted with the city better stop by notable destinations like Sant Mark’s Basilica or Dodger Royal Residence and find for you what settles on Venice a top attraction for each tourist’s list.

Travelling Florence – Italy

In the evening get ready to see Giotto’s Frescoes, Michelangelo’s David and unique works from the distinct Leonardo Da Vinci. In any case, Florence isn’t just about its past has been upgraded to fit it’s sprited culture to the cutting edge age world-class cafés, a stunning nightlife and an amazing contemporary craftsmanship. Keep yourself invigorated all through your encounter with chilled glasses of Aperol Spritz.

Travelling Pompeii – Italy

Pompeii is just three hour drive from Rome. The once flourishing and enlightened city renowned for falling prey to the ejection of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. Despite the fact that it may not appear as though in excess of a conventional archeological site, Pompeii is particularly amazing for how well safeguarded its remnants are. Having been covered under meters of Ash and pumice in the outcome of the volcanic ejection. Today travelers can tour the city and find out mostly unharmed structures curios and skeletons that stay as a token of life in the antiquated world all in half of a day. On the way to Sorrento Peninsula  you can stop for a meal. Give a visit to Mozzarella farm, here you can see how the world famous cheese’s prepared. Learn the art of making something so amazing out of ordinary ingredients combination.

Travelling Capri Island -Italy

After you finished your meal, go along the coast and take a boat to the Capri Island, it’s in the Bay of Naples. Capri is famous for its sturdy yet undeniably quaint scenery. Mainly Capri is a resort town and is popular among locals as well as people from all over the world. Capri’s resort culture is as old as the time of the Roman Republic.

From Capri take a boat to the evocatively lit The Blue Grotto a seemingly magical cave embellished by turquoise blue waters. Get to the town by funicular rail and discover its narrow lanes. Get yourself ready to take a stroll in the gardens of Augustus or you can go for shopping spree in the local boutique markets. 

Gothenburg at night

Sweden Gallery

    Travelling Amalfi – Italy

    At last we reached at the Amalfi Coast. Fifty kilometers of dazzling coastline pastel fishing suburb area and interesting sea shores waiting to welcome you. Stop to appreciate a sight on the terraced places of the craftsman’s heaven of Positano sticking to the cliffs. Before venturing out to the focal point of the town where you can shop at the neighborhood boutiques. Visit the Arab style gardens Ruffolo Palace. Once inside the Grand Amalfi Cathedral the view will make your heart skip a beat or tow. The exterior of the church building is coordinated according to its interior which includes a sensational boxed roof, Egyptian granite columns and enormous Crosses built from wood and mother of pearl. Subsequently proceed with your tour of the coast by walking and to stop only for viewing the marvelous beauties around.

    Travelling Orvieto -Italy

    After completing Amalfi cost we are heading towards core of Italy for a day to enjoy view of the heart of Umbria city.  Roosted on a stone precipice, Orvieto dates right to the Middle Ages and furnishes voyagers with a medieval encounter. The town itself overlook vineyard secured fields making for splendid vistas improved distinctly by traveling inside the city. Appreciate the lavishly beautified exterior of the church building in Piazza del Duomo and complete your visit by relishly enjoying the beauty of the city. You can learn with hands on experience how to make Italian pizza or pasta and know the food culture here. It will be a definitive gift of your time in Orvieto.

    Travelling Umbria – Italy

    From Orvieto it will take little time to reach Umbria often said Italy’s green corridor. Here you can visit Assisi and Perugia. Continue your journey into the heart of Umbria. This region often mentioned as the green corridor of Italy. Visit Assisi and Perugia here. St. Francis’s birthplace Assisi is famous so is Perugia for its decorated wall all around and the Priori Palace. You can go for small visit to the Weaving workshops where you can see the essence of ancient loom weaving process still alive. Do not forget to visit Basilica of Saint Francis in Perugia, this is a remarkable place bearing memories of old times.

    Travelling Chianty – Italy

    It is nearly 160km to reach Chianti from Umbria and it will take around three hours journey. Chianti deep in the heart of Tuscany is famous for it well known wine. Here we can enjoy distinctive charms of Siena. Siena is characterized by its medieval bricks structures and a fourteenth century Tower by the name of Torre del Mangia. The towers construction completed in 1348 and it’s in Piazza del Campo. Move to the top of the tower to appreciate amazing views of the city and its encompassing wineries. In the streets around you will get finest gelato shops of the country those are the best desserts in Italy.

    Travelling Italian Riviera

    Acouple of hours from Florence dwells the hundreds of years old shoreline towns of Cinque Terre. A rough part of coast along the Italian Riviera which means five Towns. You could go through many days watching beauty of these five towns of the area. And the encompassing rocks with the astounding Cinque Terre National Park. In every one of the five towns vivid houses and vineyards stick to soak porches. Harbors are loaded up with angling pontoons and Trattorias.

    Top 5 Restaurants in Rome

    Hostaria al Gladiatore

    This is an eatery which serves true Roman food with increasingly expanding menu of dishes. It includes a lunch menu with the typical specialties, for example, carbonara and different sorts of pizzas. It is the perfect decision for a candlelit evening, particularly in the late spring, when numerous tables are set outside. Hostaria al Gladiatore offers a magnificent scene of the Colosseum.

    La Taverna dei Quaranta

    Its environment is discussed all through the capital, and it will leave a noteworthy imprint on your vacation in Rome. With the high-vaulted roofs and the checked table fabrics, La Taverna dei Quaranta furnishes guests with a truly Roman feel which traces of a former time. This, truth be told, is a bar, with all its realness, quality foods and permanently inviting appeal.

    Trattoria Luzzi

    This eatery can turn out to be occupied at times of heavy traffic, so it may be a smart thought to reserve a spot in advance. Ambience of the restaurant is good and one of the best place to have Roman fine dining experience. What stands out apart is the wood-stove pizzas and the various sorts of pasta that are served every day. Additionally, the costs are truly reasonable and the staff is warm and inviting.

    Enoteca Corsi

    This is a family restaurant. You can have lunch here, true traditional Roman food available throughout the week. If you wish to have dinner here then its only Thursday and Friday they serve dinner.

    Spaghetteria L’archetto

    Spaghetteria L’archetto is incredible, in case you’re in search for simply great Roman cuisine. It’s a little, basic eatery that is incredible for lunch or supper. They are acclaimed for their several sorts of pasta of every single distinctive kind. It’s a good place to attempt any particular kind of pasta.

    Travelling Modena – Italy

    We have already travelled a lot covering most of the famous places of Italy. But Modena is unique for a different reason. If you haven’t heard the name Modena I am sure you know Ferrari. Mernello is the home to Ferrari Museum, here you can see the most astonishing cars ever produced by Ferrari depicting Enzo Ferrari’s story. Now we will start for Verona, on the way take a break at Parma. It’s one hour journey from Modena, Here you can taste the Parmesan cheese that’s kind of well known.

    Top 5 Nightclubs in Venice

    Bacaro Jazz

    Situated in the core of Venice, only a couple of steps from the well known Rialto Bridge. Beautiful interior and cordial staff is certainly going to make you comfortable. Bacaro Jazz’s party time is ordinarily somewhere in the range of 4pm and 7pm, where visitors can appreciate brilliant mixed drinks with phenomenal jazz music. It additionally has a wide determination of brews elite wine of Italy.

    Palazzina G

    The entrance has been changed into an effective mix of hall, lounge, bar. The bar is as well as a restaurant also. The Bar welcomes guests and walk-ins to blend and appreciate one of the barkeeps’ special drinks. During cocktail hour, Palazzina G’s expert barkeeps make everything from martinis to drinks with smooth and costly vodkas. The bar likewise has rooftop sitting arrangement giving you a view of Venice’s night sky.


    Vitae is a well known bar with present day structure that is situated in a little side road in Rialto. The bar draws in both local people and vacationers. They serve incredible choice of beverages including from beer to wine and vodka to gin. Locals pay a visit to this bar at the day end because of its diverse blend of music and delightful environment alongside drinks. The bar remains open until long past 12 am and as a rule. There is a dance floor you can join.

    Vino Vino

    Vino Vino is a vino bar very close to the Venice Opera House. It gives a casual setting to the local people as well as travelers. Along with drinks you will get Tapas and seafood available. Apart from food and drinks you will get to know the local gondoliers and stories of the city. Vino Vino is a good place to meet and making local friends.

    L'Ombra del Leone

    It is a phenomenal aperitivo bar and café, found right on Canale Grande. It is an incredible option in contrast to the expensive lavish inn bars that are present along the canal. The bar can be found on the ground floor of Ca’ Guistinian, a gothic palazzo that is utilized as central station for the association liable for the Venice Film Festival just as Art and Architecture Biennales. L’Ombra del Leone’s inside is planned in a cutting edge style. In any case, the bar’s open air seating, at the renowned Canale Grande, is another feature of L’Ombra del Leone.

    Travelling Verona – Italy

    In Verona – you will step in to the ancient Roman flavor. Here you can enjoy attractive places like Piazza Bra, Centro Storcio, Verona Arena, Piazza del Erbe and obiviously one and only Juliet’s House. Soak into your memories of the great work by Shakespeare’s legendary tragedy. With a heavy heart we will start for a new destination or bid adieu to Italy.