Top 10 Budget Hotels In Stockholm

Top 10 Budget Hotels In Stockholm

Stockholm Hotel – The city of Stockholm is home to numerous hotels and weekly rental apartments that can be rented anywhere from one night to several weeks. No matter how long you plan on staying in the city you’re bound to be able to find a location you love, and a price that fits your budget. Here we have listed 10 budget hotels in Stockholm.

A good number of Stockholm Hotels are located in historic buildings that are hundreds of years old, which can give your stay a little historic Swedish charm. With the number of hotels available, especially downtown, it should be easy for you to find a hotel near places you plan on visiting. Prices will vary depending on what month you choose to make you visit, and how many people you are travelling with. Special discounted rates are usually available for those travelling with children, often offering a rollaway bed at a less expensive rate than an additional adult price.

Stockholm Hotels will usually come equipped with beds and linens as well as a telephone, and television. The nicer the hotel you stay at the more additional features you room may have. For instance some hotels offer a spa or mini bar in their nicer suites. If you plan on staying a week you may want to get a hotel room with a kitchen, having a kitchen will enable you to cook in your room and save money going out for every meal. Different hotels will usually have several different room choices, one nice suite with lots of extras, and then a more affordable room option with a few less frills. Contact the individual hotel for details on what options they personally offer. Here are a few hotels at different price ranges to try:

Our list of Best Budget Hotels in Stockholm

1. Generator Stockholm
Torsgatan 10, 111 23
Hotel Gererator offering all modern amenities and a cosy night stay with free Wi-Fi, a cafe & a cocktail bar. The hotel is in the center of Norrmalm and Vasastaden. Certainly Hotel Generator is one of the best budget hotels in Stockholm.
Rates from 42USD for two person per night Call +46 8 505 323 70 for booking or visit website.

Best Budget Hotels in Stockholm

2. Globe Hotel
Arena 7, Stockholm
Adjacent to the Globe arena
Rates starting at 80 USD per person per night, breakfast is complimentary. The hotel is just 7 minutes walk from metro station and near to Ericsson Globe hockey arena. You can park your car free here. The rooms are equipped with flat-screen TV, free WiFi and mini fridge. Call +46 8 686 63 00 for reservation.

3. Nordic Light Hotel
Vasaplan, Stockholm
Next to the central railway, central airport, and close to Casino Cosmopol. The Hotel is just 1 km from Stockholm Palace.
Rates start at 190 USD for two person per night. Call +46 8 505 632 00 or visit website for booking.

4. Lady Hamilton Hotel
Storkyrkobrinken 5, Stockholm
Housed in a 500 year old building, the building is of 1470s. The hotel is just near to Storkyrkan cathedral. Breakfast is complimentary along with free WiFi and kitchen facility like coffee maker and mini fridge in the room. This is another recommended best budget hotel in Stockholm.
Rates from 150 USD per person per night, call +46 8 506 401 00 for booking.

5. Kungsgatan Rica Hotel Stockholm
Kungsgatan 47, Stockholm
Hotel located within walking distance of theaters and public transport. Free amenities like TV, Fridge and WiFi available
Rates from 150 USD for two person per night.

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6. Scandic Forestra Hotel, Stockholm-Lingo
Herserudsvagan 22, Stockholm-Lingo
On the edge of town, a train takes guests to the subway station. Next to Millesgården museum, Forestra is operating from 1910 and good place to stay in Stockholm.
Rates from 100 USD for two person per night. Visit website for booking.

7. Forenom Aparthotel Stockholm Kista
Torshamnsgatan 32, 164 40, Stockholm-Kista
A 20 minutes subway ride from downtown and just 10 minutes from Helenelund train station
Rates from 60 USD for two person per night. For booking call +46 8 120 743 00.

8. Prince Philip Hotel
Oxholmsgrand 2, Kungens Kurra, Stockholm
Motor Inn.
Rates from 90 USD per night and it depends on season. Children friend hotel, having facilities of free parking and free breakfast. Pets are allowed. It will take 10 minutes by car from Stockholm city center. Call +46 8-680-2500 for booking or visit website.

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9. First Hotel Kungsbron
Just two minutes from Stockholm Central Station. All rooms are well furnished with Scandinavian wooden furniture. Breakfast is free with other amenities like free WiFi and Tv. Check-in time is 15:00 hrs and Check-out time is 12:00 hrs. Visit website for advance booking. Room starts from 60 USD. Visit website for booking or call +46 8 654 28 00. This hotel is considered to be one of the best budget hotels in Stockholm comparing to its price and amenities offered.

10. Unique Hotel
Kammakargatan 62, 111 24
This cozy hotel is having wide range to choose from according to your choice like single room, double room and suite. IF you are travelling with a group then Unique has good offerings to cater your need. Unique Hotel serves free breakfast and WiFi with Flat screen Tv in each room. Call +46 8 796 96 00 or visit website for booking. Rooms starts from 50 USD.

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12 Best Places To Visit In Sweden

12 Best Places To Visit In Sweden

Sweden is full of beautiful places and it is a long list for anyone travelling Sweden. Here is a list of 12 best places to visit in Sweden that should not be missed while visiting Sweden! We have here enlisted 12 best places to visit in Sweden to experience the places in a better way.

Here is our list of 12 Best places to visit in Sweden

Gamla Stan

The island of Gamla Stan, the Old Town is the original Stockholm, founded in the mid-thirteenth century. Gamla Stan retains a medieval feel with its latticework of cobbled streets and charming gabled houses; it is the perfect place to wander around, browsing in the little shops and stopping for a coffee at one of the many cafés that line the streets. Stockholm Cathedral is located in Gamla Stan as well as several interesting, historic buildings including the Nobel Museum and the Baroque Royal Palace.

Stortorget, is encircled by merchants houses which are of eighteenth centuries and they are very eyecatchingly colourful. The square was famously the site of the Stockholm Bloodbath, when the Danish king Christian II massacred Swedish Noblemen; this event led to civil war, the dissolution of the Kalmar Union and the election of King Gustav, the first in the Gustavian line of Swedish kings.

Thielska Galleriet

This intimate and charming museum (formally the home of the art collector founder) comprises a wonderful collection of top-class Nordic art of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The museum includes work by Scandinavian painters such as Edvard Munch, Carl Larsson and Anders Zorn as well as French artists such as Toulouse-Lautrec and Auguste Rodin.

The museum’s setting by the water in the middle of Djurgården (formally the King’s hunting ground) is enchanting and the garden includes a number of sculptures including Rodin’s Shadow. Visit Website for opening and closing time.

Skokloster Castle

Built by the wealthy, spendthrift aristocrat Carl Gustaf Wrangel to a design by Nicodemus Tessin the Elder between 1654 and 1676, Skokloster located on the edge of Lake Mälaren between Stockholm and Uppsala, is a truly spectacular Baroque castle.

Sotckholm Sweden

The interior of the castle and its contents are exceptionally well-preserved and have been little altered since the building’s hey-day in the seventeenth century. The castle has a fantastic collection of furniture, paintings, textiles and silver and glassware. Wrangel was a wealthy cultural enthusiast who collected in the manner of a continental prince; his extensive weapon collection is housed in the castle armoury and the varied books and maps that he bought still remain in a beautiful wooden library located at the top of the building. Skokloster is one of the Europe’s finest Baroque castles and arguably the most beautifully preserved (partially because of the cold Uppland climate). It is a stunning monument to a time when Sweden was one of the most powerful countries in the continent. Visit website for opening and closing timing.

Uppsala University

On the banks of Fyrisån River, Uppasala is the oldest university town in Sweden. Uppasala is also ecclesiastical centre of Sweden, it is the the seat of the archbishop of Sweden’s Church. The city’s cathedral has a spectacular Gothic interior. The eighteenth century house and gardens of one of Uppsala University’s most famous alumni, the botanist Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778) are a treat to behold.

The internationally-acclaimed film director, Ingmar Bergman was born in Uppsala and the city was a key inspiration for many of his films including Wild Strawberries. Several scenes from Fanny and Alexander and Good Intentions were shot in the the city.

Prince Eugens Waldemarsudde – Stockholm

King Oscar II and Queen Sophia’s son Prince Eugen had lived in Waldemarsudde and it was his home (1865-1947). Prince Eugen was one of the foremost Scandinavian landscape painters in the late nineteenth century and was an important artistic patron and art collector.
Waldemarsudde in the beautiful parkland setting of Djurgården (formally the King’s hunting grounds, overlooks the inlet of Stockholm harbour. The house contains a strong collection of Scandinavian late nineteenth and early twentieth century paintings and sculptures and the garden contains several sculptures by French and Swedish artists, amongst them Auguste Rodin and Carl Milles. Contact +46 8 545 837 00, Website.

Linnaeus Garden

Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778), the great Swedish botanist and zoologist, was commonly called the Father of Taxonomy. He laid the foundation for binomial nomenclature, the formal system of naming, ranking and classifying organisms that is still in wide use today.

The Linnaeus Garden was the first botanical garden in Sweden, originally laid out in 1655 of Olof Rudbeck the elder, professor of medicine at Uppsala University. The garden has been arranged as Linnaeus planned in 1745. Nearly 1300 types of plants which are believed to be cultivated by Linnaeus are grown here today. The Garden is best complement of his writings and drawings. It is also be possible to visit the Linnaeus museum, situated within the gardens, which was Carl Linnaeus’s home for 35 years. Contact +46 18 471 28 38.

Rosendal Slott

Gamla Stan Sweden

A visit to Rosendal Slott, one of the Royal residences, includes a private tour by a palace expert. It was here that King Karl XIV Johan (the first of the Swedish Bernadotte kings and Napoleon I’s former general, Jean Baptiste Bernadotte) lived together with his beautiful but rather difficult wife Désirée. The house is beautifully preserved and contains some magnificent late eighteenth century interiors. The story of Désirée’s life was made famous in the 1954 film Désirée starring Marlon Brando and Jean Simmons.

Stockholm City Hall

Built in the ‘National Romantic‘ style, the red brick Stadshuset (the town hall) located on the island of Kungsholmen. In 1923, 23rd June this building was inaugurated after 400 years of Gustav Vasa’s Stockholm arrival. The Nobel prize banquet is held here every year in the expansive Blue Hall. The Golden Hall is decorated with mosaics made from over 18 million tiles, depicting the history of Stockholm.

Stadshuset is the Municipal Council for the city of Stockholm and to all intents and purposes ‘the Houses of Parliament’ of Sweden; the offices of city council members and politicians are located in the building and parliamentary debates are held here. Contact +46 8 508 290 00.

Drottningholm Palace

Drottningholm Palace

Inside magnificient gardens the summer palace of Sweden is situated. A boat trip towards Lake Malaren from Stockholm will take you to Drottningholm. The Palace opened in 1699, you can see Monteverdi’s L’incoronazione di Poppa or Handel’s Ariodante (Handel in June and Monteverdi in August) in the magnificent Drottningholm Theatre, which came to life during the time of Gustaf III (whose murder inspired Verdi to write Un Ballo i Maschera).

Now a UNESCO world heritage site, the stunning theater still uses the original eighteenth century stage sets and mechanisms. Seeing an opera here is an experience of a lifetime. Contact +46 8 402 62 80.

Pelikan Restaurant

Pelikan is located on Södermalm, the young and lively South island. The restaurant was established in the seventeenth century as a pub for local workers and seamen, it has since moved location to an atmospheric Art Deco building. The restaurant serves excellent home-cooked Swedish food and is always buzzing with its many regulars ranging from actors and writers to politicians and advertising executives.

Top quality husmanskost, home made Swidish meatballs, lingonberries and traditional food like mashed potatoes with fried Baltic herring available at Pelikan. Also fresh vegetable with Västerbotten cheese pie and ice cream sauce is famous here. Contact +46 8 556 090 90 or visit website.

National Gallery

Founded in 1792, the National Gallery of Sweden includes a strong collection of Scandinavian painting and sculpture from the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries as well as significant French eighteenth century paintings, Dutch Old Masters and decorative arts from the fourteenth century to the present day.

Highlights of the painting collection include the great Swedish eighteenth century portraitist, Alexander Roslin’s Lady with a Fan, Anders Zorn’s Midsummer Dance and a Rembrandt Self Portrait. The museum also contains an impressive representation of Scandinavian design through the ages.

The museum contains a magnificent staircase decorated with frescoes by Carl Larsson celebrating historic Swedish events such as Gustav Vasa’s entry to Stockholm in 1523. Visit website for opening and closing timings.

Stockholm Archipelago

Best places to visit in Sweden

Nothing beats a boat trip out onto the Stockholm Archipelago with a glass of champagne in the sunshine! The Stockholm Archipelago is unique in the world with close to 30,000 islands; many of the bigger islands have active communities and others while some of the small ones have only trees, seals and birds as their inhabitants.

One can glide peacefully along the still water, passing picturesque unspoilt islands adorned with fir and birch trees and smattered with picture-perfect red-painted wooden houses and hardly glimpse a person. Spectacularly beautiful, the Archipelago is a must on any visit to Stockholm.

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Best Ski Resort in Sweden

Best Ski Resort in Sweden

Sweden has some Ski Resort in the World. Auray is one of the best Ski Resort in Sweden to enjoy skiing along with other winter sports.

Åre Mountain Ski Resort

Åre (often sounds as Auray). Altitude difference: 539 – 1429 m
Trails: 98 km, of which 10 km for beginners, 38 km simple, 39 km intermediate, 5 km difficult
Ski season: December – May, Stockholm – 656 km
The nearest Airport is Ostersund – 80 km, The nearest train station is Ore – 0 km, Duved – 8 km Trondheim / Norway – 180 km.
Lifts: 1 gondola, 1 funicular, 1 cab, 6 chairlifts, 31 towbars
Trails: green – 10, blue – 38, red – 39, black – 5. In total – 98.
Maximum lifting height: 1274 m

Åre, the largest ski resort in Sweden, can easily compete with well-known European ski centers in terms of a variety of pistes, technical equipment and infrastructure. The first ski station in Auray opened in 1880. And since then, from year to year, not only Swedes, Norwegians, Danes come to this resort, but also Germans, Czechs, and British. In recent seasons, Åre has been discovered by our skiers. They liked the long beautiful slopes, where there is no crowding and plenty of space for bends. They appreciated the European level of service, including the preparation of slopes for snow groomers, track lighting, snow deposition, a bus transfer between hotels and ski lifts, the presence of tow-bars and tracks for children and beginners. In Auray, equally good opportunities for skiing, both mountain and flat skiing.

Facilities Available

Best Ski Resort In Sweden

In 2007, the World Ski Championships (The World Championships of Alpin skiing 2007) was held in Auray. Because of this Grand Event all the resorts have been renovated and many new hotels opened. In the new season, the capacity of the stations increased due to the commissioning of two modern chairlifts in the center of Are (4- and 6-seater). Åre is good because no matter where you settle, you will always be near the ski lifts and ski slopes, and all the entertainment will be at your fingertips. No matter which village you live in, you can ski throughout the entire Auray complex. In the afternoon, you can grab a bite to eat at one of 19 very nice eateries around the slopes.

The Åre ski resort consists of five villages: Åre Bue, Duved, Tegfiel, Åre Björnen and Edsosdalen. All of them are interconnected by bus routes. Buses run on schedule. The total length of the resort of Auray is about 20 km. In the central village of Åre-Bu, you can find a tourist information service (in the building of the railway station), shops, supermarkets, bars, restaurants, banks and ATMs, a Systembolaget store, night clubs, an Internet cafe, equipment rental, a ski school, and companies organizing safari on deer, dogs, snowmobiles.

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Best Time to Visit Åre Ski Resort

From December 20 to April 6, one of the ski lifts is switched on four days a week from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. helping skier to enjoy wonderful night skiing. Children under 7 years old ride for free if they have a helmet. Ticket for lifts for beginners: 300 SEK per day (valid only for certain lifts in the villages of Åre Björnen and Duved). The lift ticket is valid only with the personal signature of the skier. Buying one ticket is sufficient as it is valid for all Auray lifts. A single ski-pass also valid for free ski bus ride between hotels to ski lifts for the entire day.

You can join After Ski party that starts in some hotels and restaurants from 16.30. It is a kind of get-together where you can enjoy music, drinks, dancing and if you wish join the chorus singing.

The prices for drinks during these hours are lower than usual. By the way, the Swedes say that the apres-ski tradition, which now exists in all ski resorts, went from here. In windy weather, the highest descent point is 826 m above sea level.

Ski Equipment’s

Ski equipment rental points (Skidakarna), as well as repair and maintenance workshops, are located next to the hotels and the largest ski lifts; 19 cafes and bars are arranged on the slopes, as well as specially equipped places (Warming huts) where you can eat food brought with you. Ski equipment rental shops are located in sports stores. If you want to buy skis, a snowboard or boots, you can take the corresponding model for trial driving for a day or several hours. By the way, equipment can be borrowed at one rental point, and leased at another.

For Beginners

For beginners, skiing schools are organized and the services of individual instructors are offered. For aces there are great opportunities for skiing in the virgin lands (Ski Safari). From the upper point of the Cabinban cable car to the top of the Oreskutan mountain, skiers are lifted by a “snow cat” – a snowmobile uses a cable to transport several people at the same time up the slope. Shipping cost about $ 10.

Route plans and bus schedules are provided free of charge at the information center located in the lobby of the Cabinbanan cable car or at the hotel.

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7 Most Amazing Places For Honeymoon In Switzerland

7 Most Amazing Places For Honeymoon In Switzerland

Certainly Switzerland is Heaven on Earth. Millions of tourists visit Switzerland every year to enjoy the thrilling natural beauty. Going for Honeymoon in Switzerland is also very popular among couples. Here is a guide for 7 most amazing places to go for Honeymoon in Switzerland.


It will take only 40 minutes to reach Lucerne from Zurich. Surrounded by mountains Rigi, Pilatus and Stanserhorn Lucerne is often mentioned as fairy tale city of Switzerland for its beauty. Lucerne is one of the best place for newly-wedded couples for honeymoon. Lucrene is easily accessible from every corner of Switzerland. Let’s see what are the things to do here.

Romantic Things To Do In Lucerne

Chapel Bridge – Take a stroll on the Chapel Bridge. Original Chapel Bridge was constructed in 1333, the new one is constructed in 1994 after the original one got destroyed by fire. The Bridge is decorated with beautiful paintings and you are going to love a walk here.

Lake Lucerne – After completing Chapel Bridge let’s see the astonishing Lake. Encompassed by the Swiss Alps the lake gives a panoramic view of the picturesque city. Take a boat ride in the lake, the memory of the ride will remain long time with you.

Musegg Wall – located in the old town the wall is open for public. It is amazing to see the 600 years old wall still standing with its historic value. You can see the four towers here which are open for public –Schirmer, Zyt, Wacht, and Männli. You will get an aerial view of the city and the mountains in the background.

St. Leodegar Church is another icon of Lucerne, constructed in the 17th century. Detailed architecture and designs makes it a must visit place for every tourist.

Mount Pilatus – take a gondola ride to Fräkmüntegg and also a cable car ride through vast greenery to Mount Pilatus.

Mount Rigi – Known as the Queen of the mountains in Switzerland. Mount Rigi offers best Sunrise view in Switzerland.

Swiss Museum of Transport – Each and everything about transportation! Past, present and future of transportation is present in the museum. Certainly do not miss a  visit to this museum if you love.

Photography tour – Lucerne is a paradise for photographers. If you want to keep your honeymoon alive on photos also then go for this tour. You will click some beautiful picture of the main attractions and at the same time you can see most attractive places of the city.

Restaurants Near Lake Lucerne

Lucrene has nearly 400 restaurants to have food from. Here are few restaurants referred by locals –

Restaurant Geissmatt – This restaurant services European, Mediterranean and Italian foods. Good ambiance, tasty foods with pocket friendly pricing. Contact +41 41 361 13 13 for details.

Valentino – Valentino offers vegan friendly menu along with Italian & European dishes. You can also have pizza here. Lunch and dinner is available here, call +41 41 410 31 93 for more details.

Bellini Locanda Ticinese – This restaurant also offers good vegan and gluten free food options. You will get Local dishes along with Italian and Europians cusines. Well behaved staffs and tasty foods are their noticeable things. Contact +41 41 228 90 50.

Kanchi – Kanchi offers a wide range of Indian cuisines. Neat and clean place, good food and caring staffs. The restaurant is located near to Lucrene lake. Contact -+41 41 410 67 08.

Mirch Masala – is situated just 0.4km away from Lucerne lake. Here you will find fine dining experience with real Indian flavor of foods. Contact +41 41 410 63 08 for advance booking.

Zermatt – Switzerland

Zermatt, the very best ski motel in whole Europe boasts three hundred days of light in a year. As the ski regions are positioned at a height of 2000 meters, there is no scarcity of snow even at some stage in Spring. If you’re seeking out something different apart from skiing, then you may also choose sledging. If these adventures do no longer appeal to you, then pass for iciness wandering.


It is referred for most scenic views within Switzerland and you cannot miss this romantic place. Whether you’re searching for an adrenaline rush or just relaxation, this place permits you to take pleasure in its glory with clean snow and unparalleled memories. Certainly one of the most excellent Romantic locations in Switzerland to visit.

Romantic things to do in Zermatt:

– See Matterhorn
– Explore Gornergrat
– Matterhorn glacier paradise – Take a cable car ride
– Visit Matterhorn Museum
– There are five lakes where you can take a romantic walk holding hands in hands!
– Go for Skiing & Snowboarding

Best Places to have food:

  • Chez Vrony -
  • Le Chalet -+41 27 967 13 80 for booking. Le Chalet serves Italian Food.
  • Bergrestaurant Blatten AG -reservation at +41 27 967 20 96. View from the restaurant and food served are the best.

How to reach – You will take train to Zermatt as it is a car free zone.

Ticino – Switzerland

Ticino is a hidden gem inside the Swiss Alps. Certainly you are going to be amazed by the views of the surroundings of Ticino. It is a perfect place for newly-wedded couples to get more romantic. The blue water, heavenly looking mountains and the atmosphere will help you to know each other in more ways that you can imagine.

Romantic things to do –

Take a walk across Verzasca valley
Go for bungee jumping at Salvatica Dam
Visit the exotic Bellinzona Castle
Go to Monte San Giorgio – you are going to love this UNESCO heritage site
Dont miss Brissago Islands and its breathtaking views

Restaurants near Ticino

Grotto du Rii – You will get most authentic Italian food here.
Osteria Ticino – Contact +41 91 791 35 81 call for booking
Ristorante Locanda Orico – opens at 11 am and closing hours varies call +41 91 825 15 18 to confirm.
Antico Grotto Ticino – Not much veggie options but foods are good and reasonable price. Call +41 91 646 77 97


Lausanne – Switzerland

One of the most Romantic locations in Switzerland is the old city of Lausanne. The International Olympic Committee headquarters and Olympic Park is here. Lausanne is going to bring out the artist in you. If you two are looking for a city with a mountain view and with lots of things like arts, museums, lakes then Lausanne is the best destination for you.

7 Most Amazing Places For Honeymoon In Switzerland

Romantic Things to do in Lausanne

Lac Léman –known as lake Geneva. Apart from the beauty of the lake gorgeous villages and palm tress are going to make it a memorable tour for you. Take a ferry ride to enjoy more.

Olympic Museum – if you like sports then you are going  to love this museum. Here you can see everything related to Olympic from the very begining of the Olympic events. Visit website for more details.

Château d’Ouchy and Promenade – in 1923 the treaty between Greece and Turkey was signed here. At promenade lake side is nearly one kilometer long and a nice place for a romantic evening walk.

Cathedral of Our Lady – is a must visit place in Lausanne for its Architecture value. You are certainly going to love this place.

Collection de l’Art Brut – works of more than 1000 artists can be found here. A definite visit place with your beau. See website for more information.

Place de la Palud – you will find people sitting and having a chat here. Lausanne oldest fountain is here at the Place de la Plaud. Don’t miss the clock above here you can see scenes form the history shown between 9am to 7pm.

 Sauvabelin Tower – Take a 360 degree of the beautiful city from above the tower. Also do not miss Musée de l’Élysée – the photography museum and Musee des Beaux Arts – the fine arts museum.

Where to Eat

  • Eat Me Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge Lausanne, +41 21 311 76 59
  • La Table d’Edgard – Call +41 21 331 32 15 for advance booking
  • Vieux-Lausanne – this restaurants opens at 6pm, best place to have dinner. Call +41 21 323 53 90.
  • Restaurant Italien Ulivo – +41 21 544 66 82, best place to have seafood and Italian pasta.


Grindelwald – Switzerland

This valley town has a perfect setting for a wonderful honeymoon. Snow covered surroundings, the mountains, cable car ride – everything is waiting to give you a surprise!

Romantic Things to do in Grindelwald

Take a cable car ride to reach Grindelwald-First, you can ski or sledge here in winter. If it is summer go for hiking.
Go for adventures like Canyon rope swing, it will be once in a lifetime experience.
Feeling hihg! Go for Paragliding.
From Grindelwald-First hike up to Bachalpsee and go for a Cliff Walk by Tissot. It is one of a kind experience.

Where to Eat and Stay in Grindelwald

Restaurant Bellevue-Pinte +41 33 853 12 34, its nearly 8 minutes walk from Grindelwald station. Alpine-style colourful residential hote and restaurant. Food is awesome. For stay book room in advance.

Alte Post –You can have lunch or dinner here, call to book +41 33 853 42 43. This restaurant closes at 11pm.

Restaurant Glacier -call +41 33 853 10 04 for booking a table in advance. Spectacular view, caring and friendly staff and fantastic food as well. What else we could ask for!

Boutique Hotel Glacier -for a stay book thorough this website , Restaurant Glacier is inside this property. You have restaurant on the terrace, bar and a lounge with breathtaking view.

Golden India – Love Indian food! Golden India is the best place here to have mouthwatering North Indian Food. Give a call to +41 33 853 55 55 if you have an query.

Memory – Call +41 33 854 31 31 and book your place! This restaurant has a constant flow of people coming too have tasty food.

Basel – Switzerland

On the bank of River Rhine, Basel is one of the best honeymoon destinations of our recommendation. Strange blend of history and modern life is a pleasant surprise here. Mesmerizing views, art museums, cobblestoned streets and the romantic weather!


Romantic Things to do in Basel

Old Town Center – is a well maintained place and one of Europe’s oldest Town Center.

Visit Münster – is a sandstone cathedral and one of the prides of Basel.

Rhine – Take a boat ride with your loved one in the evening or as you wish best time for you. Basler Personenschifffahrt offers an hour harbour tour and that is going to show you major things of the town from water.

Local wine – Do not forget to get inside a cozy local wine serving place and taste local wine of your choice.

Foundation Beyeler – Most respected and most visited art gallery in Basel. Definitely you are going to love this place. Buy a ticket online in advance to avoid long queue at the counter.

Germany – From Basel take a tour of 24 Stops Rehberger Weg – a Swatch project with Tobias Rehberger. This is a cross border project along 6km path reaches up to Vitra Design Museum in Germany. You can walk this entire way or take a Basel Card it gives you free entry and bus journey.

Brewery – There are many brewery and pubs in Basel. You can visit Feldschlösschen and its around 10km from Basel. Here you can see how wines and beers are made. Monday to Friday it is open and guided tour is available.

Chocolate Tasting Tour – Isn’t it unbeliveable? Yes Xocotour Suisse conducts a Chocolate Tasting Tour! It is a walking tour of nearly two hours. You will be covering some traditional chocolate shops and at a chocolate factory where you can learn the process of making delicious chocolates!

Where to Eat in Basel

Sapori Del Sud – a small cozy restaurant serving delicious food. Be early or call +41 79 257 84 76 to confirm. The restaurant often gets crowded early.

Artigiano Café – For reservation or order visit website. This restaurant serves best pizza in Basel. You can have few drinks of your wish.

Za Zaa – Best family restaurant in Basel. Za Zaa is known for the friendly staff and best Lebanese food in the town. Visit website or call +41 61 501 80 44 for advance booking.

Trattoria aroma – A true traditional Italian restaurant. Not a very big place but the food here is awesome and the staff behaviour is good. Make a reservation at their website .

Indian Tandoori Palace – After all you are on honeymoon! Don’t care about the calories. Indian Tandoori is going to give you a life time experience of taste. Visit website or call +41 61 261 42 62 for advance booking.

Interlaken – Switzerland

You are on honeymoon and you are not visiting Interlaken is unimaginable. The most beautiful resort town in Switzerland. The valley town is enclosed in Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. The emerald color water, the snow smeared surroundings, dense forest, and glaciers what else needed to entice you love-stricken couple!


Romantic Thing to do in Interlaken

Ignite your romanticism, Ride the Funicular and reach top of Harder Kulm. Views during the ride is going to mesmerize you.

Jungfraujoch – From Interlaken you can also take a funicular to Jungfraujoch. The journey will take around 2 hours and on a sunny day you can experience mystical blue mountains and glaciers.

Funky Chocolate Club – Have you heard about chocolate club! Get inside the apron and start making chocolate yourself! Making a chocolate for your loved one is something worth it while you are on honeymoon!

Interlaken Casino – Visit this century old casino surrounded by smoggy mountain and enjoy few drinks here.

Lake Thun – Nearly 14km from Interlaken this lake is 560m high and 48.3 square km. Take a boat tour of the lake it is amazing. Also you can visit Lake Brienz it is the most beautiful lake in Switzerland.

Hoheweg – walk along the main street. There are plenty of shops selling memorabilia, Swiss watches and many other things. It will be perfect to buy something for you spouse! In winter you can enjoy ice skating here. Do not forget to buy some souvenir for people back home.

Best Restaurants in Interlaken

Goldener Anker – Food, drinks and live bands. Quantity of food is good, comparatively low price that Swiss standard. The staffs are fluent English speaker, contact no. +41 33 822 16 72.

Little Thai – Love Thai food? This is the best restaurant to have Thai food in Interlaken. Though the place is small but the foods are awesome. Call +41 33 821 10 17 for any query.

Delhi House Restaurant – Once inside the restaurant you will feel Indian warmth. The restaurant has a wide range of Indian food on their menu and you are going to love the food here. Call +41 79 486 38 61 for any question you have in mind.

Migros Restaurant – This is a cafeteria style restaurant in a shopping center. Migros serves mostly snacks type foods and best for evening snacks. Call +41 58 567 81 30 for opening hours.

Taj Palace – One more place to taste Indian flavour! Taj Palace has 100 items to choose from. Many consider Taj Palace as the number one Indian restaurant in Switzerland. Contact number -+41 33 821 09 40.

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10 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Sweden

10 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Sweden

We all love travelling and enjoying places and their flavour. Every travel destination has its own unique features and we should know about them. Here is a list of things you should know before visiting Sweden. If wish to enjoy snow then late November to March is best time for visiting Sweden. For Mid Night Sun visit Sweden in Jun or July.

Summer in Sweden is comfortable with temperature going upto 30 degrees and rest of the time it is mild to cold, keep your clothes ready according to you time visiting Sweden.

Visiting Sweden

1. Swedish people are very friendly and it is well known fact all over the world. In this coffee loving nation you will be welcomed with a warm heart. Though Swedish people are very helpful remember to stay in queue in front of the ticket counters, they love to stay in line with patience.

2. You need to have valid passport and visa to enter Sweden. Generally it takes 7 to 15 days to get visa application processed. For tourism normally they issue 15 days stay and for business up-to 30 days. So before you visit Sweden check visa requirements as per you country of citizenship.

3. The import of national and foreign currency into Sweden is not limited. It is forbidden to export food products (except tea and coffee), animals and plants without special permits, drugs and doping agents, mobile phones that do not meet the requirements of the Swedish telephone network, weapons, flammable and explosive substances and objects cannot be taken out without special permission.

4. The telephone network is very developed and modern in Sweden. You can call every corner inside the country and outside the country from a regular city payphone.

5. For registration of discounts and exemption from taxes upon departure, a passport is required. Domestic tax is refunded to tourists from non-EU countries for goods purchased at stores participating in the Tax-Free Shopping scheme. So keep that in mind and keep the bills handy for claiming refunds!

6. Sweden is very neat and clean country. People here are very careful about maintaining cleanliness. While visiting Sweden you should take good care about littering. Do not throw any kind of waste item in wrong place, you may be penalized if caught.

7. Sweden has a very cautious attitude towards alcohol consumption. A glass of alcohol, drunk after work, is clearly condemned by others, so alcohol consumption is generally accepted only on holidays, weekends and during the holidays. Keep a tab and consume alcohol according to the local culture! Definitely if you are a tourist and visit local bars or pubs you are easy to go. Enjoy!

8. Sweden has an international five-star hotel classification. The cost of living in hotels of all classes is very high, and annually prices are rising quite noticeably (up to 10%). Lower prices – in private guest houses. Weekend rates are usually 30-45% lower. In all hotels there is a whole range of additional benefits, and almost always the cost of breakfast is included in the payment for the room. Settlements for accommodation are usually made when leaving the hotel. Check relevant online booking options for comparative rates available and it will save some of you money that you can use to travel more.

9. Tipping is officially accepted only for taxi drivers for good service (the cost of services is already included in all accounts), but usually no more than 10%. It is a custom in Sweden to simply leave change amount or round up amount as tips.

10. Mains voltage 220 V., 50 Hz. Sockets and plugs comply with EU standards. So before you pack your chargers make sure it is compatible with EU standards before visiting Sweden.

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