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6 Best Places to Visit in Switzerland

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Switzerland is a glorious country, which will impress you greatly ! The magnificence of Alps, calm and cozy little towns, picturesque landscapes, crystal clear lakes, etc. all will take you on a virtual ride of heaven. Cities of Switzerland are memorable too being closely related to the world history. Here is the list of best places to visit in Switzerland if you have short vacation plan.

Travelling Geneva – Switzerland

Geneva has numerous attractive tourist spots other than these that constitute a long-list. It possesses everything from beautiful pictorial parks to elegant sculptures and therefore, every tourist falls in love with this place even in their first visit. Moreover, this city has been regarded as the “peace capital” of Switzerland. While moving around you will experience fabulous transportation facilities at every step.

Jet d’Eau: This is the famous water fountain known to pump water 130m into the air and usually gives a spectacular view at night.

Palais des Nations: Earlier it houses the League of Nations and now is an interesting palace for the tourists because of its historical importance. The elegant assembly hall as well the gallery of art, etc. are popular among tourists.

Lake Geneva: The city is situated in the west side of this lake. Tourist specially prefers this for water-sports like sailing and yachting.

Eaux–Vives Mansion: This is the restaurant with historical significance launched around 1900, and formerly known as the Plonjon Mansion.

La Rosarie: It means Rose Garden and is beautifully formed with many excellent sculptures.

The Reformation Museum: Situated in the famous Maison Mallet, this museum signifies the relation between Geneva and the reformation movement. It consists of a number of rare pieces of books, ancient manuscripts, engravings as well paintings that will surely satisfy the history lover tourists. The Maison Mallet is itself a tourist attraction being related to 18th century.

Zurich – Switzerland

Cultural traditions of Zurich are very rich. There are many interesting museums and galleries, theaters to visit. Do not forget to explore lovely and beautiful parks. In the old town, you will find the most famous places of  Zurich. Not only the monuments and buildings, but also the disposition of the city is worth your attention.

Zurich is a very picturesque city, and it has many things to show you. The old town with its medieval past will remain in your memory for long. Explore this city fully and you will feel its unique spirit, which hopefully will make you return to Zurich once again!

Zurich river Kyak

Places to explore in Zurich

Swiss National Museum: This museum looks impressive; built with medieval Gothic elements. It is full of valuable exhibits, which reflects the rich culture and history of Switzerland.

Grossmünster: This cathedral is very famous and old. Long time ago in this beautiful as well Romanesque church, Ulrich Zwingli has begun the protestant reformation. Note to yourself to climb the tower, in order to see the breathtaking view of the city!

Augustinergasse: It is one of the oldest and the most beautiful streets of this city. Most of the houses (though they changed a little of course) were built in the Middle Ages and can be seen still with oriel windows and with walls painted in nice colours. Take a walk through this picturesque street and remind the old lovely times.

Rietberg Museum: If you are a fan of the arts, come and visit it; you will be fascinated! Collections from countries from all over the world (Japan, China, India, Nigeria, Cameroon, Angola and others) are preserved in this museum.

Zoological Garden of Zurich: Visiting Zoo is always a great idea! Zurich has a modern zoological garden which has become home for many exotic animals from many countries. You will love it!

Fraumünster: This church is very old and built in Romanesque-Gothic style. The five Chagall glass-stained windows will capture your attention the most. Every window has its own lovely colour, name and story. Other beautiful things are frescoes of this church.

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Lugano – Switzerland

In Lugano, you will find lovely Mediterranean-style old town, museums, green blooming parks with sub-tropical plants and amazing landscape. The atmosphere of this city will slow you down and make you enjoy the moment ! Many streets are pedestrian-only; it is really great to explore the city on foot. Elegant historical buildings, churches, squares and arcades are precious adornments of the old town.

Places to explore in Lugano

Monte San Salvatore: Get in the funicular and go up 912 meters to see the wonderful panorama of Lugano! I guarantee, you will remember this splendid beauty for long.

Parco Civico Ciani: Blooming botanical garden, with century old magnificent trees and fragrant flowers; located by the Lake Lugano. Feel the beauty of nature and enjoy your every walk in this exquisite park.

San Lorenzo Cathedral: Built in a Renaissance style with lovely frescoes this cathedral will add even more memorable moments of a beautiful city.

Hesse Museum of Montagnola: Little and cozy museum for the Hermann Hesse, who was the writer and son of Ticino. Visit it and have a great time.

Santa Maria Degli Angioli Church : Romanesque style church, built during the 16th century reveals all its beauty inside the building. It was divided into two parts – one for people and the other one for priests. Unique frescoes are beautiful embellishments and captivating.

The Cantonal Museum of Natural History: You may also visit it and find out the natural heritage of Ticino. You will be able to explore wonderfully made environmental reconstructions, also animals and plants, rocks, fossils, minerals and many more interesting things.

The Alprose Chocolate Museum: You just cannot miss it if you love chocolate! Rich documentation and wide variety of exhibits tell the old sweet story of chocolate and make this museum really exceptional.

Monte Tamaro: This place is very popular among tourists and offers you an unforgettable view to the mountains. Do not forget to visit it!

There even greater places to visit in Lugano, like The Tassino Park, Piazza Riforma, Zoo al Maglio, Swissminiatur, Monte Brè, St. Lawrence Church and others. It is a good idea to do the shopping via Nassa and Pessina streets. Enjoy the opportunities that the Lugano Lake offers for you and have a great time. Lugano is always waiting for you to come back!

Swiss Alps

The Swiss Alps are the highest and biggest mountains in the whole Europe, spread over the Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, Liechtenstein and Slovenia. It covers 220,000 square km area. Length is about 1200 km and width ranges from 150 km from 250 km. They are mainly divided into two parts – Eastern and Western Alps. The north side of the mountains is drained by the Inn river, Rhine and Rhone. South side is drained by Po river. The highest summits are always covered with snow and ice.

Best Places to Visit in Switzerland

The highest peak of Swiss Alps is Monte Rosa (4634 m); the others are Dom (4545 m) and Matterhorn (4478 m). High in the mountains there are popular ski resorts like St. Moritz, Zermatt, Davos, Grindelwald and others. Tourists love to come here and enjoy winter sports. There are also special train lines, like Golden pass line and others, which goes through the mountains, valleys, forests, little villages and lakes, opens the true beauty of Switzerland and the Alps. In almost all the resorts there is an opportunity to go up in the mountains by the funicular and see this magnificence closer. Usually there are many interesting activities to try and places to see in the Switzerland resorts. Mountains are used in the best way in order to attract tourists from all around the world.

Montreux – Switzerland

In Switzerland, by the Lake Geneva, surrounded by the breathtaking Alps, lies a town called Montreux. The beauty of this resort town has always attracted people from all over the world.

Montreux Weather

Climate in this resort town is very mild, Mediterranean-type and thus cypresses, pines and palms, etc. grows here. You will find many lovely parks adorned with colourful flowers and sculptures. There are plenty of shops, restaurants, cafes and hotels by the coastline which is beautifully planted with palm trees. Cultural life is very active in Montreux. Jazz festival; various concerts are arranged often.

If you want to relax, wide variety of spas, beauty salons are at your service. Not so far from Montreux, there are two nice skiing resorts; you may visit them during winter. In summer, Lake Geneva is great for cruises, bathing and water sports.

Places to visit in Montreux

Château de Chillon: Near the shore, on the rocky island stands this charming castle. It was built in 10th century. Before centuries, it was a prison; nowadays, Château de Chillon is a museum.

Rochers-de-Naye: You may take a hike and reach the peak of this mountain in 2 or 3 hours. Believe me, the breathtaking view which opens from there is worth your efforts.

Golden Pass Line: This railway line is the most beautiful in the whole country. Lakes and valleys, mountains and cities will open in front of you. You will be amazed!

The Alimentarium Food Museum: The museum explores all the aspects of nutrition, cooking, food and does this in a very unique, interesting and exciting way. Exhibits of the museum depict food of the future, present and the past.

Flower Festival: If you will have a chance to be in Montreux during May, take a part in colourful, blooming and fragrant Flower Festival. It is only one day festival, so do not miss it.

Old Town Museum : It was established for tourists who are interested in Montreux history and development. Visit the old town museum and find it all out.

Jazz Festival: In July, this festival takes two weeks. Not only jazz, but also blues, soul, African, Brazilian music is performed during the festival. Singers and musicians plays and sings non-stop all day and night!

Montreux is a resort town where you can have an unforgettable holiday. Have fun and come back next year! 

Interlaken – Switzerland

Between the Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, surrounded by the three magnificent mountains – Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, lies a unique and famous resort town of Switzerland – Interlaken. This town has become well-known for its beauty in 19th century and its popularity is still growing. Even Johann Wolfgang Goethe and Felix Mendelssohn liked to travel here, in the mountains. Interlaken is one of the best places to visit in Switzerland.

Montblanc Lake

In the northern part of the resort town, you will find many cafes, restaurant, hotels, casinos, shops, etc. There is a big, blooming park in the south, from where the charming view to Jungfrau mountain opens. Also, Interlaken is a great starting-point for various excursions and hikes. In such a way, you can explore this unique part of the land and have an adventure !

If you do not want to go on foot so far, get in the train which will take you up in the mountains. It will take you to the Europe`s highest station, in Jungfrau mountain. There is also a skiing resort, Grindelwald. You may visit it during winter, as it is really not so far from Interlaken.

Interlaken Attractions

Schynige Platte near Wilderswil: It is a mountain railway line, which connects Wilderswil and fragrant gardens of wildflowers in Schyringe Platte. During the journey, you will be able to admire the impressive landscape of this land consists of lakes, mountains, forests and rivers that will open their beauty in front of your eyes.

St. Beatus Caves: If you are a fan of caves, untouched nature and its beauty, this activity is really for you. One kilometer journey offers you an impressive view of halls, stalagmites, stalactites and waterfalls. This exciting experience will be hard to forget!

Jungfrau Tourism Museum in Unterseen: The museum tells a 200 years old story about the Interlaken region, its experience, being a famous resort. The development of travel is presented in a very entertaining and interesting manner.

Harder Kulm: It will take about ten minutes to take you to the top and both lakes, towns, everything will be visible. This fabulous view will remain in your mind for long. Also, there is a wild animal park near the station, try visiting it too.

There are many more places to visit and things to do in Interlaken. Jungfraujoch and Schilthorn, Heimwehfluh are just a few of them. Have a nice time in Interlaken!

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